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  1. I agree with your assessment of Gaffney 100%...We must establish a run game... if for nothing else to give our soph QB a chance to get a feel for game...if we don't.... I look for the coaches to put Stan Ellis at QB eventually and hope he can bail em out with athletic ability as they did with Shaquille Davidson in 2012...the defense should get us by most night as that's a hellva bunch on that side of the ball..
  2. Just once I'd like to see a offensive or defensive lineman win the award....but I digress...ain't gonna happen...
  3. Mikey

    Update on lawsuit

    So who's the bad guy in all this ?....Union co because they broke ? The one's who brought the injunction,aka woodruff and others who are scared to play them in region....I blame the HS league office it self for not following their own rules fo classification...
  4. Gaffney biggest problem imo is the lack of cohesive offense line play the last few years....yet the OC was a offensive lineman at Furman and a good one...I still believe the loss of a offensive lineman, due to arrest the week of the state title tilt with Byrnes in 2011, hurt us more than anything that day...u can have all the talented skill players but the games are won in the trenches...