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  1. So scmat released the preseason rankings what's everyone's thoughts?
  2. I believe Eastside has the most solid line up in the state in all classifications especially with the new wrestlers they have in the program now...I also think they are closely fallowed by WO which has a few new kids plus alot of returning SQ should be interesting this year
  3. I think I herd somewhere that woodmont might also be tough in 5a .. Eastside should be solid in 4a they have some new kids this year I agree everyone else is wrestling for runner up at best..WO in 3a is looking like the best team they also have a few new kids
  4. 3A ..I believe belongs to West oak..I also think West oak could challenge both the teams mentioned
  5. Chstiger99

    Pre Season P4P

    WO should have a solid line up then....
  6. Chstiger99

    Pre Season P4P

    Matt Williams from West oak...Ethington from Eastside...Flyte from blue ridge ... Byars (heard he moved) ... Shiffer from Hillcrest...Putman from mauldin... To name a few others that might be just outside the top 10 but probably on a top 20 list...
  7. Any interesting "recruits" I mean transfers this upcoming wrestling season? Heard Eastside had a few ... looking solid this upcoming year...
  8. Hey David what time is y'alls practice? Can anyone Come or just eastside kids?
  9. I agree david and the colonial life arena would be a great place to have it
  10. I think colonial life arena would be a great place to hold it at
  11. Chstiger99


    Yes I totally agree if your able to wrestle then he should have ...I wasn't arguing that...I was just stating that it wasn't the slam but the fact that he returned to a trap arm that got the call
  12. Chstiger99


    Buck....not trying to argue I don't have interest in either team my son is in 4a and his team unfortunately was not in the playoffs we were there purely as spectators i was just stating the rule I understand that the WO wrestler was upset but the rule is clear you can't return to the trapped arm side you seem to be an advocate of following rules (by your post on this thread)so I figured you of all people would understand why the call was made ...congrats to WO great win
  13. Chstiger99


    Don't understand what everyone is talking about the kid getting slammed? The slam wasn't the problem the problem was the WO kid returned the kid to the mat on the trapped arm side which is illegal you can't return to a trapped arm so yes it was a good call did it make a difference in the outcome no WO is to solid top to bottom but none the less the call was the right call