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  1. Update: Walker Stephenson placed 2nd at Flonationals in Freestyle. Competed well, beat some tough kids including the young man who will be representing USA at the Cadet Pan Am Games.

    Team SC VS Team NC

    I don't know. I know I would definitely exclude Freshman. Off the top of my head I'm leaning towards Junior and Seniors. But honestly haven't thought about it enough.

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Hijacking the thread back from attacking high school kids................The only way I could see guaranteeing wrestlers take the event more seriously would be have it during the preseason before the wrestlers even compete during their senior year. In theory the pre season idea sounds great to me, but the logistics would be almost insurmountable and also it then wouldn't be tied to the North South All stars which I feel is important. Just random thought of the day.

    Team SC VS Team NC

    CarolinaHawkeyefan, who are you taking off and who are you putting on? With your issues pertaining to the character issues, wouldn't it make sense to air on the side of caution. In today's society one big mistake can ruin the event for years to come. We've all had kids that we know could be great kids deep down, but maybe a field trip with a bunch of peers who may want to prove who the alpha male isn't the best environment for them to flourish.

    5A State Qualifiers

    Dual playoffs are extremely exciting and provide a format most people understand. Example: If we win on Saturday we are in the quarter finals, then semis, then finals. It's awesome because students who have no clue about wrestling can still congratulate your team on advancing to the next round. Even if it's not the same build up other sports get, it still has a build up. Individuals are great for true wrestling fans. I can't wait to watch some of the match ups at state. It doesn't matter which school is represented, I'm looking forward to some quality wrestling. I think individuals does represent an entire team even if only a few qualify. You are only as good as your drill partner, and our best kids are pushed and encouraged daily by the other 50-60 kids in the room. As for which one crowns the real state champions.......I would agree with the people saying both. Obviously I hope we win this weekend. If we don't, I would hope whatever team does celebrates as much as we did. It's not an easy thing to accomplish and it deserves to be celebrated. Winning a state individual tournament is hard. At the end of the day, it's just another opportunity for high school students to show their skills at a culminating event. I would hate to see someone try and cheapen that.