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Handling the finals in tournaments

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Now that the tournament season is upon us, let me pose a question. Which is better: Having all placement matches wrestled at the same time on separate mats at the end of a tournament (a 5th/6th place mat, a cons. finals mat, a championship finals mat), or wrestling through all of the losers' placement matches, and then having the championship finals on one center mat, with no other wrestling going on?

I've been on both sides at different times (and for different tournaments) through the years, and I get a number of arguments for each format. However, now I really think that if you want your tournament to be considered something special, and want a tournament champion to really treasure winning your tournament, then you really need to treat winning your tournament as something special. While I hate praising Eastside for anything, I think that they really do a good job of selling the importance of winning their tournament. Having awesome matches, and super tough competition helps of course, but they really sell the idea that winning their tournament is special.

How do you guys/girls feel?

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