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  1. AAA Upper will be interesting. Indian Land and May River move up to AAAA. Crescent, Chesnee, and Liberty all move down to AA. Based on this years tournament results, that leaves: WestOak, Powdersville, Chester, Emerald, Union, Woodruff, and BHP dropping, in the upperstate. AAA Lower State looks to be a race between: Gilbert, Pelion, and Swansea. Obviously there are and will be plenty of others in contention.
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    State Champs

    No paid middle school supplements in any of the Anderson districts either. We do field teams, but they are not sanctioned.
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    Realignment proposal passes

    Where are the numbers available?
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    I can assure you that weigh in sheet trading happens, even all the way down in lowly AAA where many of us make it a point to trade sheets. Last Saturday I filled out Chester's weigh in sheet, a coach from Union filled out ours (Powdersville), and Coach Jensen from Chester filled in Union's while we weighed in shoulder to shoulder. We did the same thing at our region individual tournament where I filled out WestOak's sheet and Coach Billings filled out ours. We did the same thing when we wrestled Crescent at Crescent in our region dual.