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  1. scpackfan

    SC Alum in College

    Morris (RS Senior) is planned for 149. However, Morris is not nationally ranked and projected 3rd in the ACC. Obviously, that wt. is a weak point for us so if he can get down to it I would think he’d get a look. Good times ahead for Wolfpack wrestling. Pop is one of our ADs best hires. What he has in in his time in Raleigh is incredible.
  2. scpackfan

    ACC Getting Television Channel

    Can’t wait for that either. If the groundswell from a number of the guys on the club team including a kid from my son’s high school work out, you might get both wishes. 🤞🤞🤞
  3. scpackfan

    SC Alum in College

    Leitten’s time is coming in Raliegh. He’ll be battling a graduate transfer from Central Michigan (Justin Oliver) who came in over the summer. Oliver is a 3 time NCAA qualifier and I think an All-American one of those years. Battling this guy can only make Leitten better in the long run.
  4. Great question. Guess opinions are scarce which is odd.
  5. scpackfan


    I assumed that was their plan. They won’t stay competitive for long as their players graduate and they can’t restock as the others in their conference do.
  6. scpackfan


    Can’t argue the point but I hope you’re wrong.
  7. Congrats to Cardinal Newman and Coach Assey on their first Baseball State Championship in 20 years. They won in dominant fashion.
  8. scpackfan

    HSSR awards?

    As much any other. State wide high school sports newspaper that has been around for a while. http://www.hssr.com They put on three banquets for the winners (fall, winter, and summer). The one I went to had a good speaker. USC basketball player/coach at Coker. My youngest was recognized by them in his freshman year and again this year for wrestling. Not actually sure what the criteria, though for SCISA this year it was the tournament winners. Reasonable given the numbers. For SCHSS, it’s about the same I think maybe plus one to two.
  9. That joke was not funny.
  10. That joke was not funny.
  11. Agreed. I have no idea what wt class Fausz should be in. I know State was careful on when he weighed in. Given that next year is his last, I don’t think he would jump 2 wt classes. I could see Wilson bumping up 1 with the options we have in the lower weight classes. Moving up worked out well for Macchiavello but I think that 197 was a more comfortable weight for him anyway. Where to put all the nationally ranked wrestlers is a good problem to have.
  12. You are right about SC having kids like Wilson. State has one on the team now, from Leitten from Fort Mill. I think he redshirted this year. I hope Coach Pop is able to coach him up. With Jack graduating, there might be room.
  13. Not everyone needs to be interviewed.
  14. Proud of the NC State team for finishing fourth and bringing home their first NCAA Wrestling trophy. So happy for Michael Macchiavello closing out his senior season as champion. Class act and a humble kid. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Tariq Wilson after shocking the tourney to go from unseeded to finish third and Hidlay finishing second. Both are freshmen and will be around for a long time.