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  1. Any South Carolina seniors looking to compete at the next level, Tuition at Lander is under $11,000! We had 14 recruits here this past weekend, if your interested in visiting email me to set it up.
  2. Lots of exciting things happening w Lander university Wrestling .. check out episode 1 of the Bearcat wrestling broadcast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFy22VItux8
  3. Individual Training Camps start in only 10 days... dont miss out! Camps start as low as $175 with food and lodging included. www.newberrywrestlingcamps.com
  4. Coaches, if you want to join the Newberry summer duals you need to act soon. Right now we have 29 teams committed from 7 different states (SC, GA, FL, NC, TN, WV & MI) we will close the event once we have 32 teams. All teams get 15 dual meets over 3 days for just $100 per person. Food & Lodging included! We also have 9 days of individual training camps as well, if you have some individuals looking for a quality camp at an AFFORDABLE price. If you want register all details are online at www.newberrywrestlingcamps.com or email me at rc.lahaye@newberry.edu
  5. SC Wrestlers, many of you attended our camps last summer and we are offering them again, we have already got a large number of wrestlers registered and will sell out much sooner this summer. If you want to attend one of our individual camps we have the following available Takedown Elite Camp June 24-26 $175 Tough On Top Camp June 27-29 $175 Intensive Camp June 30-July 2 $175 or our most popular camp Champions Elite 9 Day Camp June 24-July 2 $525 (already 30% Filled) Food and Lodging included at all camps! All details are online at www.newberrywrestlingcamps.com
  6. We have released our summer camp dates for 2018 along with a camp video from last summer. Affordable overnight camps starting at just $175 per person, also introducing our TEAM DUALS camp, all teams guaranteed 15 dual meets over 3 days for only $100 per person with lodging and food included. Check out all the details www.newberrywrestlingcamps.com Check out the camp video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TAYANm4duM&feature=youtu.be Best of luck to all of the SC teams for the rest of the season! -Newberry College Staff