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  1. Only_Avg

    State Champs

    The big question for Maholtz is how much weight he gains in college once he no longer has to fight his dad for a chance to eat at the dinner table.
  2. Only_Avg

    Anderson Civic Center

    I don't think a single kid getting MSRA from the venue would change anything. That would be too explainable. It would take a dozen kids getting MSRA from the venue for them to even look into showers and whatnot being an important aspect of the better venue. Don't worry, I have a plan that can fix all of this. All I need is someone handing me a jackpot winning powerball ticket, and I'll build a venue in the midlands that could host the state tournament, and knock out the top ten complaints about the one we have now.
  3. North Central High was destroyed by a tornado. The whole district is helping them out whenever they can.
  4. Only_Avg


    Fair enough: I am obviously getting much older than I used to be. I was thinking that we had Parker and Jacob switched for that match. My bad. I do remember clearly Parker winning (and Tommy Bell's awesome quote about his match), and Jacob getting Ellison either on his back or close to it numerous times (which now with my reliability factor may have only been once), then finding a way to almost getting pinned himself before he was just done. I also didn't remember Will Connell getting the major that he obviously did. I do remember being very upset about the referee mishap in his match though (not that I'm bitter). Either way, thanks for digging up the past, I see a lot of names that I haven't thought about in some time. *Note, I'm not saying that the match was close, other than an occasional big move from Jacob, Ellison had the match well in hand. Alas, I'm now longing for the good old days before everything was on the internet, and we could just remember things the way our brain wished to remember them.
  5. Only_Avg


    Other than the details from the 2011 match, I agree with all of that Suntzu. (In 2011, Lugoff won the last match defeating Hillcrest's eventual state finalist, don't remember if he won it all that year or not, but lost the next to last match that went back-and-forth in every way except for the score).
  6. Only_Avg


    All I got from what he said is that he misses Eaglehater 1, 2. I on the other hand only miss EagleHater versions 1002 through 2463.
  7. Only_Avg

    Eastside in the News

    Actually, I expected this: Crane needed to extract coaching staff stuck in doorway in apparent race to tournament hospitality room. *On a serious note, congrats and good luck. Hope your guys are able to finish strong.
  8. Moxie is most likely to wear pants with holes in them in the finals. Ted Monroe is most likely to miss coaching one of his kids matches because he was in the middle of a story about something that happened at the state tournament in 1983. The Eastside coaching staff is predicted to break the state record for deepest imprint left in the corner of a wrestling mat. *Honestly, if that group ever wanted to walk on one of my wrestling mats, I'd demand that they put on some old school snowshoes first just to spread out that load.
  9. I think it's been Senator Palpatine all along. The SCgrappler dude is just a smoke screen.
  10. and so it begins .... *Maholtz is still fat, and Moxie still can't dress.
  11. We could always build the mountain on Maholtz. He may be the only large enough surface to hold both a coaches and athletes Mt. Rushmore.
  12. Well color me an idiot for not looking at all of the numbers ... I don't know what to say, this hasn't happened to me since I last asked Maholtz if he was going to eat his other hotdog. 😣
  13. Bumping Eastside up to the largest classification would certainly make 5A much more interesting .... However 4A would become much less interesting in many ways.
  14. Only_Avg

    Team SC VS Team NC

    I think that some people on here forget that deep down all of these high school wrestlers are still just kids. Personally, I didn't really grow up and become a man until I was actually a man. Many of these guys look like men physically, act like men on the mat, yet they are still kids. Depending on their mental and physical state, and their personal experience with injuries and overcoming pain, they are still at times going to react like kids. Sometimes something gets tweaked in a match, and they seriously think that they are really hurt (sometimes they are), and they react as though they are really hurt. With the current rules, we stop the match, check things out, and carry on (or not) by the rules. I can't tell you how many times I've coached a kid that thought he was seriously hurt, got checked out quickly by a trainer, assured the wrestler that everything was fine, and they were ok, before they really embraced the idea that they were ok. If we were working with adults, these things wouldn't happen nearly as often. That is why you don't see this issue as often in college (although one doesn't have to look very hard i.e. NFL players, in order to see that some unethical stuff will always happen). As long as we're dealing with kids, I'm going to always be on the side of giving the kids the benefit of the doubt in cases like this. I really don't get the other side of this issue. We're talking about kids here, and kids don't deal with things the same way that men should be expected to.
  15. Ethically, a true injury is what an injury time out is for, however I'm not going to try to get into a kid's head and determine whether or not they are faking anything. I remember wrestling with pneumonia and taking an injury time out or two until I was better. I needed a few seconds to stretch my ribs, and get some air into my lungs so that I could keep going, and not faint. I'm sure that some jerks in the stands thought that I was out of shape (I was probably one of the best conditioned athletes at my school) and just trying to buy some time. There's lots of injuries that can be temporarily dealt with and improved in less than a minute, but I'll probably never be able to convince you of that, so I'm not going to try. Lastly, yes, some teams use the necessary loopholes of injury time-outs, and unethically take advantage of the ways that the rules are written to keep our athletes as safe as we can. If an entire team is taking advantage of the rules then the problem is most likely not the fault of the wrestlers, but the fault of one of the adults in charge of the team (I used to always think that responsibility rested with the head coach, but I've come to know better in time). I agree that there is an opportunity for a major issue here, but I don't know what we can ever do about it that won't make the problem worse in some other area. *I forgot to mention that Moxie is a slob, and the fat coaches from Eastside cheat!