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In the spirit of EagleHater3,308,759

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Big Preseason news!


Eastside has as many as 10 recruits coming from some town called Taylors, they don't even pretend to live in Eastside anymore. Will anyone care?

Koz has intimidated the refs so much that they are now calling takedowns for Eastside when the other wrestlers are only down to their hands and feet just because the Eastside guy is behind him. What ever happened to having to take the other guy DOWN on the mat? The other coaches don't even bother to argue this point anymore, they know that they have no chance when Koz has these refs so scared.

The refs are also calling stalling on wrestlers against Eastside for "riding" on top. Hello, how else do you expect the other teams to earn their riding time points? Since when is riding on top considered stalling?


Can't wait to see more Eastside cheating this year!!


*There you go Maholtz. You said that you missed Eaglehater, and now I've brought him back (although she could just as easily be a girl).

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I see now, that you did NOT say that you missed Eaglehater, my bad!
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Oh, and don't even think that I've forgiven you guys for running out of hot dogs in the hospitality room in 2013. I still have nightmares about my empty hot dog bun.

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