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    AAAA Upper State

    Gosh this stuff is so funny!!! Any of you all watch the TV show the Office?? “THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” Funny the first 8 times you all did it but it’s to the point no one is laughing. Except you guys. Supposed to be a wrestling page and every comment and thread reverts back to hotdogs and Maholtz and Koz. Give it a rest already. 🙄🙄🙄 Freedom of speech and all that. Allows me to post here. Got it. You certainly can and inevitably will keep them coming. So I guess the rest of us will wade and sift thru to see if anything meaning full gets posted.
  2. Haven’t been to any of your qualifiers but I could see why and how there isn’t any depth or high level of competition. I don’t know why we still have these classifications tho? I would go further and ask why do we have five A’s. Bc of football? The schools are to small to compete and field teams against larger schools, Agreed. Since wrestling is an individual sport why can’t wrestling have just have one tourney. Divided the 3,4 to make 5 couple of years back. WATERED DOWN. Everyone talks about being a 3 or 4 time state champ. Not trying to insult anyone who has done so. But would they have been able to do so stacked up against the strongest competition in the state? If you have a kid who’s talented he’s stuck there. Other than going to tourneys to put your high level kid in they have no one to wrestle. If their good they need to show it.
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    Yep. This forum finally got back to the subject that generally overwhelms every post. The way Only.Aver and others want it. Makes it lots of fun. Riveting I’m out
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    I stand corrected. It happens and I’m just misinformed. Sounds like everything is working out well. Shouldn’t be anything else to talk about here but how many hotdogs Maholtz can get in his mouth at once. Lol
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    Wow.. really again with the weighins. I’ll reply and comment and then some official will chime in and tell us how cut and dried the weigh in process is!!! Go ahead tell me how simple this is. There is no cut dried process for weigh ins!!! Would be if in fact everyone did what they were supposed to do. Every official and coach does things different. Don’t tell me how they all do it the same! They don’t! Tell me how coaches are to exchange weigh in sheets and write down the weights of the opponents kids and how they are to do the same for you then make copy’s and provide you with those weighins doesn’t happen. EVER! They can write down whatever they want. Weighins aren’t to start until both teams and the officials are there??? Doesn’t happen not even most of the time either one team and an official or both teams and no official? We’ve arrived on time to Duels and the other team is already weighed in. That’s comforting!! I mean does every official know all these kids by name and face. Officials responsibility is to note the kids weight at the weight class presented and determine wether they make the weight or not?? Most of the time they are doing skin checks while weigh ins are being done either they do one or the other but not both at the same time! Not a dig at officials but how many are really trained to do skin checks? I’m nervous when the official is taking a good hard long look at the pimple on my kids back or a red five Star some other kid just gave him slapping him on the back setting at the back of line jacking around! I’ve had kids questioned and nearly unable to wrestle Bc they laid back on a rivet head on the bus the whole way and it’s red and round at weigh ins. I could just keep my comments to myself and not say crap. We got screwed last year and no one seemed to care. Pleaded and emplored our case to everyone including Charlie Winsky and head ref Dino. I wish that they would have used the same scale 3days later when 15 teams showed up for the Duels tourney. No arguing no using a different scale no checking testing are verifying. Then there might have been something done when 200 kids are impacted. Simply throw the scale out when everyone can clearly see it’s not accurate and move on! My kid lost a state title Bc of it. No one seemed to care or care now. Good on HC of Byrnes for owning the (mistake)? Was it? As I see it if your the hosting team you can pretty much set things up and do whatever weighing process you like and use whatever scale and timeline you set. Byrnes wasn’t the visiting team they hosted I get it. Advantage Byrnes. But tell me this if it doesn’t matter what weight class you weigh in for then why weigh in by weight class? Just step everyone on the scale record their weight and then wrestle them wherever as long as they make the weight for the class their wrestling at? Why ad the complexity of weight class windows and presenting at a weight if it doesn’t matter in the end?
  6. So just completed the 5A region 1 weight class tournament. As always good competition and close matches. I’m quite certain these matches take place in all A’s and all regions all across the state. We’ve all been in the gym and seen things that weren’t very sportsman like. And anyone who’s been a around the sport for any amount of time realizes that these guys have a lot invested in the sport. But today I saw something I hadn’t seen (heard about) but not been witness to. So while I could call this kid and his school out I won’t you know who you are and so does your coach and the opposing coach as well as myself and several watching your weight class. Kid loses, gets pinned. Wouldn’t say he got caught he was out classed. Needless to say he was unhappy. Didn’t shake the opponents hand, refused to go address the other coach. This I’ve seen a lot. But during the awards present this wrestler got the medal hung around his neck. Didn’t stay for pics and turned towards the nearest trash can ripped the metal from the lanyard and ripped the lanyard off his neck and into the trash. I guess it’s his and his to do with however he wants? To this competitor I say this and remind you. Stepping on the mat isn’t a right it’s a privilege. It can all be taken away tomorrow don’t believe me ask Jackson Gannon out of BHP. Who has more heart and respect and love for the sport than you showed today. Someday maybe your son or daughter or niece or nephew will ask did you wrestle play sports or compete? When years pass their just trinkets to some. Their a symbol of the work and effort you’ve put into the sport. Gain a respect for the work the scrafice and the sport we all love.