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  1. I'm here...I'm always checking just rarely logging in, most of the time I can't remember my password. Anyway, now the playoffs are really getting interesting so let's chop it up! AA 1) Southside Christian v. Ninety Six - The Sabres are making some noise and have a good little RB but I think 96 should be a little more battle tested based on their schedule. 2) Abbeville v. Central - No idea about Central but Abbeville is, well Abbeville. A TOWN stand up! I'm clueless about the lower state bracket so fire away any of you that have the details on those 4 teams. AAA This could be interesting...does the clock strike midnight this week on Chapman? They've been getting by the past 2 games. Anyone know how Union will stack up? MAJOR props to Southside for making it this far but I don't think they have the horses to run with Chester. I fully expect Dillon to be the last team standing and I don't know that any of the teams in the upperstate can beat them. AAAA IMO this might be the best brackets with no clear dominant team like in the others, i.e. Lamar, Dillon, DF...etc. and no South Pointe. It's nice to see some of the old dogs from the past in this mix...Daniel, Greer, & Myrtle Beach. Could Greer finally get back to the big dance and rep Greenville County, albeit on the very edge of Greenville County? Can Daniel summon ghosts from it's football heyday? Is Wren still dreaming? Don't know much about the 4 LS teams other than Hartsville is usually pretty tough to deal with. AAAAA - Is anyone going to even give DF a reason to sweat? I'm banking on Hanna v. Dorman as the game of the week. It should be a great game to watch esp on the turf at Hanna. Whoever makes it to the LS finals hopefully will give DF a game but I doubt it. That's my takes. What say you all?
  2. Just checking in to see if any of you guys that were affected by the hurricane are ok? Prayers from the Upstate for those still suffering from damage, loss and rebuilding.
  3. Saw this posted yesterday... PUBLIC NOTICE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE *CONFERENCE CALL Wednesday, June 13, 2018 9:00 am Office of South Carolina High School League 121 Westpark Boulevard Columbia, South Carolina 29210 Tentative Agenda: Lawsuit Update- Executive Session 2018-19 Proposed Budget- Executive Session The Executive Committee of the South Carolina High School League will hold a conference call meeting on June 13, 2018 at the office of the South Carolina High School League. The hearing will be held in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act codified at S.C. Code Ann. ยง 30-4-10, et seq. (Law Co-op. 1976) and will be open to the public.
  4. Right...so let me ask you this...are all SC schools required to be part of SCHSL or do they choose to be a member? Is it possible to have a group of schools decide they will do their own thing and recognize their own victors, establish their own guidelines, etc? I'm not counting private schools.
  5. Great question JB...BTW who does the SCHSL answer to? Is it a state funded organization? Showing my naivete on this one but I've always wondered who they answer to.
  6. I'm hoping dacoach is right...keep it like 16-18 nothing wrong with it. I don't understand the need to change so often esp when all you hear from the schools are "we're struggling to make ends meet...we're broke...our attendance is down/no revenue, etc." So the answer is change regions so now you travel twice as far and take twice as long per trip?
  7. At Powdersville we had Gavin Agin & Jordan Meekins...both outstanding athletes in football. Agin is an All State selection for baseball and Meekins in Track. Agin is going to Spartanburg Methodist for baseball, not sure about Meekins, maybe N. Grenville for football.
  8. BulldogZ91

    Athletics question...

    Thanks for the input...we rely heavily on our parents and currently that's where the biggest deficit is. Our community is pretty small but it's growing. Our businesses help out a lot. It's a total sports booster club issue for us. Our schools went totally electronic this year so we didn't have any functions like in the past that gave the BC reps that face to face chance to meet and encourage people to join. I agree I don't like having the kids constantly trying to sell stuff. You're right, they're putting in the work on the fields & courts!
  9. Not sure where to post things like this but I know you guys are passionate for your local teams like I am. Our booster club is struggling pretty bad and it doesn't look like there's much help on the way. What are some ways your schools boost their participation and what are ways your BCs raise money for their programs? We have a community meeting coming up soon and I'd like to be able to present some ideas and maybe suggestions. Any help, advice, suggestions, etc. is appreciated.
  10. BulldogZ91

    Thoughts on Doublets

    My kid was a little freaked out by the singlet at first but he ended up being fine. I'm in upstate SC and I'm pretty sure I only saw 2 schools doing the doublets, Liberty & maybe St. Joes? Anyway, the goofballs that wrestled on our MS team were fine with the singlets. IMO the 2 piece stuff is way overpriced.
  11. BulldogZ91

    State Thoughts

    Congrats to all those that made it esp to the kids from the lowly divisions below 5 & 4A, good grief those kids get very little respect. AAA 138 State Champion Dylan Bailey, Powdersville High AA 4x Champion Cole Murphy & 2x Champion Jacob Rogers, Liberty High Best of luck to those kids next year!
  12. Good luck to Cole Murphy and the 6 others that qualified from Liberty! Also, good luck to Dylan Bailey (138) from Powdersville this weekend! https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/sports/high-school/highschoolhangout/2018/02/22/liberty-high-senior-wrestler-cole-murphy-has-sights-set-fourth-state-title/362226002/
  13. BulldogZ91


    "Dan the Man" as he was nicknamed around our school (Berea) beat a lot of his opponents mentally before the match ever started IMO. They knew they had no chance lol!
  14. BulldogZ91


    Dan Wirnsberger, Greer (1987-1990) [3x State Champ in 3A-2A-1A S.C. and a State Champ in 1988 at Blue Valley, Kansas 6A-5A] Current HC at Bucknell University, 3x wrestling All-American at Michigan State University. This guy was a certified bad ass back in the day when I was in HS. Everyone knew this guy and feared him on the mat!
  15. BulldogZ91


    He took the job at Blackville-Hilda