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  1. Guest Fireman. Nice bait there. Pathetic and everyone's laughing at you. Great job SC wrestlers, coaches and parents this year. This guy's a joke.
  2. Guest Firemans reflects a sore A$$ about something. Maybe his son wasn't chosen? The North/South is about the kids hanging together, wrestling, and being awarded for their hard work. Last nite was excellent with some real good matches and then vs NC. Trading up team singlets to wear, the kids love it. If you haven't been to one of these take a day off and come watch but check your ego at the door. This is for the kids. The people that put it together do an excellent job.
  3. I like the fact that someone is taking the time to do the rankings. It's good to know some of the kids names and not take it too seriously. The rubber meets the road in the next 5 weeks for teams and individuals. Region play is always spirited w rivals going at it. Head to head results will be there. Don't take shots at SC Grappler, post your own rankings on this forum of what you believe.
  4. Worldwide

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Like I said above BM. You keep digging but don't put the name out there. Who do you want on the team? I don't have a dog in the fight. These teams are made of kids that have put their time in. It's not the Worlds. Talented or less talented, they were chosen and will have a great time.
  5. The officiating was consistant except for the ref with head so big that can be seen from the moon, think he's from the charleston area and he is terrible at calling stalls. He calls the stalls when the wrestlers are actually working hard to maintain control and position. Wtf is he thinking. College stalls aren't even called as quick. There's someting to be said Averages are set by extremes. He sets the average for out of control with the call. He was the lead ref at the 5a duals.
  6. Worldwide

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Bridgem........ quit beating around the bush and come out and say who should be on the team. Then tell us all enquiring minds who should be taken off and haven't earned being on the team. Otherwise stfu about it.
  7. Could someone post the schedule for the rounds for Friday and Saturday? Thx
  8. Worldwide

    5A State Qualifiers

    The current duals format for High School is the best way. It's fun, exciting and brings a lot of pride to the high schools. College teams become ACC Champs, Big Ten Champs from their conference duals during season. Then at the big show, NCAAs, they ring up another champ. If it's close between a few teams, it's great to watch Individual state is just that.......for individuals. I don't see the word "dual" or "meet" in this tournament title. Individual state is about who can put together the best 2 day tournament. The wrestler isnt bumping up to help the team now. It's about themself competing at their weight class. They've earned that ticket to be in this tourney and to become a state champ. If a group of "individuals" from a high school are hot this weekend to win the individual state tourney by points, great for them. Maybe the wrestlers are competing better in their respective weights. For those that believe in the team being crowned this weekend should be the team champ.......its not happening. We'll send the advocates that believe this for the winning team some balloons and a participation award.