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  1. racincowboy02

    Greer at Byrnes

    No Shaw didn't take over the Byrnes of old but he still has the athletes there to win just about any game they step on the field. If Shaw can get the boys ready and get the mindset of the old rebels then everybody could be in trouble so we shall see as the season progresses just how good they will be
  2. Oh yea awesome thank you for the app and all you guys do is there a way that fans can help update scores as well
  3. Is there a possibility that it has a scoreboard every week to look at during the season? I will download it either way
  4. oh wow then that should be a pretty good game depends on how well MC is conditioned i would guess then
  5. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    Hmm wonder what that means is the judge taking extra time to rule or did he release his finding and the hsl is to embarrassed about the findings because they got chewed out
  6. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    Any update on the ruling yet?
  7. I think Dutch Fork wins that one pretty easily seems like NC is always a week or so behind SC when it comes to putting on pads but Im not real sure of that one
  8. racincowboy02

    NASCAR: Kyle Busch dominates at Charlotte... is he best ever?

    The way I see it is no not yet. Is he one of the best in this day and age of racing absolutely he can drive the wheels off of anything you put him in wether it be a truck xfinity series or a cup series car. To be the best ever i would think he would have to get atleast 4 to 5 championships before we can start saying best ever then again if he doesn't ever get to the 7 championships the debate would be very interesting then for sure
  9. racincowboy02

    Who's Your Heisman Favorite?

    Debo Samuel out of South Carolina if he is fully healthy and can stay healthy he might have a shot at being in NY
  10. racincowboy02

    Class 5A Top Twenty Preseason

    I don't see Westside as a 5 but i based all my stuff on last year and i don't think Gaffney deserves to be in the top 10 but that is just me cause i like for them to be out of the rankings and not being talked about or being thought about love it when we are the underdogs and can stay that way but that hardly is ever the case cause we are Gaffney lol. Our OC uses the exact same 5 plays honestly no lie he runs to the middle runs left and then on 3rd and long will either run it to the right or throw a long pass instead of a short pass near the sticks to get the 1st down and if we do get the 1st down its run right then back up the middle its kind of comical to watch but also very aggrevating to watch
  11. racincowboy02

    Update on lawsuit

    So hopefully by the end of this week we will hear something from the judge which will be interesting to say the least
  12. Gaffney @ Greenwood will be a good test to open the season for the Indians and will tell us what we have going forward and if the coaches are serious about taking this team as far as they can go. A couple of more games from the Gaffney schedule that i think will be important are the Gaffney @ Byrnes game and also the Gaffney @ Dorman game will be and should be for the region title unless Gaffney just falls flat on their face
  13. racincowboy02

    Class 5A Top Twenty Preseason

    Yes Gaffney has underachieved and until we get a decent offensive coordinator who doesn't run the same 5 plays every time the Indians are on offense it won't change if you want to understand why he and the rest of the fans agree then come watch us some this year besides the Gaffney Greenwood game hell you can watch the first drive Gaffney does and then you will be able to call the plays from the stands. Gaffney shouldve beaten Dorman lat year and shouldve went against Dutch Fork but we didn't questionable call at the end hurt us but the offensive play calling hurt us more the entire game. Defense has done very well and will continue to do well with the coaches we have over there but they can't stay on the field the entire game and us win it won't happen
  14. racincowboy02

    Hearing Injunction being filed

    Ok I gotcha sorry just get impatient cause i know football season is around the corner and i see the schedules and get to wondering which games will change and all that fun stuff. Trying to plan vacation and stuff at work to go to some games that are on the road
  15. racincowboy02

    Hearing Injunction being filed

    So are they going to drag their heels on this and wait to a week before the season starts to make a decision i mena dang how hard is it to get this wrapped up just admit you screwed up and fix the mess dang HSL ain't worth a crap anyways