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  1. You are awfu! 😂😂😂 BTW, that big 195# kid from Cardinal Newman is my youngest. Moxie really laid the foundation for Drew to become a great wrestler. He taught him a lot in 7th and 8th grades and pushed him to better than he ever thought he could be. I’ll always appreciate that.
  2. Can’t be much satisfaction in insulting someone when they don’t know and can’t feel the sting. Have you considered signing him up and sending him the link, user name and password? You would get the added pleasure of selecting his user name like “ snappy dresser” or something like that. Just a thought.
  3. That is really funny. I liked Coach Moxie. He really did a lot of good for CN’s program.
  4. No, not on ROTC scholarships. They were offered wrestling scholarships. Both are excellent wrestlers at Morrison at 195# and Gorrin at 120#.
  5. Dyllan Gorrin - Cardinal Newman School offer from Presbyterian College
  6. Andrew Morrison - Cardinal Newman School, Columbia, SC in-state offers to Presbyterian College, Coker College, and Spartanburg Methodist College
  7. Crazy talk...Seriously, I really wish this would have been available to my son. He finished the year at 46-3 with 36 pins. Only 10 of those wins were in SCISA so he basically wrestled a SCHSL schedule. He got to see a number of previous and current qualifiers through the year but not on this sort of stage. It would have been interesting. I think he could have made some noise.