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  1. Also Thomas Schock to SMC!!!! Proud of all these boys!!!
  2. I believe those two boys mentioned are going on an ROTC scholarship.
  3. Is Cardinal Newman a SCISA school? I am not even familiar with these boys' names?
  4. WildcatMom

    AAAA Upper State

    I deleted my initial comment, Jason. Call me out but not my son..... whatever. I own it to full capacity.... Unfinished business is about to be taken care of.
  5. WildcatMom

    AAAA Upper State

    ... Not. Worth. My. Time.
  6. I only went and saw upper state.... Cooper Strange for Woodmont at 120 was unranked and beat the #1 ranked and seeded Danny Love.
  7. WildcatMom


    You know he got all of his hot dog eating skills from you, JTW...… its all about practice, practice, practice......
  8. WildcatMom


    You have to wonder about the "safety" of wrestling 75-80 matches in a short season. These boys need time to heal. Obviously drilling is where its at. No one can argue drilling a move 1000s of times not making you better. I'd question that coach that wants to run the legs off of the team vs just drilling hard. Matches are def important but only if they are good matches. There again why teams develop and individual wrestler develop from a good balance. Def something you can argue all day long. NCAA coaches only wrestle their guys 20-30 max matches a season due to injuries and so fourth. I get it though.... we are discussing HS wrestling. But I can honestly say that I've seen more progress and advancement in my own child from sending him to high level camps with well decorated clinicians vs several hundreds on so called "national" tourneys.....