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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention .... Moxie has almost no hair left, dresses like a slob, and is almost as fat as Maholtz. *it's not as fun to pick on Moxie because he doesn't fight back as much, but I still gotta try.
  2. Almost any ref you ask is going to say that they would have had to see it in action before giving you a good answer. On one hand, that's a handy cop-out, on the other hand it's true. Typically, anything that isn't illegal upon application depends on how it is being used, and that's almost always a "had to see how it happened" call. The whole releasing the leg would be a stalling call, so that implies that it's not illegal in and of itself. Also, if a wrestler is giving up back points, that's a good indication that he's not "broken down on the mat." There's lots of things that you can't do in a wrestling match that you can do when you have someone in nearfall criteria (locking hands around the body comes to mind). While I've "been out of the game" for some time now, it would strike me that the big question would be if the pressure from the knee trap was going against the normal motion of the joint. There's a lot of torque that is allowed at the college level that we just don't let go in high school, and in the future that would be my big arguing point, if I was going to make an argument.
  3. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    ... and they both have to overcome being coached by a Bengals fan. Those people from Ohio don't typically know anything about winning. 2 things against Emery winning (one of which hurts Ortega as well: 1 - heavyweight coaches can't out coach lightweight coaches in weight classes below 145. So Wilkins will have a huge advantage in Feb. 2 - Neither of them will win in the tight clutch situation unless Moxie learns how to dress like he's going to a formal dinner party. You can't coach big time wrestling matches if you're dressed like you' re going to wrestling practice.
  4. Only_Avg


    Didn't you used to help out with the Dutch Fork program back in the 90s? If not, then you really aren't who I thought you were, and this whole thing becomes even more fun for me.
  5. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    my job here is done!
  6. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    That should be "yall aint gunna body SLAM me!!!" - cause while Hulk Hogan may have been able to body slam Andre the Giant, ain't nobody getting you up off the mat!
  7. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    So, on a more important note for those that were at the slam this weekend: Do Koz and Maholtz still appear to be in the same weight class, or has Koz finally slimmed down? I know there's no hope for Maholtz, he's a big boy through and through, but Koz was once respectably thin.
  8. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    Maybe he meant that it would upset some people that he won, not surprise them. I can think of a number of people that would really get upset if he won state this year.
  9. Only_Avg


    That's fine with me. I'm as much an anti-DF person as I am an anti-Eastside person. Personally, I find it much more satisfying to have someone think that they are my friend, and then beat them down with sarcasm and fat jokes. That way they won't be expecting it!
  10. Only_Avg


    You aren't allowed to ask any questions around here until you've been around long enough to already know the answers. Then, and only then are you allowed to ask your questions. (there's supposed to be some newfangled way to show that your response is filled with sarcasm, but I don't remember what it is, and I'm not about to ask. However, I don't want to insult New SC guy until I like him enough to insult him, so consider the above to be comical, and not serious).
  11. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    It's all on trackwrestling.com I just search events, and type in southern slam, it's all there.
  12. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    I'm not there, but ... I wonder if Koz has finally put in enough work in the off-season to get to the weight class above Maholtz, or if they're still stuck in the same class. You would think with the talent, and longevity of that program, that they would know how to get guys to spread out across their lineup better.
  13. Only_Avg


    because coaches/schools don't send the information out. What you send to Mr. Buford gets put on scmat.com ... with him, each school pretty much gets the coverage that they ask for/want.
  14. Only_Avg

    Slam Weekend

    I can see it now .... wrestler: "Coach, I'm coming up on mat 3" coach: "Not now kid, can't you see Alabama's about to score!"
  15. Now that the tournament season is upon us, let me pose a question. Which is better: Having all placement matches wrestled at the same time on separate mats at the end of a tournament (a 5th/6th place mat, a cons. finals mat, a championship finals mat), or wrestling through all of the losers' placement matches, and then having the championship finals on one center mat, with no other wrestling going on? I've been on both sides at different times (and for different tournaments) through the years, and I get a number of arguments for each format. However, now I really think that if you want your tournament to be considered something special, and want a tournament champion to really treasure winning your tournament, then you really need to treat winning your tournament as something special. While I hate praising Eastside for anything, I think that they really do a good job of selling the importance of winning their tournament. Having awesome matches, and super tough competition helps of course, but they really sell the idea that winning their tournament is special. How do you guys/girls feel?