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  1. Probably so Jason but in case it wasn't.. David was definitely the most deserving of MOW ...in 5a and probably all classifications for that matter ...he's a stud...and my kids don't even wrestle 5a ...lol
  2. Congrats David Hunsburger ... definitely don't listen to whoever is hiding behind this screen name cause they definitely have no clue
  3. Rock Hill was definitely not robbed of a MOW ...the most deserving kid in 5a definitely won the MOW
  4. @sbutler...yes I know you were just joking around as I was also about 3a kids beating 5a kids (but I'm sure a few have) I have 2 that wrestle in 3a and was just wanting to see everyone else opinion as mine is probably basis ...lol
  5. @s butler I think some of the 3a kids have beat some of the top 5a/4a guys lol... 106-saber Woodward 113-AJ Dickerson 120-ASA Addison 126-noah moore 132-preston Jacob 138-ryan Dobbs 145-matt Williams 152-tyler Byars 160-markieth drakford 170-drake Carroll 182-tyrin Jordan 195-cc spires 220-cam Lott 285-jevontae salmond
  6. What's your 4a and 3a finals match ups?
  7. Chstiger99

    5A State Qualifiers

    Ok I'm going to weigh in on this topic...I don't have any problem with a team state and an individual state but I do think we should take the top 4 at the end of the year and cross bracket the upper and lower state because what you see often is the two best teams are both in the upper state or lower state and they end up wrestling in semis and then the state match is watered down...thoughts???
  8. Who y'all got in each weigh class as champs from upper and lower states going into states
  9. Who ya got in 3a state finals match?