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  1. markday


    Everything you see on scmat was created by one guy. I think that's amazing. He also gets a salary of zero dollars.
  2. Wrestling from 12-2 Wednesday at Liberty. Stop in if you can. Oh yea, I almost forgot---- It's FREE !!!!!
  3. Bring some boys to train hard on some of the correct dates
  4. A DATE ABOVE IS WRONG. BYRNES IS NOT HOSTING ON 6-29. IT SHOULD SAY 6-20. I hit the 9 instead of the 0. I can barely type and my eyes are getting bad too! Sorry!
  5. Sell it as a summer field trip to the Ingles deli in Liberty. They have the best 5 dollar meal you can find. Once you get 'em on the bus say"By the way we're going to stop and do a little wrestling on the way to the deli"
  6. Does that mean y'all might bring a few?
  7. 7-12th grades for the summer super sale price of FREE!!!!!
  8. There will be free wrestling scrimmages throughout the summer from 12-2 on Wednesdays. Byrnes H.S. will host on 6-6 and 6-29. Liberty H.S.will host on 6-13 and 7-11. Seneca HS will host on 6-27. Call Nathan Day at 843=575=5174 or respond here to get added to a date. Each school has 4 or 5 mats so we have room for 2 or 3 kids or 30-40 kids. Just bring what you have. Thanks
  9. QUESTION...... Did y'all already hear about the individual/dual combo in Asheville Nc? The coach at Science Hill TN has info. There is also one at Banks County GA. I think Fairfield Central is trying to put something together as well.Chris,call me I've got a funny story.
  10. Hey Grecofan( I am guessing you are a fan of that because you got beat up too much in freestyle and folkstyle} I coached Jeff at Battery Creek. He won by a tech fall in the finals. Everybody used to laugh about how much trash he talked.Anyway, my name is Nathan Day and I coach at Liberty High.I will be at some freestyle tournaments, summer scrimmages and all over the place next season. Stop by and introduce youself
  11. I will tell you Jeff Eugene's thoughts on a 4th place finisher. Jeff was a state champ in the nineties. After the state tournament one of his teammates was feeling proud of his 4th place finish. Jeff then boosted the kids self esteem up with this statement."There I was this weekend on the top step again.Then there you sit,feet on the floor. You don't even get to stand on the wood. They don't even have a medal for you. You don't get nothing but a handshake. Your hands will never touch gold"
  12. markday

    North / South

    I think it surprised a lot of people that Cole Murphy pinned Drew Parker on Saturday.Yes Cole was winning before he pinned him.If any Liberty or Battery Creek kids see this we wanted you to know we were very proud to see all 5 of you win your last high school match Saturday