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Jim Baxter

Ray Tanner is standing by his man

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If you listened to AD Ray Tanner on 107.5 The Game today, it sounds like he is nowhere near talking about Coach Muschamp being on even a lukewarm seat. He said he has the utmost confidence in him, comparing his win total to that of Spurrier and Hotz in the same time period. 

That is not something that a lot of the Gamecock fans who have been calling for a change wanted to hear. But the reality of this situation is that firing Muschamp prior to season being over would cost 22 million bucks; After December 31st it drops to 18 million. In addition to that money they would have to pay out, you then have the expense of getting the next coach. 

So is Ray Tanner confident in Muscamps ability to get this ship righted? Or is he confident that he's not going to enterain the idea of paying out a huge payout to make a change? I guess you can take his comments as they come across to you. 

Another reality, however, and this is just my opinion, is that if this Gamecock team goes 3-9 or worse (and possibly even if they win 4 games) and Muschamp is still at the helm, there is going to be at least a 30 to 40% loss of the 2020 recruiting class. I could be wrong on that but recruiting trends in situations like this prove otherwise. 

So, it's kind of a "damnded if you do, damnded if you don't" situation. 

I don't know if Muschamp is a good coach or not. I know he was a hell of a defensive coordinator. But I also know that as a head coach, he has made terrible hires. His two OC hires at SC rank among the worst. I like BMac. He's a good coach. He's over his head as an OC. And why would you, as a head coach of a power-five football program in the SEC, hire a guy with ZERO OC experience as your OC? Makes no good sense. 

I believe that these guys are, right now, coaching to not lose. They appear to be scared. You can see it in the eratic scheming/plan each game. 

Anyway, would love to hear the thoughts, constructively, from the Gamecock fans here. 

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