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  1. 4A Upper state Eastside, Indian Land and Lugoff Elgin Much Stronger 3A Lower State. Loses May River who challenges Gilbert? Battery Creek?
  2. G Starks - App St Any other updates?
  3. Union County and May River are also solid programs that would move up Not sure how much would be left in 3A. Crescent, West Oak and who in the lower state?? Battery Creek?
  4. Rxtiger

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Chance was without a doubt one of my favorite guys to watch wrestle this year. He was a true 145 and is a technician. Kid earned the state title and was one of only two kids to get a win over Team NC. The point of this thread is how to improve wrestling in SC. How we improve is to get more kids like Chance K. Learn the sport, be a technician and maximize your strength. Winning is very important, but as we build the sport in SC we need more kids wrestling and kids will wrestle because it is fun. It has to be a balance A kid should never laugh as he is getting pinned. He needs to be mad and use it to get better. But nothing makes me prouder as a dad than watching my kid laugh with his teammates, encouraging the teammate that just lost or even talking to the kid he just wrestled. Wrestling is the toughest, most humbling sport in the world. If we take all the fun out of it, why would any kid want to do it?