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  1. CarlK

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Thanks a lot and good post. While I would love to take credit for my son in a win over Team NC, he did lose that match 8-6, but he gave it his best going 152 while weighing 148 and that was good enough for me. Manning won at 160, beating a tough NC kid he had previously lost to in his first tournament of the season. Great win for him. Then Tuna won at 170 in a dominating win. Tuna is a stud.
  2. CarlK

    Team SC VS Team NC

    I'll play along and we can get into the Brands style vs the Sanderson style vs the Eierman style vs the John Smith style all day long. I watch a lot of college wrestling and personally, I prefer the guys that go out and wrestle technically, create fast paced action, and continuously score points. At the end of the day scoring points is what it's all about. Marinelli's style is not suited for everyone, and I personally find it boring to watch. BTW - If you think Marinelli has never been hit with a penalty or a warning for slapping people in the head or face your kidding yourself. Personally I prefer watching guys like Bo Nickel, Jayden Eierman, J'den Cox, David Taylor, Ben Askren, etc. Technicians that score and do it in creative ways. We've moved a few times over the years due to my job. In addition to NC and SC we lived in Illinois for one year. We were lucky enough to train with some really great coaches. Eierman, Purler, Miron, McNamara, Jordan, Strobel, and many others. All great coaches and each has their own style they teach and Chance picked up a lot from each of them. I really can't recall any of them teaching wrestlers to slap somebody in the head as hard as you can. Now a hit to the head can be a set up for a shot, assuming you do shoot. But just standing their clubbing away hand fighting is also something that can get you called for a few different penalties (like stalling and flagrant fouls for unnecessary roughness, both of which Schock was called for in the finals). So let's be honest about what really happened, in the finals Schock went out there with a game plan to physically dominate the smaller wrestler, use his strength and size advantage, hit him as hard as he can and rough him up. This is not a strategy we have not seen before. The ref called it immediately when he hit him in the head two or three times right at the start of the match and it cost him a point. It was a good call and from there actual wrestling ensued. They had an amazing scramble that lasted damn near a minute and neither could finish. Great leg attacks, great counter wrestling, great scrambling, great defense. It was exciting to watch and I was impressed by Schock's scrambling ability. Credit both wrestlers for an amazing first period, but the "Marinelli" style ultimately cost Schock a point. Regarding braces and injuries, here's a little recap of my son's last year. After my son's junior year he finally hit puberty and jumped up from 120 to 145 in about 2 months. April 2018, his first tournament at 145, 6th match of the day, my son was winning 12-0 and about to TF a multiple time NC state placer. The kid attempts a lat drop. My son posted his arm on the side he was dropping to and they rolled over it and his elbow completely dislocated. Chance didn't get to lift weights or do anything for 2 months other than light cardio, but as soon as he got the elbow brace off, he started wrestling again. I initially forced him to wear a supporting brace, but he made the decision to take it off because he felt constrained and he didn't want kids to focus on it. His elbow would click and pop but he just wrestled through it. September 2018 he wrestled in the Super32 qualifier in NC. In his second match he was in on a single and running the pipe, the kid from TN countered it well and sat the corner hard, which caused his head to slam into the mat and he was knocked unconscious for about 10 seconds. When he woke up he was not allowed to wrestle by the ref and forced to injury default out of the tournament. He then had to go on concussion protocol for 2 weeks and could not wrestle. When he came back he never wore a special head gear or anything else. He didn't want kids to focus on it. Just came back and wrestled. October 2018 he went up to VA and wrestled in the I64 Challenge at 138. He made it to the semis and was wrestling well. In the semis against a GA 7A State Champ, the kid shot a low single on him in the first period and hyperextended Chance's knee. He finished the match but could not really move. He had to injury default his next match that would have put him into the placement rounds because he couldn't move on it. The next day his knee felt slightly better and he bumped up to 145 and wrestled for his club team because they needed him. He went 2-2 with limited mobility and never wore a brace. He just wrestled through it. His shoulder issue started showing up his senior year, probably because of his quick growth and still developing body, and also because he wrestled some big tough kids in practice like Manning, Leaphart, Frazier, and Clark. He told me it mostly would come out when he down blocks or in front head locks when the kid pulled his elbow. So when Schock hit that bar straight over the top, I believe my son when he says it came out. The bottom line in your post is the implication that he faked an injury and Schock was "robbed" of a title. To that I have to tell you to grow up and get over it. Chance has wrestled a long time, overcame a ton of injuries, and he earned that title. All too often parents, coaches, or kids focus on a sole objective. Winning a tournament or winning a state title when it really should be about more than that. Being humble, being a competitor, showing respect to your opponents, win or lose, learning to deal with the ups and downs of life, learning from your losses, overcoming adversity, and keep moving forward and improving. But most of all, celebrating the journey and enjoying all the moments along the way. When my son was in the 3rd period of the finals of the state tournament, somehow I reflected on that journey, and prepared myself for whatever the outcome. He had a great career even if he lost and I was prepared either way to celebrate his journey. That one match wouldn't have changed it either way. So let me close by saying congrats to Thomas Schock on a great career and wishing him the best in college or wherever he goes. It was a great finals match and I'm glad we had a tough competitor and a close match to end my son's career. Congrats also to the other senior wrestlers, parents, and long time coaches on their personal journeys as well. Celebrate and enjoy the journey, whether you won or lost that last match. Carl K
  3. CarlK

