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  1. racincowboy02


    Oh OK I gotcha i guess it makes sense for them to get the beat down over with earlier instead of waiting on the last game of the season and have to go into the playoffs down hearted cause they got gored by some angry antlers
  2. racincowboy02


    Why did the Fort decide to do that Slick
  3. Whats the odds they add another week to the season due to the flooding still goin on down in the low country
  4. racincowboy02

    Hurricane Postponements

    Mauldin @ Gaffney Thursday @ 7pm Hillcrest @ Dorman Thursday @ 7:30 pm
  5. Im still and check this site daily
  6. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    Thats pretty crappy if that is the case. I think they should have to release the findings
  7. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    I guess its safe to assume that the lawsuit has been dealt with quietly or brushed under the rug since we are playing football now
  8. racincowboy02

    Greer at Byrnes

    No Shaw didn't take over the Byrnes of old but he still has the athletes there to win just about any game they step on the field. If Shaw can get the boys ready and get the mindset of the old rebels then everybody could be in trouble so we shall see as the season progresses just how good they will be
  9. Oh yea awesome thank you for the app and all you guys do is there a way that fans can help update scores as well
  10. Is there a possibility that it has a scoreboard every week to look at during the season? I will download it either way
  11. oh wow then that should be a pretty good game depends on how well MC is conditioned i would guess then
  12. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    Hmm wonder what that means is the judge taking extra time to rule or did he release his finding and the hsl is to embarrassed about the findings because they got chewed out
  13. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    Any update on the ruling yet?
  14. I think Dutch Fork wins that one pretty easily seems like NC is always a week or so behind SC when it comes to putting on pads but Im not real sure of that one
  15. racincowboy02

    NASCAR: Kyle Busch dominates at Charlotte... is he best ever?

    The way I see it is no not yet. Is he one of the best in this day and age of racing absolutely he can drive the wheels off of anything you put him in wether it be a truck xfinity series or a cup series car. To be the best ever i would think he would have to get atleast 4 to 5 championships before we can start saying best ever then again if he doesn't ever get to the 7 championships the debate would be very interesting then for sure