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  1. I heard there’s a possibility of each division having the state tournament at a high school. No more state tournament with all divisions under one roof.
  2. We could just not let middle schoolers wrestle in SCISA tournament. Only have high school competitors, problem solved. I do think letting middle school kids wrestle at the high school level is beneficial to everyone if they have the ability to compete.
  3. Regardless of how well it’s run the state tournament for public school kids in South Carolina does a disservice to the kids, the coaches, and the people that support them. I feel bad for the families and wrestlers that live along the coast. I also feel that having a state tournament in a location with no showers or true locker room is a recipe for skin funk. That said I have no clue where else it can be held to accommodate the 100 divisions of wrestling.
  4. Looked at the lower state 1A/2A brackets last night. It was very thin in numbers at several weight classes. Last weekend was the SCISA tournament and there were several weight classes with low numbers as well. In several states private schools participate in the public school state tournaments. Why can’t SCISA teams join the 1A/2A division? Maybe not a deep talent poll, but at least there would be more numbers. SCICA wrestlers have been looked at like a joke on multiple occasions. I know because I coach in SCISA and tend to agree sometimes. I have seen an a big improvement in my 5 years coaching in South Carolina in the SCISA league, but it’s still very weak. I feel adding just SCISA wrestling to 1A//2A would benefit teams far more then hurt them. Just curious as to why this has not or cannot happened.