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  1. Vision Quest Wrestling Club in Mooresville is looking for a head wrestling coach/director. I founded the club several years ago and it has grown quite substantially since then. I will be leaving the area in the next few months and want to make sure the right person takes over to continue to grow the program. The club has beginner to elite level wrestlers training on site and we usually start from 11 yr. old. We generally compete at some local tournaments but travel quite frequently to national level events like Flo Nationals, NHSCA Nationals, Northeast Regionals, and etc. We have a core of very talented and loyal wrestlers to continue building on. We have a Vision Quest booster club that helps raise money for anything we need and lots of parents that are willing to help. The ideal candidate would be someone that could run the program year around even during the regular season and be very consistent with training sessions. Ideally I would like someone that pushes Freestyle/Greco and can comfortably coach it as it is a big part of our club culture. You would be at least initially responsible for all aspects of running the club including finances, trip planning, scheduling, fundraising, day to day operations, etc. I can help ease the right candidate into the job until you get your bearings. We live in an area that gives a lot of room for growth. The nearest major clubs are 45 min. away, we have several powerhouse high school programs nearby, and we have lots of affluent people living in the general area. There are jobs open in the school district as well as assistant high school coaching jobs and several middle school head coaching jobs if you need to supplement your income. I have laid most of the foundation and would like for someone that is ambitious and dedicated to build on it. If you would be interested in this position please email your resume to vqwrestling@yahoo.com.
  2. Vision Quest Wrestling Club will be hosting Olympic and 3x World Champion Anatoly Beloglazov at Lake Norman High School in Mooresville. The dates of the clinic are April 27th & 28th. The cost is $100. It is open to all ages and skill levels. For more information contact vqwrestling@yahoo.com. To sign up use the link below. http://www.payit2.com/event/104453