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  1. Can you guys please explain exactly what happened to the 2 kids from Woodmont esp Schock, I think it was that lost on points? We were sitting across the room at the AAA mat. Also, the kid that got pinned from Woodmont, I though that looked like a legit pin but those around us were saying he got screwed? Why not let the kid escape when you're up 13-1? Also, congrats to our HWT title winner from Pville and our other finalists and special congrats to the 170 from Aynor. It was really cool for our family to see my nephew coaching him to a title. Congrats to all that made to finals weekend!
  2. http://schsl.org/index.php/wrestling/
  3. 3A 106 Ross (Pville) & 126 Cain (Pville) could make some noise this weekend. They're both pretty good and had great seasons. Dickerson is really good too and young. He transferred from Pville to WO this year. Pville had the most qualify ever this year (5). Not bad for a school less than 10 yrs old IMO. Also pulling for the 2 kids from Aynor at 160 (Jones) & 170 (Carroll). My nephew is coaching at Aynor now so it'll be cool to see him coaching in the same arena he won his title in. Good luck to all that made it this far!
  4. JB the Garner kid from Palmetto has transferred to Westside.