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  1. utrocket99

    Pre season rankings

    Losing Chapin, Cane Bay and Lugoff really hurt 4A competition wise. I would not be the least surprised if Eastside doesn't have 14 state PLACERS this season. Once you get past them and SP it goes down hill pretty quick.
  2. Trying to get some fun pre-season discussion going here. Coaches, schools, scmat, etc... still celebrate breaking the 100 career win mark (as well they should) but does winning 100 matches in a career still mean as much as it use to? Considering kids can get upwards of 50-60 matches in a season easy (they may not win them but they certainly are getting more chances than ever it seems). I think it's still something to celebrate. Thoughts??
  3. Recently (2013) Ellison Sanders was a "lock" his senior year. He had already beaten Maroni from Dorman once towards the end of the season. Sanders has placed every year leading up to his senior year and IMO the kids was destined to win a state title. Sanders pinned and teched his way to the finals. Maroni won 2 close matches to get to the finals. Some how Maroni pulled out the 4-3 victory over Sanders. Still baffled to this day on that one.
  4. Saw this topic on an ohio high school wrestling forum and it got me thinking who in SC high school wrestling had a great career but never stood a top the podium. Looking at scmat career wins I see that 7 200+ winners never won a state title. Rather than just naming those names who in your opinion was the best you ever saw that did not win it all?
  5. Chapin and Cane Bay could add some noise to lower state 5A. 6 returning SQ's for Chapin, 5 for Cane Bay. 5A across the state should be pretty competitive when you take into account that no one team has a "dominant" amount of SQ's coming back. River Bluff has 4, Woodmont 4, Rock Hill 3, Hillcrest 3, Fort D, Fort Mill 3, Lugoff - Elgin 3, Byrnes 3, Greenwood 3, Goose Creek 3.
  6. Thoughts, predictions on who wins 5A state this year? 106 lbs. 1. Chris Compton - Byrnes (So., 2018 106 1st) 2. Chandler Amaker - Fort Dorchester (So., 2018 106 2nd) 3. Ethan Johnson - Fort Mill (So., 2018 106 3rd) 4. Domenic D'Antico - Cane Bay (Jr., 2018 106 3rd, 2017 106 SQ) 5. Carter Anderson - Greenwood (So., 2018 106 4th) 6. Ethan Mason - St. James (Jr., 2018 106 4th, 2017 106 SQ) 7. Micah DiCarlo - Wando (So., 2018 106 SQ) 8. Wes Echols - Dorman (Sr., 2018 106 SQ) 9. Isaiah Poppe - Carolina Forest (So., 2018 106 SQ) 10. Nick Ward - Socastee (So., 2018 106 SQ) 11. Brice Carron - Lugoff-Elgin (So., 2018 106 SQ) 113 lbs. 1. Joseph Brown - Fort Dorchester (Jr., 2018 113 1st, 2017 113 4th) 2. Treavelle Westfield - Hillcrest (Sr., 2018 113 3rd) 3. Tyler Ward - Socastee (Sr., 2018 113 SQ) 4. Grayson Brandt - Greenwood (Sr., 2018 113 SQ) 5. Caden Gore - Byrnes (Jr., 2018 113 SQ) 6. Chase Walsh - Goose Creek (Jr., 2018 113 SQ) 7. Alex Stubbs - Chapin (Sr., 2018 113 SQ) 8. Tristan Murray - Berkeley (So., 2018 113 SQ) 120 lbs. 1. Jacob Sturgeon - Fort Mill (Sr., 2018 120 3rd, 2017 113 SQ) 2. Josh Green - Chapin (So., 2018 120 3rd) 3. Dougie Metts - Cane Bay (Sr., 2018 120 SQ, 2017 113 3rd - 4A, 2016 106 4th - 3A) 4. Danny Love - Rock Hill (Sr., 2018 120 SQ) 5. Jacob Peeler - Gaffney (Sr., 2018 120 SQ) 6. Jaqiem Graham - Dutch Fork (So., 2018 120 SQ) 7. Chris Kirk - White Knoll (Jr., 2018 120 SQ) 8. Jacob Vincent - Lugoff-Elgin (Jr., 2018 120 SQ) 126 lbs. 1. Jordan Aluyan - Fort Dorchester (Sr., 2018 126 1st, 2017 106 1st - 5A, 2016 106 SQ - 4A) 2. Preston Soriano - Stratford (Jr., 2018 126 3rd, 2017 126 3rd) 3. Sam Emery - River Bluff (Jr., 2018 126 4th, 2017 113 SQ) 4. Jaqion Williams - Greenwood (Jr., 2018 126 SQ, 2017 120 SQ) 5. Dylan Tindall - Nation Ford (Sr., 2018 126 SQ) 6. Mitch O'Conner - Chapin (Jr., 2018 126 SQ) 132 lbs. 1. Bailey Wilkins - Rock Hill (Jr., 