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Anonymous keyboard warrior...yes my son is the kid that cut zero pounds this year and won the state title in SC 5A 145. In fact he lost one match in SC by decision to Maholz, who is a very tough and impressive wrestler, and he won 52 matches while allowing maybe 12 points all year, in a pretty damn tough schedule across GA, SC, NC, and VA. I am very proud of him wrestling within the rules all year and using technique to dominate his opponents. Meanwhile other kids cut 20 or so pounds and tried to "rough him up" with "tough hand fighting", i.e illegal punches to the head that the ref called immediately in the finals (last I checked my son is not the ref, but hey blame the ref for calling flagrant fouls right?). When my son was turned by Schock in the finals, his shoulder actually came out. This has happened several times this year, mostly in practice, and mostly when he was winning matches by more than 12 points. If you're interested, go watch his match on trackwrestling at VA Beach Duals where he down blocks a kid he is beating by 12-0 and his shoulder comes out. In that match he calls injury time, slips it back in, and then finishes tech falling the kid. Against Schock, when he ran the arm bar over the top (and many refs would have stopped that and called potentially dangerous but I ain't complaining) my son immediately called injury time due to his shoulder coming out. He took a minute or so to slip it back in, and then proceeded to win a tough fought decision. Bottom line is that my son won the state title following the rules, he never punched anyone, never hurt anyone, never hit anyone, never was flagged for unsportsmanlike or flagrant fouls, and he never cried about refs bad calls after matches. Hell, if you actually watched him, he hardly even celebrated when he won any matches, or even won the state title for that matter, he just wrestled and shook hands. I actually feel somewhat bad for the Woodmont kids who needlessly cut a lot of weight this year, when they would have done just fine at 152 and 160 in SC. Ironically, they may have actually won states titles and performed better overall at 145, 152, and 160 if they just stayed put. Meanwhile, in the actual dual between Woodmont and Lexington about a month prior to the state tournament, when Schock was ranked #2 and Chance was ranked #3, the Woodmont coach chose not to wrestle Schock against my son at 145 head to head, and instead bumped up Joan Martinez, who was at the time ranked time ranked top 4 at 138 and had just cut down from 145. My son promptly beat him by TF 16-0, and Lexington went on to win the dual in an upset. My best guess is the coach had those kids cut weight this year, and it did not work out well. Now, many Woodmont folks are really upset. Nothing stings more than losing after cutting 20 pounds.
  4. CarlK

    Team SC VS Team NC

    OK - Let me add in I agree Moxie needs to wear some pants that fit and Maholz needs to drop a few.
  5. CarlK

