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  1. That is my understanding. Everyone is redshirting.
  2. So Battery Creek just dropped out. Need one more team on Dec. 28-29. 6 match guarantee. Finished by 3:00 on day 2. Please email dstrobel@lexington1.net if interested. Thanks
  3. Battery Creek Cane Bay Chapin Commerce (GA) Eastside Ft. Mill Ft. Myers (FL) Lexington North Myrtle Beach Ola (GA) River Bluff Spartanburg Summerville Swansea White Knoll York
  4. Please post if you have the info on those tournaments
  5. Looking for a varsity tournament for the weekend of Dec. 21-22. Please respond to post if you host one or know of one.
  6. Jacob Brasseur was All American this year at Nationals too with an overall record of 209-9. I think he is also the real deal and him getting the 5A wrestler of the year award is well deserved. Just my opinion.
  7. The loss of Mark Perry I think is what really hurt IMar
  8. Looking to try and get a Tri/Quad at Lexington High School on Jan. 4th (Friday) if anyone might be interested. Please email Coach Strobel at dstrobel@lexington1.net
  9. Saw the App State coaches, Gardner Webb coach and PC coach at the tournament. Don't think I saw the Citadel there.