2018 132 1st, 2017 126 1st) 2. Josh Maningding - Stratford (Sr., 2018 132 2nd, 2016 113 SQ - 4A) 3. Israel Schultz - Goose Creek (Sr., 2018 132 3rd, 2017 120 2nd - 5A, 2016 113 SQ - 4A) 4. Walker Rhue - Wando (Jr., 2018 132 SQ, 2017 120 SQ) 5. Joan Martinez-Salas - Hillcrest (Jr., 2018 132 SQ) 6. Davis Cloer - St. James (Sr., 2018 132 SQ) 138 lbs. 1. Adonis Lawson - Dorman (Jr., 2018 138 2nd) 2. Bryson Ethington - TL Hanna (Sr., 2018 138 3rd, 2017 126 SQ) 3. Ryan Jones - Clover (Sr., 2018 138 SQ, 2017 138 SQ) 4. Parker Palmer - River Bluff (Sr., 2018 138 4th) 5. Noah Sritan - Carolina Forest (Sr., 2018 138 SQ, 2017 138 SQ) 6. Ralph Inge - Cane Bay (Sr., 2018 138 SQ, 2017 126 SQ) 7. Dezmon Crenshaw - Goose Creek (Sr., 2018 138 SQ) 8. Gavin Canady - Berkeley (Jr., 2018 138 SQ) 145 lbs. 1. Garrett Starks - Woodmont (Sr., 2017 138 4th - 5A, 2016 126 SQ - 4A) 2. Austin Lippincott - Easley (Sr., 2018 145 SQ) 3. Josh Cizmadia - Fort Mill (Jr., 2018 145 SQ) 4. Eli McGee - Lugoff-Elgin (Jr., 2018 145 SQ) 152 lbs. 1. Thomas Schock - Woodmont (Sr., 2018 152 SQ) 2. Tyler Kilgore - Hillcrest (Jr., 2018 152 SQ) 160 lbs. 1. Walker Stephenson - Hillcrest (Jr., 2018 160 2nd, 2017 145 3rd) 2. Spencer Wall - Cane Bay (Sr., 2018 160 2nd, 2017 152 SQ) 3. William Butler - River Bluff (Sr., 2018 160 SQ, 2017 160 SQ) 4. Isaac Manning - Lexington (Sr., 2018 160 SQ) 5. Hunter Connelly - Byrnes (Sr., 2018 160 SQ) 170 lbs. 1. Jeremy Fisher - Mauldin (Sr., 2018 170 3rd, 2017 170 4th) 2. Shawn Haile - Chapin (Jr., 2018 170 3rd, 2017 160 SQ) 3. Brandon Willey - Westside (Jr., 2018 170 SQ) 4. Teddy Mauney - Northwestern (Sr., 2018 170 SQ) 5. Andre Amaker - Sumter (Sr., 2018 170 SQ) 182 lbs. 1. Cole Phillips - Summerville (Sr., 2018 182 SQ, 2017 170 SQ) 2. Hunter Dixon - Chapin (Jr., 2018 182 SQ) 195 lbs. 1. Jake Fernicola - Woodmont (Jr., 2018 195 3rd) 2. Chase Smith - Cane Bay (Sr., 2018 195 3rd, 2017 195 3rd) 3. Jason Miranda - Gaffney (Sr., 2018 195 SQ) 4. Will Jones - Summerville (Sr., 2018 195 SQ) 5. Bryson Miller - Chapin (Sr., 2018 195 SQ) 220 lbs. 1. Austin Jennings - Lexington (Sr., 2018 220 SQ) 2. Michael Keisler - River Bluff (Sr., 2018 220 SQ) 285 lbs. 1. Devan Rice - Rock Hill (Sr., 2018 285 SQ)
  7. I can tell you right now there are wrestling programs in general that "battle" with comp cheer for space in November to practice. Doing girls wrestling in the fall would be virtually impossible UNLESS you decide to run 8 pm to 10 pm practices. Which you would need a very dedicated coach in that regard. Can't speak for all districts but I know many schools only receive 2 paid coaches. As cheap as districts are even with girls wrestling being state sanctioned would find a way to not pay the wrestling coaches additional money coaching from September through February. In theory you'd be coaching the girls team for free in the fall. Another solution to when to schedule these girls only tournaments would be to run them adjacent to the JV/MS stuff early on. In fact why we don't do that already I'm not sure. Have a girls only tournament at the Area qualifier in December, then have one at the Sectional qualifier in January culminating at the Carolina Invitational. Rather than have ONE tournament for them in late January. That would be a short term solution that could progress over time. And an easy solution at that. With the addition of girls collegiate programs in state MY HOPE is we begin to get female college wrestlers who decide to major in education and become teachers / coaches in state. Then you'd see it really take flight. It's one thing for a male to try and sell girls on the concept even if they're a very solid coach. It's another for a young female out of college who just did four years of college wrestling and is now a teacher in the building or district to sell girls on the concept.
  8. utrocket99

