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  1. Dear Newberry and Limestone, Please move your match to Sunday January 26th. This is currently the biggest rivalry in the state of South Carolina at the collegiate level for wrestling and for anyone that missed it last year, it came down to South Carolina native Patton Gossett and his pin to secure the win. The atmosphere at Limestone was awesome! There are currently over 25 South Carolina wrestlers between each roster, at least I think...Newberry has not updated theirs yet? Several alumni from both schools are coaching at the high school and youth level around the state. This could be a huge event but it is continually limited because of a week night that does not allow a lot of travel time after a high school practice or duties at home with families. I am just a fan and I understand their are a lot moving parts that have to be dealt with. I also have no idea what restrictions each school has to work around but I see this as an opportunity to grow wrestling in the state, promote your schools wrestling team and facilities while at the same time exposing future wrestlers to the intensity of the rivalry! Right now Newberry has the number 1 ranked 141 pounder in the country and Limestone is bringing number 5 ranked 197 pounder and former Cane Bay wrestler Matt Rudy off redshirt. Some absolute studs to watch wrestle. So here we go, how many of alumni, fans and wrestlers would commit to a Sunday drive down or up to the sleepy town of Newberry to watch some top level wrestling and great rivalry?
  2. The SoCon is starting to load up on SC kids. 3 wrestling for the Citadel now. Starks at App St and now these 2 committed to Campbell and 1 to Davidson! Plus you add Presbyterian College and the 4 or 7 SC wrestlers they have...Book you weekend now for Boone and the SoCon championships!
  3. gryhnd118

    South Carolina Wrestling Mt. Rushmore

    I have this discussion all the time. Questions, do you only include HS accomplishments? If so is R Bell's 4 titles in 4A better than Dudley's 3 titles and Super 32 placement? Clay Walker has the best HS credentials of SC but because we don't see him in college does that take away from his "ranking?" What about JJ Jackson from Lake City... couple of titles but had an even better college career. Maybe more fun of a question is who has the potential to knock someone off the SC Mount Rushmore?