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  1. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    It's all based on the county. Some counties have sanctioned middle and some don't in lower. Some clubs call themselves by middle school name but technically they aren't associated with the school. In Horry county middle school wrestling isn't sanctioned, so all middle school wrestling is through clubs or high school paid coaches who run middle school practices but they don't go competing against other middle school teams which defeat the whole purpose.
  2. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    Hicks is young and will be an eventual state placer if he progresses right, but not sure if this year is his year, he'd have to upset, but his only a sophomore so good that he made it. His coach used to be my assistant coach and he brings some NY style to the area, so he's in good hands. Gollie will be a premier 220 or HWY in upcoming years, no doubt, but he's young and just getting back into the sport. I love the kid, I would love to coach him. Holley needs to attack more if he wants a shot, his defense is very good though. Powerful hips come to my mind when I see him. And thank you, slowly getting them better!
  3. Its college so at the end of the day any kid can cheat pretty easy tbh because most graded work isn't done in classrooms, besides tests. As a teacher, I definitely see a trend of home school and online school happening. More and more parents are sending their kids online if their local district isn't good. And online classes are becoming more popular than ever because they free up schedules. When I was competing in college it was tough to set a fixed schedule with classes and individual practices, and team practices. I usually took one online class a semester to help juggle everything. So online classes will def be apart of college athletes more and more, I'd even so that it starts to become the preferred method for the semester that the athletic season is going on.
  4. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    We beat everyone in our area and won a region title, we finished the regular season with an in-state record of 26-2, lost in playoffs to eventual lower state champs WhiteKnoll, but we did drop one match to Socastee but we had 3 kids out with flu, came down to tie and then they won criteria off a bs crossface call (but don't get me started of the ref calls I see down here haha). But at the end of the day, no excuses, we lost. However, to answer your question I'd give the best shot to Nick Ward from Socastee. Good wrestler, and an even better person. He is joining my club team this offseason and we are excited he decided to join us. St. James kids are young so they'd have to upset someone to place in the top 4. Socastee has a decent 195 but he's young and they don't travel much, and upstate has a pretty solid 4 coming in, wouldn't surprise me if he pushed out a 4th though. However, I could see all 4 placements going to the upstate in that weight. Hopefully, they all place as I'm going to advocate for my region's kids, but yeah that how I feel about their chances.
  5. SouthCarolinaCoach

    NC-SC Dual

    wow 3-time state champion and App state recruit Kobe didn't make the list
  6. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    Carolina Forest High School and we saw y'all at beginning of year at the swamp fax duals
  7. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    So important and even more so in the lower state because middle school isn't sanctioned in the lower state which is just ridiculous and people wonder why the upstate is deeper. They have middle school teams whereas a lot of the lower state doesn't. A big bulk of lower state wrestlers aren't starting till 9th grade, so they are at a disadvantage.
  8. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    Down here its ALL about the club teams. We just established one our way and its been helping out a lot. Traveling is always but good but most schools won't have the funds. We travel to North Carolina for almost half of our schedule. They are deeper up there and we see teams that we don't see down here. But the club is sooooo important to a good program
  9. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    What happen to the other heard? Injury? That's shame, he was a tough kid
  10. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    I wouldn't say Heard wins in all divisions. He and Poppe was a 2 point match and he got out on his back in the match, but he was too strong on his feet. And Poppe is by no means favored winning 5A. Just the difference between 4A and 5A. Don't get me wrong the kid is a stud, but he probably wouldn't have a state title already if he was in 5A. Because I don't see him beating Compton at 113 last year. I agree with you. I would say he wins 4A and below easily, but when you involve 5A then that changes things. Wilkins, Hunsburger, Sturgeon, Vargo, and Poppe could all beat him.
  11. SouthCarolinaCoach


    They need to leave politics out of it. Put the BEST wrestler on the SC team. Last year there were kids on North/South that beat kids on team SC but they had better career numbers because they were from lower classifications. I don't know to hear about fairness if the 14 best wrestlers are from 4A, and 5A then tough to the kids in lower classifications. Not saying that is the case this year but put he best kid out there. Also, I was at the event last year and it was a waste of my day. They need to instruct coaches and kids that if you don't plan on wrestling to the best of your abilities then stay at home. I understand having fun but people come to that event to see the best go against the best not some half-a$$ practice style match. It was pathetic last year.
  12. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Champs