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Fellow Forum Members, First time poster who couldn't resist this thread. I am the father of the 5A-145 State Champ from Lexington. We moved in from NC this past August for my job. I am very familiar with all of the NC wrestlers, particularly those that were on the all star team, and now I am feel pretty familiar with most of the top SC wrestlers. My 2 cents on NC vs SC wrestling and the all star event itself, for what it's worth. Kudos to SC for running that all star event recognizing the top senior wrestlers in the state. It was awesome for my son to take part in the weekend and he really enjoyed himself. It was a nice reward to a long wrestling career that for him started at age 6 and will pretty much be done after nationals in a few weeks. NC does not do anything like this event and it was cool for him to get to meet and become friends with a lot of the kids he fought against throughout the season. On the other side of the coin, when the NC kids showed up it was easy to see a completely different attitude and display that it was all business for them, treating it much like a national level event, while the SC kids were pretty well relaxed and joking around coming off of their State Championship weekend. I think it was a good idea to put together a NC vs SC match up, which on paper looked intriguing with lots of state titles for some of the kids, but I am honestly not sure it was a good idea to do it during your celebration of the SC all star seniors. It was really something of a downer to watch the SC team get beat down like that by the NC team which was of a very different mindset. I also think there are several advantages the NC team had over the SC team. 1. I definitely think NC had an advantage by having the extra week off from their state tournament. This is due to the intensity of the state tournament, injuries that accumulate, and more time to recover the competitive mindset needed for that type of match up. Some of the SC kids were still injured or dinged up, I saw more than one limping, and certainly were not focused intensely at the time of wrestling. I've seen some people argue that we should be in better shape because we just competed, and I just don't buy it. NC had more time for physical and mental recovery and that helped them. 2. The 7 pound weight allowance, on a day prior weigh in, really was another advantage for team NC. Again, the NC kids had an additional week to stuff their faces and put on more weight for their match ups. It was extremely obvious in several of the match ups that the SC kids were much smaller. 126 Caleb Smith vs Zach Jury, 132 Josh Blatt vs Jordan Aluyan, 152 Nathan Hull vs Chance, etc. all through the lineup the NC kids were bigger and harder. If you want this to be a really competitive event, first you need kids to go at their real competitive weight classes (we had some kids bumping up), and second you need to keep it to a 3 pound or less allowance with the weigh in day of the event. If you don't you will continue to see kids out sized and out muscled. 3. I am not sure how the final all star team was selected, but I don't think you had your best possible lineup. For example, at 145 Smalley, the 1A/2A SC 4 timer and wrestler of the year was the SC starter. Looks good on paper. He was pinned by NC wrestler Shaw easily. Then he lost the next day to Ryan Jones from Clover during the all star matches. Ryan Jones did not place top 4 in 5A and I don't think he's ever won a state title. If you want to beat NC you need your best starters in the lineup, regardless of accolades and numbers of state championships in lower classifications. You could use the All Star Weekend to let the kids decide on the mat. Then have them wrestle NC the following week somewhere, or perhaps the next day on Saturday or Sunday. (BTW - I am not picking on Smalley, he is a great wrestler, just pointing out the facts. NC has 1A/2A multiple time state champs that get beat all the time by kids in 3A or 4A that didn't even qualify for states. The gap is large in many cases between classifications). Do I think NC is tougher than SC? I think NC has a lot more wrestling clubs, has a lot more high schools, and has a lot more kids in general. They have top notch clubs in Charlotte - Dark Horse (which a lot of SC kids nearby make their way over), Greensboro - Hard Knocks, Asheville - Strong and Courageous, Raleigh - The Crew, Mocksville - Combat Athletics, Chapel Hill - UNC, Durham - Duke Wrestling and Wakeforest - Daredevils. NCUSA, NCWAY, and NCAAU wrestling are all fairly strong and they put forth a lot of national teams for both folkstyle and freestyle and a lot of off-season tournaments. Most of the top NC kids and clubs wrestle year round. In HS they only have 4 classifications . This makes it harder to qualify in certain regions and increases competition. Wrestling get's more press coverage in NC, which entices more kids to come out. NC also crowns team champs for both duals and individual. NC does a much better job rewarding kids and makes the regional and high school events a very big deal. The state tournement is held in the Greensboro Colliseum and it's pretty damn impressive. Again, this all adds up to more coverage, more competition, and more accolades which are not bad for the sport. In SC's favor on the other hand, it looks like you have middle school wrestling at most schools, which NC does not in most counties. So that helps your numbers of kids getting earlier exposure and experience. You also allow kids to transfer between schools much more easily, which allows good kids to get off of bad teams with bad coaches and transfer to good teams with good coaches and good partners and that helps them a lot. So you wind up with some powerhouse schools here and there. You also allow more than 50 matches in a season, which NC does not, I think that is an advantage for your wrestlers over the course of a 4 year high school career. You do have some really good high school coaches in the state and you also have quite a few smaller colleges with wrestling. That helps give kids a place to train and potentially continue wrestling in college. I think this leads to a strong group of elite kids from the top schools, but then not as much depth and competition overall. So your top HS teams tend to travel out of state more to get that competition, they do less of that in NC. So in summary, I think SC definitely has some top elite kids that can beat top elite kids from NC, or at least hold their own in a competitive match, which did not happen in this last event. However, I think there is more depth in NC and more competition in general, and they certainly make the sport sexier by giving out more awards and making events a little more special. Regarding the all star match up vs NC, If you took away some of the specific match advantages the NC team had coming in, carefully selected your all star team based more on competition and less on state titles, and had weigh ins the day of the event with a realistic weight allowance, I think that the score is a hell of a lot closer and SC just might win. Carl K