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  1. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    I don't have any problem with recognizing both. I don't think that we're really on opposite sides of this issue. I love the team aspect of wrestling, but I love it within the total individual accountability, and individual performance involved. I think that having the individual tournaments during the playoffs keeps the pressure and build-up going without the dead time that I think that our current system creates for those teams that aren't in the playoffs. Right now, I see a big advantage for those teams that make it at least to the upper/lower state team duals match. What I shared gives a slight advantage to those teams not in the playoffs. If we're trying to build the sport, and get more teams to the upper levels, we don't need to set those teams that aren't at the upper echelons (this word means levels Maholtz) at a disadvantage. I think that the biggest problem that we have right now is finding ways for the weakest teams amongst us to grow. One of our biggest difficulties is that the sport listens more to those coaches that are having success, and we don't really tend to care about the problems facing Podunk High (Evan Moxie's alma mater) when we only see one of their wrestlers in the state tournament in odd numbered years, and he goes two and out anyways.
  2. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    I think that the current schedule makes it feel like an ad-on. This schedule is really close to what we had in this state through 1998. I thought that it worked well then for the most part. The biggest issue then was that playoff matches were on Wednesday nights, and that only allowed for one day to recuperate and practice before the beginning of the individual tournament. Tuesday would give Sunday and Monday after an individual tournament to get ready for a dual match, and then Wednesday and Thursday to get ready for individuals. The big problem would probably be basketball, but I don't know. The issue that I think is hurting lesser teams right now is you have some down time just before playoffs, then a full week of playoffs (which means nothing but practice for non-playoff teams), then just about another full week before individuals begin. It's really hard to keep a kid who has a slim shot of qualifying for state focused for over two straight weeks without any true competition.
  3. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    I like both the duals and the individuals as well. I haven't yet been involved with a team that wasn't a part of the playoffs, however I see a huge problem with keeping a full team primed and ready to go if you miss the playoffs, as you then have at least two full weeks without any competition gearing up for the individual tournament. I think that our postseason has a bad schedule. What I would like to see is something like this: 1st Saturday: first two rounds of playoffs Next Tuesday-ish: 3rd round playoffs 2nd Friday/saturday: individual upper & Lower state Next Tuesday-ish: team upper/lower state 3rd Friday/Saturday: Individual state championships 4th Friday/Saturday: Duals state championships It's the same amount of time used as before, however ... we give more build-up time between playoff matches, and those teams that go all the way through the playoffs have more time to recover from tough matches (less need to forfeit out once a victory is clinched), and we get those teams that aren't a part of the playoff picture an easier time to stay "in wrestling season mode" for their individual performances. I know that this system isn't perfect, and has some serious flaws. However, I think that it's a better schedule than we use right now. Personally, I'm impressed with how well those schools that only have one or two kids good enough to qualify for state, and no playoffs experience are able to keep their teams in it at the end of the year.
  4. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    Once an eagle, always an eagle. Some things can't be undone. She would have found a way to hate you at Dutch Fork, but she probably could have stomached (see what I did there?) you just fine if you had stayed at Dorman. Once you went to Eastside there was no chance. For the record, it probably isn't personal towards Koz either. I like both of yall just fine as long as I remember that you both aren't really "from Eastside" and you guys just happen to work there.
  5. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    If I work on a committee with Koz and Maholtz my wife will demand a divorce. She's more anti-Eastside than Eaglehater 001 - 198. That's why I love her so!
  6. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    Cross bracketing is only going to make sense and/or matter if you truly seed the playoffs. It's an idea, but if it's ever tried, be prepared for it to be implemented incorrectly, and then get blamed for not fixing any issues. I'm still good with a true upper state and lower state champion. I think that the biggest issue is how the classifications are split up for wrestling in this state. If football could have a separate big 16 state championship, why couldn't we consolidate to 3? Have A/2A, 3A/4A, & 5A? (just an idea, I'll probably argue against it later on).
  7. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    How dare you suggest that we should copy what a bunch of yankees do! We're South Carolina. What have those states ever done in SC?
  8. Only_Avg

    AAAA Upper State

    Personally, I was not worked up about the Weigh-in issues from last year because I spent 10 years working with a coach that was always very paranoid about having his team step on "foreign scales." We always showed up everywhere really really early, and every kid had it drilled into their head that they were not on weight for an away match unless they were at least a pound under on our home scale. I guess after living with that for so long, not thinking that way feels kind of foreign to me now. As a parent, without having any of that type of control, I guess I understand being more worked up, but then again I haven't been in that situation yet. My son fell out of love with wrestling years ago.
  9. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    My answer to ParTerre's question depends on what I believe is the potential of my son is. If he has my genes, then I'm sending him to the team that has more playoffs experience because he's going to have a better chance at reaching success. On the other hand, if my son has a chance to become one of those successful guys on the good individual team, then I may consider the other team a better fit for him. I like the duals format because it's what we have. To what I believe is Butler's big gripe. I think that the post-playoffs attrition is due to the big layoff in time for those teams that aren't in the playoffs (or those knocked out early) before individuals begin. It's one reason why I was a big fan of the duals ending the weekend after individuals, and wrestling the playoffs as we work through individuals. There's serious downsides to going that route as well, and I understand them also. Personally, I think that it all boils down to having duals and individuals is really hard to do well if you don't combine classifications for the individuals portion. However, there's no need to beat that dead horse any more.
  10. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    Who has the better team: Team A has 14 state qualifiers, who all go 0 & 2 at the state tournament (or half of them win a match, the scenario still works). Team B has 1 state qualifier who happens to be a state champ. However, nobody else on the team is worth a darn, and let's also say that they only have 10 guys to start with.
  11. Only_Avg

    5A State Qualifiers

    and your list only has 111 of the 112 wrestlers that qualified.
  12. Those that went, and those that have read the results: What do you think were the biggest surprises from the qualifying tournaments? Who got in that you didn't expect? Who got left out that you expected to get in?
  13. Only_Avg

    AAAA Upper State

    I tried having an in-depth discussion with you about something serious, you basically deleted your posts and ran away. Now all that we have left are fat jokes. In fact, now the fat jokes are the only things that you're actually commenting on. If you wanted more serious discussion, then why don't you try to make some comments on the serious discussions on this board?
  14. Only_Avg

    AAAA Upper State

    if they had lots of chilli last night, the gas leaks will happen today!
  15. Only_Avg


    One day when I see you again, remind me to tell you a story about one of my bigger friends growing up and diets.