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  1. Yes sir, still coaching at OP. Next year will be my last year as the head coach though. I work in Charlotte now and the commute is too much to be at practice by 3:30 every day. We’re looking for an assistant head coach at the end of the season that can take over after next season. I’ll stay on as an assistant, but will have new coach run practices and manage team.
  2. We had match a few weeks ago that my wrestler lost outright and that is not my gripe. My gripe is that he lost by tech fall on a call that I am extremely confused about. His opponent earned two 2 point back exposures and one 3 point back exposure with the knee trapped against the back of the leg. After the match was stopped due to a technical fall (17-2) I confronted the ref and asked why he allowed the leg trap. He told me that it can be used for tilting and back point control. I told him it is my understanding that the trapped leg is only legal in any capacity at the college level and in freestyle. I also stated that the leg must be released at or before 5 seconds after a takedown or breakdown. He told me I was wrong and I needed to calm down, I ended the conversation with a couple of choice words under my breath, across the room, into the stands, and finally calmed down. Perhaps I unnecessarily lost my temper for a rule I am ignorant about. What is the rule on the leg trap at the high school level? Again, my wrestler lost the match to a much better wrestler that day and the score would have still been 10-2 going at the end of the 3rd period. I am just confused about how he lost due to what I believe to be a illegal hold.
  3. Grecofan

    Slam Weekend

    How about that Sam Emery! With a performance like that he could really upset the state tournament this year!
  4. January 19th we are hosting a dual tournament at Orangeburg Prep. A few teams that committed can no longer attend. We need to fill those spots as soon as possible. If you are interested in sending your team please let us. If you have a solid JV squad and need to get them mat time we would be happy to have them down. Guaranteed 4 duals and medals for top 3 team’s wrestlers. Contact info is: jray@orangeburgprep.com
  5. 100 wins is a milestone I think! 25 wins each season is a solid career in my book. I also feel the competition the athlete faces is a big factor. 100 wins in 5A and 100 wins in SCISA is two totally different careers.
  6. Has anyone heard or been in contact with Dutch Fork regarding their tournament this season? I’ve been trying to find out if they are still hosting the Silver Fox Tournament, but I have not received any information.
  7. If you have a kid that wrestles or coach wrestling you know what it can do for a kid’s confidence! It also builds them up inside and makes them tougher then other kids! Regardless of any type of success it will make them better and stronger people! I’ve seen my kid go through some stuff the past few months that would make most kids and adults give up! He still fights and never gives up!
  8. Ethington's family moved into the Eastside area. He went to a camp with my son and while there he and his mom told us his family has moved. Have no reason to doubt it, very nice family!
  9. There will be no more clinics at Orangeburg Prep this summer. The event for next weekend August 5th, and any future clinics this summer are canceled. Thank you everyone that attended the other clinics throughout the summer. If you have any questions please feel free to email them to- jray@orangeburgprep.com
  10. We will have two starting Duke wrestlers coming down for our clinic this coming Sunday. Starting 197 pounder Alec Schenk (U23 freestyle All American) and starting 184 pounder Kaden Russell. We will have 3 full mats available. 2:00 to 4:00 clinic 4:00 to 6:00 live/open wrestling. Only $7.00! Location: Orangeburg Prep Lower Campus 168 Prep St. Orangeburg, SC 29118 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! jray@orangeburgprep.com
  11. Good Afternoon, OP Wrestling is hosting 3 more events this summer to help all wrestlers prepare for the upcoming season. -Next Sunday July 15th, we are hosting All American wrestler Rodney Sheperd of UNC Pembroke for a clinic and open practice. -Sunday July 22nd, U23 freestyle All American Alec Schenk of Duke Wrestling will be down for a clinic and open practice. Our last event of the summer will be Sunday August 5th, Coker head coach Derrick Nelson will be down! All times are 2pm to 5pm. Cost is $7.00 per wrestler. Location: Orangeburg Prep Lower campus. 168 Prep St. Orangeburg, SC 29118 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! jray@orangeburgprep.com
  12. The next Battles in the Burg will be Sunday July, 15th 2:00 to 5:00. Guest instructor will be 2018 D2 All American Rodney Shepard of UNC Pemebroke. Great time to get a solid clinic and 2 hours of live wrestling in for only $7.00! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: jray@orangeburgprep.com Location: Orangeburg Prep Lower campus, 168 Prep Street, Orangeburg SC 29118
  13. There is two days left of the Coker commuter wrestling camp. There is a lot of open mat available and it's a solid deal for $50 the next two days. If you aren't at a camp and need mat time and want learn some great techniques I suggest heading to Hartsville tomorrow morning. http://www.cokercobras.com/camps/index
  14. The next Battles in the Burg will be Saturday June, 23rd 1:00 to 4:00. Guest clinician will be Coker College head coach Derrick Nelson! Only $7.00 for a great clinic and then 2 hours of live wrestling! Orangeburg Prep Lower Campus: 168 Prep St. Orangeburg, SC 29118 Feel free to email if you have any questions: jray@orangeburgprep.com
  15. Looks like we are going to have a great turnout today! 3 full mats! Plenty of mat time and great instruction! 2:00 to 5:00 today! Will have a solid one hour clinic to warm up and get some solid coaching! Then 2 hours of live wrestling! Come get some mat time! Orangeburg Prep Lower Campus: 168 Prep St Orangeburg, SC 29118 Any question; jray@orangeburgprep.com