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  1. Spencer Wall to SMC. Israel Schultz likely to St. Andrews.
  2. Owen Trephan will be in the USA lineup this Friday night at the PWC, formerly the Dapper Dan, taking on Pennsylvania AA Champ Jacob McMaster. To my knowledge, Terrance Thompson is the only other SC kid to have made the USA lineup.
  3. ParTerre57

    Team SC VS Team NC

    This is right. There were several D1 commits, and a few more likely to sign, on that NC squad. A win or even a close match with one of those likely catch a coaches eye. Only real difference is that these coaches could immediately deep dive into some archives matches on Flo, Track or YouTube and see what they could have overlooked previously. What a college coach absolutely DOES NOT want to see more than anything is a lack of effort. Quickest way for the phone to stop buzzing recruiting wise.
  4. JTW, just to be sure, no Weekend Wars in March before NHSCAs?
  5. ParTerre57

    Team SC VS Team NC

    I'm totally fine with the match being Seniors only. It seems like there was consternation regarding the lineup of just Seniors, opening that up to all grades in all weights would be a nightmare and probably more trouble than it's worth. All in all, a pretty disappointing result across the board. I don't think that score is quite indicative of the width of the gap between the Carolinas over the last, say, 5 years but it does show just how behind we are. I do think next years team could be considerably more competitive if NC decides to come back. JTW, that's an interesting thought but I tend to think of it in the inverse. NC kids had another week to get fat and happy and lose a little bit of shape prior to Friday night. Like you said though, it wouldn't have mattered either way I feel like.
  6. ParTerre57


    Weight class +7 is my understanding.
  7. In this same vein, I think the Class of 2020 could be one of the better Senior classes to come out in a very long time, with more than a handful of guys that can wrestle at the D1 level if they so choose. Off the top of my head so I"m sure I'm leaving some off, but, Soriano, Brown, Augustine, Wilkins, Matt Williams, Stephenson, and Fernicola all potential D1 recruits.
  8. Owen Trephan - NC State
  9. Don't hold out. Speak your fears, it lessens their impact. Kind of like how I give the snakes I see in my yard names.
  10. 45 was pretty inconsistent as it pertains to stall/stalemates and when the refs were calling each. Basically, Woodmont was dinged with a 2nd stall giving up a point on what seemed like a quick one to make it 3-3 and Lexington escaped shortly thereafter. Woodmont rode forever and had several situations where stall calls would have been warranted, but in the situation where it was called it seemed forced by the ref. A really good scrap that probably deserved an OT to figure out. 52 was one of the crazier things I've seen in a big match like that. JTW is right from what I was able to see and what I heard, don't think the refs missed it and actually gave him a decent bit of time to recover. RH kid for sure put him there and held him there. Again, it was just wild and almost surreal. He was legitimately one kick off or belly out from the tech. Tough way to go out for a kid who is really good and arguably had the best resume this year of any SC kid. A lot of wrestling left in his future if I had to guess tho. JTW, I didn't see that 52 semi but I believe it. Official Situational Confusion should be a medical condition.
  11. I have a lot of issues with the officiating this weekend but first I'd say that the buddy system for the refs did seem to work. The duos did seem to look to their partner to confirm calls often, and were generally working well on the standard, black and white stuff (out of bounds, takedown calls, NF, etc.) As you said, the general terribleness of a few skewed the mean for the rest but those issues were glaring. Particularly, 5A 120, 132, 145 and HWT were nothing short of a mismanaged disaster. 120 and HWT were textbook examples of exactly what a referee should not do with regards to interjecting themselves directly into the match. For those that watched, I think we'd all agree that the pace of the 120 final was probably the highest of the night, with neither guy take so much as a step backwards. That didn't stop both guys from being hit multiple times when action took them OB. 132 featured maybe the most confusing stall call I've seen in my entire life (other than a 3rd place match where the ref hit the aggressor for a stall saying that he wasn't trying to finish his leg attacks and thus warranted a stall) when the top man was attempting, successfully, to turn the bottom mans shoulders with a power half but was banged for stalling for riding the hip, a position they had been in the entire first period. 145 was just a genuine inconsistent mess with a position being a stall in one sequence and a stalemate about 25 seconds later. If you're able to go back and watch HWT for yourself, please do, because I can't really describe the ending in a way that does the confusion justice. These were the big issues I saw in the 5A finals. There was of course small stuff throughout the weekend that speaks to the lack of situational awareness that you'd hope a lot of these guys would have ironed out by now but didn't seem to in that moment at least.
  12. Favorite thread of the year. I'd like you to add "No Accessible Showers for Athletes" as a topic of discussion as well. All joking aside, last years tournament was a marked improvement and well run. Hopefully the brain trust running this bad boy has continued to develop new ideas to improve.
  13. ParTerre57

    5A State Qualifiers

    Maybe I'm interpreting this poorly but this paints the picture that the individual portion of the postseason is, for lack of a better term, the "add-on" and that is for sure not something I'd want to impress upon my kids.
  14. ParTerre57

    5A State Qualifiers

    This could actually be a pretty fun game but I think is too extreme of an example. Anyone with a functioning human brain would choose Team A. Here's one that should generate some clicks and replies. HSL rules totally out of the equation and given the option/choice, to what program do you send your imaginary, stud 7th grader? One perennially in the dual semis or finals, but doesn't seem to have quite the showing at individuals; or do you send to a place that hasn't made it to a semi or final in the duals but produces 2-3 state champs/finalists a year? **Insert grinning devil emoji** Also, I don't have any SC programs in mind, I just recently had this conversation with a friend who coaches youth in PA, and feel like it would generate some interesting discussion.
  15. ParTerre57

    5A State Qualifiers

    Broken down by teams. Cool to see Woodmont up at the top. I know it's not the official way to determine the champ but the team scoring should be pretty interesting this weekend. Byrnes 7 Woodmont 7 Lexington 6 Cane Bay 6 Hillcrest 6 Rock Hill 6 River Bluff 5 Chapin 5 Summerville 5 Carolina Forest 4 Stratford 4 Fort Dorchester 4 Ashley Ridge 4 Lugoff-Elgin 4 Easley 4 Socastee 3 Mauldin 3 Dutch Fork 2 Goose Creek 2 Berkeley 2 Wando 2 Fort Mill 2 Boiling Springs 2 Dorman 2 Clover 2 JL Mann 2 Greenwood 2 Conway 1 West Ashley 1 Laurens 1 Irmo 1 Northwestern 1 Gaffney 1 Spartanburg 1 Sumter 1 Westside 1