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Southern Slam teams set

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Here is the final list of teams for the 2018 Southern Slam Invitational Nov.30-Dec.1 at Eastside High School.....


Alexander, GA

Archer, GA

Ashley Ridge


Blue Ridge


Buford, GA


Cape Henlopen, DE


Collins Hill, GA

Davie County, NC




Fort Dorchester

Fort Mill

Goose Creek


Grimsley, NC

High Point Academy

Hopewell, NC

Indian Land

JL Mann

Lugoff Elgin


Midland Valley

Milton, GA


Orangeburg Prep


Penisula Catholic, VA

Pisgah, NC

River Bluff

Rock Hill

Science Hill, TN

Social Circle, GA

South Forsyth, GA

South Pointe



Traveler’s Rest

West Forsyth, NC


White County, GA

White Knoll

Woodward Academy, GA


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On paper looks to be the toughest field I’ve seen for this event. Going to test allot of kids early in the season. Look forward to watching it!

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Out of the GA teams Buford & Woodward will bring the most firepower. Social Circle is a very solid group. Collins Hill still solid, just not the juggernaut they were years ago. 

Buford: Still has there big 4 of L Ashton, N. Stonecheck, C Daracott, Blaine Bergey , with Cambria in the mix at 113.

Woodward- Will have Manella and Masters back , but they will also bring 2 very accomplished Freshman on board in M Kiliic and M. Singleton. Those 4 will be spread out somewhere between 120-138.

Collins Hill- DeSilva will be back and one of the funnest wrestlers to watch.They will bring a tough small guy in C Gilbert.


Not real familiar with the team, but Science Hill TN usually has a very solid team.


There should be some really deep weight classes, with some great early season match ups, tests. 

Would love to know more about the VA and DE teams. 



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Science Hill will not be able to make it.  That being said......there are 49 teams and we have room for 1 more if anyone knows a school wanting to jump in.

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If you want to fill the slot at this date, you're going to have to offer something really good.  

Here's some good ideas:

                                           First team to petition to get in gets a "fast pass" (a la theme parks and whatnot) for  the hospitality line.

                                           Offer them post-scratch/updated brackets on Friday night (so that they can eat without having to copy down all of the last second changes).

                                           Reserved warm-up mat of their choice

                                           Coaches get to poke Maholtz in the belly (A la Pilsbury doughboy commercials, and he has to agree to giggle at least once) all day on Saturday.

                                           Team is allowed to ask three stupid questions of Coach Jones without getting a dirty look.

                                            Team gets 2 "don't make me forfeit because I couldn't figure out when/where I was going to wrestle" passes.


give me a day or two, and I'll come up with some ideas that'll have that slot filled in no time at all!

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     Do you still need one more team? I have some ideas that I think could get another team in in no time at all. 

We could gather a collection of everybody's most embarrassing Kosmicki stories, and sell them as a packet in the hospitality room. Next team to sign up gets one copy for free.

I'd be willing to help out by writing up the time you introduced yourself to our bus driver. I'm sure that you could get Coles to write up about ten. And, as a bonus once Maholtz learns that we're making fun of you and not him, he might be able to get over his eating disorder thing he has going on.

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