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Hydration Testing - thoughts??

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It's been 10 years now since high school teams started using or better yet were mandated to start using the weight management system or "Hydration Testing". Looking to see everyone's thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly. Has it "worked"? What "loopholes" if any exist? Overall has it "bettered" the sport?


The Good - I believe it has curtailed SOME of the nonsense when it comes to cutting weight. Has changed some coaching and wrestler's philosophies away from just extreme weight cutting to more "well this is my min weight guess I'd better get stronger" mentality. 

The Bad - it has not entirely eliminated weight cutting practices of even the bizarre nature. Plus depending on the assessor's ability to grab fat a kid's min weight could be altered. (Not saying this is the answer BUT some states do neutral site assessing which takes control completely out of the hands of the home trainer / assessor. Still other states like NC make coaches put in the kid's weight that day of the event each time). SC is still very much the wild west when it comes to weight management in many regards. 

The Ugly - During the 2017 coaches clinic we were told that some schools had gone the entire season without producing a single weigh in sheet at any dual or tournament. HTF does that happen in 2017?? I could see maybe back in the first year or two things slipping through the cracks but come on now. 

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