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  1. It is especially helpful in that it's early in the season and gives kids a chance to perform after the spotlight has shined on them. Also gives others a nice reality check just as the season starts.
  2. Or they could make one of you guys watch to help boost sales. Nothing sells concessions quite like making a team weigh in, and then having them stand around for a while with nothing to do but watch other teams wrestle.
  3. I heard that Bill Pierce was getting together a team of studs to make a big statement at the Southern slam this year.
  4. How is he going to complete a 32 man bracket in one day? Praying for forfeits all over the place? Or did the 5 match rule disappear without me noticing?
  5. You could call it "Koz I wasn't really thinking."
  6. Koz, Do you still need one more team? I have some ideas that I think could get another team in in no time at all. We could gather a collection of everybody's most embarrassing Kosmicki stories, and sell them as a packet in the hospitality room. Next team to sign up gets one copy for free. I'd be willing to help out by writing up the time you introduced yourself to our bus driver. I'm sure that you could get Coles to write up about ten. And, as a bonus once Maholtz learns that we're making fun of you and not him, he might be able to get over his eating disorder thing he has going on.
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    It's a scale of some sort ... Dave has higher numbers than guys like us. Oh, shoot ... I'm a 13 too. I guess it's time to have smaller portions (on seconds, no way am I cutting back on my first plate).
  8. The best ever will always be Stroker Ace. He'd blow the doors off of Kyle Busch!
  9. via Imgflip Meme Generator Koz, this ad is free too, but if you want more, you may have to put me on staff (I mean you already have 12 coaches, what's one more?)
  10. I even made an ad for you Koz. No charge this time.
  11. If you want to fill the slot at this date, you're going to have to offer something really good. Here's some good ideas: First team to petition to get in gets a "fast pass" (a la theme parks and whatnot) for the hospitality line. Offer them post-scratch/updated brackets on Friday night (so that they can eat without having to copy down all of the last second changes). Reserved warm-up mat of their choice Coaches get to poke Maholtz in the belly (A la Pilsbury doughboy commercials, and he has to agree to giggle at least once) all day on Saturday. Team is allowed to ask three stupid questions of Coach Jones without getting a dirty look. Team gets 2 "don't make me forfeit because I couldn't figure out when/where I was going to wrestle" passes. give me a day or two, and I'll come up with some ideas that'll have that slot filled in no time at all!
  12. The question is: is it better to come into a place where the tradition is built and the expectations are high, or someplace where you have to build the traditions and high expectations. I see big pluses and minuses for both. Personally, as a head coach, I'd rather try to do something big in a place that it's never been done before, and as an assistant I'd rather work to keep winning traditions going. I don't even know if that makes any sense, but that's where I am (even though I'm not coaching anywhere).
  13. Koz, Remember a few years back when you had Thompson High at the Slam? Any possibility of getting Thompson High back, and inviting Hoover high (there has to be one somewhere) to the Slam as well? I'd gladly drive over there to see a rematch of Swain/Shute. I don't think he'd fall for the lucky throw twice!
  14. You can get anything in Walmart, and we have a Walmart in both Camden and Spring Valley. Both are close enough to ride your pig to, so we're good.
  15. I apologize for my previous post. I shouldn't have just told you to make fun of me. I forgot that you're an Eastside man now, and you guys don't just work from scratch, you have to take what other people have started (from the wrestling factory of non-Taylors Greenville County), and make those wrestlers into gems. So, here goes I'll get you started: I'm bald (I would like to say that I'm baldish, but sadly I can no longer look at Tommy Bell and say, "at least I'm not that bad"). I, or my teams, have left at least one item at almost every gym in the state (sometimes something as small as a sock, sometimes as important as a laptop). I wouldn't say that I'm ugly, but I've never won a beauty contest either. I've done lots of dumb things, but I'm not so dumb that it's considered unfair to pick on me. I'm slow, weak, but I make up for it by being clumsy. Feel free to see if there's any kids with great comebacks in the eaglets wrestling room. I hear that the kids that are geocoded for Riverside have great comebacks, and if you make a personal connection with them, they'll hang around for years. *Don't feel too bad about the grief that people give you, Moxie needs a joke book to just read things to say to people, and he doesn't limit "recruiting" to a single county (or state for that matter).