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  1. I think he is geeting the shaft as well. If he has met the requirements to return and play he should be allowed to play. If the 'powers that be' don't like this kid they will make it so hard for him to do anything.

  2. Superintendent. The mother and girl tried calling on his behalf before the trial and after it. He is the only person in history this has been done to.

  3. its gonna be hard for us to win from here on out it seems to be a conspiracy to keep Rogers from playing, even tho there is no legal reason to kick him off the team the powers that be (not the coach, principal) find loop holes every week to keep him out. Henderson county has rules against felons. He got a misdmeanor conviction. Mind you there is about 16 of these such kids participating in sports at this time. But he was told last Monday that he was back on the team (he couldn't miss school or practice, had to get his community hours in. He came to school went to practice everyday, went afterwards to community service till almost midnight got down to 4&1/2 Hrs and was told Thrs. that he had breach his agreement. B/c he practiced tue & Wednesday so he wasn't allowed to play Friday. This week they'll find another reason. Google Shawn Rogers and read what judge said about his conviction. He has been giving the Death Penalty unjustly by school board &

  4. Thanks alot, hope your team has a great year