    I wouldn't say Heard wins in all divisions. He and Poppe was a 2 point match and he got out on his back in the match, but he was too strong on his feet. And Poppe is by no means favored winning 5A. Just the difference between 4A and 5A. Don't get me wrong the kid is a stud, but he probably wouldn't have a state title already if he was in 5A. Because I don't see him beating Compton at 113 last year.
  13. SouthCarolinaCoach

    1 Individual State Champion

    Being from the north, I've always said this needs to happen in order to make SC competitive. I mean I've from PA, THE wrestling state and we only had two and we have quadrupled the number of wrestlers. I wouldn't go as far as only having one. However, I think combining 1a,2a, and 3a into a new 3A division and then combining 4A and 5A into new 5A would be appropriate. TBH, 3A and lower is so weak that state champions couldn't even win most sectionals in the north (and no Sc natives that is not an overstatement) combining those could give some substance and pride to being crown the 3A state champion. I would take the top 8 from the lower and upper state and place top 6. You can leave 4 classifications for the team format (even though I'd even go to 3 in the team format as well). As for seeding teams, I definitely agree with that but I'd still keep lower and upper separate but seed them out. The main reason the upper state is usually deeper is that every upper state school has sanction middle school wrestling while most of the lower state doesn't. Not really fair and there's nothing we can do there have been appeals and attempts to establish middle school wrestling in the lower but the AD's (athletic directors) never do it, but they give volleyball and other sports middle school. This state WILL never catch up if it continues the way it does things. It will just be a state with 3/4 decent wrestling spots and that's it.
  14. SouthCarolinaCoach

    Freshman state champs

    Bailey Dagin 5a 106 went 38-1 I think overall this year. Lost in semi's at lower state to a kid he beat before. But Anderson will make that very difficult on him. Only freshman I'm seeing at 5a with a shot. Yannis from clover could make a run as well
  15. SouthCarolinaCoach

    State Qualifiers

    5a takeaways for this weekend from the lower state! SIDE NOTE: WE NEED TO STOP ONLY USING WINNING % FOR SEEDING. We are one of the only states that don't use past achievements to determine seeding. It messes up the bracket, I mean they had Reco seeded 7th at 113!!!!!! How you going to be put a returning state finalist as 7th, and of course what does he do?!?! Pins in the final. SC caught up! Winning percents need to be apart of criteria but not the only criteria. Same at 126 you had a kid seeded above Poppe and Vargo both state placers because he had faced no one and was 15-0. Poppe 36-1 and I think Vargo was 33-1 and they both get looked over. Common sense, rant over. 106 - Baily lost, and Butler made it known he is for real! 113 - Reco walked to a lower state title. 120- Elrod Surprise a few by winning but nothing too shocking. 126- Poppe taking out Vargo was a surprise, but he had ONLY lost twice this year both to two-time state champions. No one saw German winning, but the drop to 126 obviously did him good! 132- New kid Nick Kowti turned some heads, solid win by Dodd in finals. 138 - Rhue from Wando lost a close one to Preston Soriano but looked good. He has a good off-season. 145 - 138 Mitch O'Connor not making it through was a upset. Amaker and Emery did not disappoint, hope to see it again in finals. 152 - Jacoby proved he's going to contend and the real deal. 160 - Cohen didn't make it out, which wasn't a huge surprise but definitely an upset. 170 -Handle down! I don't think anyone had him losing since his only loss last year came from the pound for pound number 1 ranked Stephenson last year in the finals. 182 - Hail looked good as always, Morales heald his own with him in the finals. 195 - Like last year maybe the weakest bracket in the lower state. Hackett proved that his the best in the lower, but I don't know if any of the four places when comparing them to the upstate qualifiers. 220 - Surprise surprise, Stall came out to play, crowing their only champion with Loveless taking it HWY - By far one of the best lowest state brackets and one of the best set of big boys I've seen in a while. Obeso went down to Petrick who looked great. All four could go one to place