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  1. SodaCityWC


    I think the younger the team, the more matches they should get. Biggest learning experience comes from experience itself. A lot of things cannot be replicated in the practice room with a young or inexperienced team. I think the better the team you have, the more you can dial it back and make sure your team is ready to peak physically and mentality for big matches through more practice time. But again, it can work either way. Some kids just want to wrestle vs practice. We have seen Rock Hill win it while wrestling 70 matches, and we have seen Fort D win it while wrestling 40 matches. But anywho, Maholtz is still the laughing stock of this message board?
  2. I am happy to announce that Soda City Wrestling Club and White Knoll High School will be hosting ODU Head Coach Steve Martin for the SCWC Granby School Clinic. When: June 25th and 26th (9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm, both days)(12hours of instruction) Where: White Knoll High School Who: Open to all and any entrants Cost: $150 I have attached pictures of the flyer since the actual file size of the flyer is to large to attach on this forum. If you want the actual document, email me at kkimrey@lexington1.net.
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    When we weighed in against Chapin for our region match. They had a wrestler who didn't weigh in with 138 but weighed in at 145 during weigh ins. The coach was mad he didn't weigh in at 138 and the ref said he is allowed to wrestle at 138 despite missing the 138lb weigh in since he actually made the weight for 138. He gave me some reason being that they changed that rule so it doesn't punish a kid for making a certain weight.