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  1. I guess it is according to whether we are talking about building just a program or building a highly successful program. All your top programs have a sound youth program behind them. I know some administrations can care less about wrestling and they still have a good program. I admit they can kill a program if that is their intent. My order for a highly successful, meaning State Champion, program.... 1. Feeder 2. head coach 3. parents, they can pressure the administration and supplement finances 4. facilities / resources; you can practice anywhere, I know plenty of programs that roll mats in the cafeteria each night! 5. finances, some school get virtually no budget especially compared to the big three- football, basketball, and baseball 6. administration, as long as they are not against it but they can definitely help with the head coach, facilities, and finances. Give me a group of studs that have been wrestling together since elementary school and a wrestling mom can take them to State! lol
  2. Not saying I am strongly for or against; but to give the other side, your decent A/AA school wrestler usually plays two more sports because he is a good athlete and they need him on the other sports' teams to be competitive due to the low numbers overall. Your serious 3A, 4A and 5A wrestlers are usually only concentrating on wrestling and only do other sports such as cross country or soccer to stay in wrestling shape. How many top ranked 3A/4A/5A wrestling kids are still playing football the week before the Southern Slam. Not many because at those schools your 106 through 170s are not significant players on the football teams at big schools where at your 1A/2A they can make up half the team. These kids aren't doing camps and duals during the summer because they are tied down to football. The big school athletes have significant advantages over the small school kids so why not let them compete on equal playing fields by class? If you want to keep wrestling at the lower classification and grow it, you need the division. And there are a handful of A/AA kids that can compete across all the classifications but they are few. Why do we separate state champions by any classification in any sport.... just let them all play it out then???
  3. 5/10Nelson


    I was told the trainer said he was "done" and would not let him finish???
  4. 4A Lowerstate Chapin 37 CaneBAy 28 2A Lowerstate Bamberg-Ehrhardt 64 Marion 18
  5. Just win BOTH Duals and Individual Tournament if you really want to make a statement!!! Last year 4A Eastside and 3A West Oak won both. The largest disparity was 5A River Bluff won State Duals but placed 8th in Individuals where Fort Dorchester won Individual State. 1A Cheraw won State Duals with a 2nd place in Individuals where Bamberg-Ehrhardt was State Dual runner-up but won the Individual Tournament. What does that mean in this argument??? Not sure!