    Update on lawsuit

    Agreed. Had the high school acted according to their own rules this would not be an issue. The irony is the HSL basically now has to change their own motto haha. "An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules...
  9. utrocket99

    Update on lawsuit

    That's how i'm leaning.
  10. utrocket99

    Update on lawsuit

    JB, whats your best guess as to how this will play out?
  11. Just checked website. still all there
  12. Like all other state athletic governing bodies the SCHSL is voluntary. Schools can drop out as they see fit. When Ohio began discussions of moving to what is called "competitive balance" (forcing private schools and open enrollment schools to play up a classification) there was very mild discussion of the private schools breaking away and forming their own governing body (much like a SCISAA). In theory all 200 plus SCHSL members could drop out of the league and form a new body. Kinda like secession eh South Carolina ;-). With that being said my guess is that Jerome's "boss" are the schools themselves. Meaning the building admins, AD's and even the supers around the state. And if they see no cause to remove him then they are either a.) buddy buddy with him b.) lazy c.) or in their minds there is no collective reason to remove him. My understanding is it is just like being CEO and having to answer to a BoD. But I could be way off on that. Not the first and not the last. If you read the SCHSL constitution it outlines who makes up the exec comm. Only the commish and the state super or their designee are allowed to NOT be currently employed at a member school. However, aside from that language I did not see anything specific in the text about how the commissioner is chosen.
  13. And I thought the Ohio High School Athletic Association was inept. The SCHSL makes the OHSAA look competent. And that folks is an amazing feat.
  14. utrocket99

    Tradition vs Modern Era

    We talk about this as a educators that we've noticed a trend in students having horrible coping skills these days. The simple fact is the slightest set back for some of these kids causes them to fall to pieces. I see it daily. Translate that to the playing field and kids have a difficult time handling defeat, etc.... In regards to travel ball of any sort. My rule of thumb (and I've told this to both kids, coaches and parents alike) if it says "Elite" and it costs money then how elite is it? I see this with multiple soccer clubs around the upstate that incorporate the word Elite into their organization name only to allow anyone with a check book to join. Not sure I'd be able to pin point it but I would imagine much of this began back in the 90s with the growth of AAU Basketball. Coaches, team organizers came to the conclusion that they could take a sport that they themselves were only mildly good at and only somewhat knowledgeable of and use it as a means to make money......for themselves.
  15. utrocket99

    Tradition vs Modern Era

    How much of Rock Hill's woes does one blame on the opening of South Pointe? SP has clearly done VERY well for themselves since opening back in '06 and RH's last state title was in '04. Rock Hill has had 3 winning seasons since SP opened up. From about the mid 90s to the mid 00's RH was destroying people, now not so much. Any correlation? Two schools, same district so in theory same financials, same resources, etc..... Can you blame AR for S'ville's issues on the gridiron? I dunno. But Rock Hill sure seems to have taken a beating ever since SP opened up.