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  1. ParTerre57


    As the Founder, President, and Chief Operating Office of the "Mark Buford for SC Wrestling Hall of Fame" social movement, I totally understand the questioning. No harm, no foul. Play on. SCMAT is really an incredible historical resource for all things South Carolina Wrestling, and Mark Buford does an incredible job at keeping present-day updates coming at a reasonable rate (I've noticed that some teams are updated really quickly and I'm assuming that is because certain coaches are diligent about sending results) For a one man show, the tournament updating is reasonable. The rankings are, and always have been, an exciting feature for coaches, kids, and sports reporters statewide who reference SCMAT frequently. What's most impressive for me is the longevity of the site. It has been around as long as I can remember; always consistently updated, always there with no outages. Obviously, the state specific websites like Guillotine and PA Power are in states where wrestling related traffic is high enough that banner ads make running those sites a legitimate business opportunity. That said, there are several traditional wrestling states that I always am surprised don't have dedicated sites, or at least ones on the first page of Google search (NJ being one. Finding state tournament brackets are pretty brutal though they get a ton of wrestling coverage at NJ.com) To my knowledge, there are few southern states that have a centralized website similar to SCMAT. NCMAT was very similar but I think it may be defunct, or only recently reinvigorated. All in all, I think most are happy with the service the website provides and a more robust platform would be icing on the cake.
  2. ParTerre57

    SC Alum in College

    Lost to Finesilver twice (semi losers at the Hokie Open drop straight down for 3rd, so if you lose early 5th is the best you can do) No video I could find but based on his scores he looked really good. Was up 6-0 on Finesilver in the first match but ended up getting pinned. I think settling into the weight cut will be huge for him, the first time down is always the toughest. I think having him in the Open as opposed to Freshman/Sophomore tourney speaks to how open the spot for that weight is. He could see significant time in the lineup. A bunch of other SC kids competed well at the Hokie Open also. In the Freshman/Sophomore tourney Martin Duane (Citadel) was 3rd at 184, Jake Hart (VT) was 6th at 157 and Hayden Prince (Limestone) also 6th at 174. In the Open division, along with the aforementioned Leitten results, Matt Rudy (Limestone) was 3rd at 197 defeating Citadel NQ Sawyer Root for bronze. A ton of other SC guys in both brackets. Tramon Jenkins (SMC) won the Patriot Open in Kentucky at 125.
  3. http://www.scmat.com/scmatrecords1 - Individual Four Time State Placers.html Little list on SCMAT that can add some conversation fodder (insert plug about Mark Buford being our greatest American here) Haven't made it through the list but see a few 4x placers and zero time champs on here. A few from the 2000's that I can be added are Anthony Manross, Jake Tubbs (Super 32 runner-up who I believe was hurt his senior year) and Rocky Williams McClure, who were all 3x runner-ups.
  4. HS David Hunsberger 106 Byrnes Thomas Ross 106 Powdersville High School Jackson Luke Rumfelt 113 York comprehensive high Micah DiCarlo 113 Wando High School Matteo Vargo 120 Fort Dorchester High School Brandon Dasen 120 Chesnee High School Chandler Amaker 120 Fort Dorchester High School Alejandro luna 120 Palmetto High Gabriel Ellison 120 Woodruff high school Solomon Cortez 120 Indian Land High School Koby Moore 120 Emerald High School Noah Moore 126 Emerald High School Israel Schultz 126 Goose Creek High School Jordan Aluyan 126 Fort Dorchester Highschool Joseph Brown 126 Fort Dorchester High School Matthew Cain 126 Powdersville High School Joshua Maningding 132 Stratford Preston Soriano 132 Stratford High School Bailey Wilkins 132 Rock Hill High School Shuler Elkins 138 T.L. Hanna Riley Augustine 138 Eastside High School Bryson Beaudin 145 Byrnes high school Bryson Ethington 145 Eastside High School Markeith Drakeford 152 Indian Land High School Thomas Schock 152 woodmont Garrett Starks 152 Woodmont William Butler 160 River Bluff High School Walker Stephenson 170 Hillcrest HS Ryan Humel 182 May River Hs Jake James 285 Hartsville High School MS Teague Strobel SC Lexington 7th 70 Ty Tice SC Northwood Middle School 8th 85 Jermaine Peace SC Cane Bay Middle 7th 90 Will Hendricks SC Belton Middle School 8th 100 Joseph Morris SC Cherokee Trail Elementary 6th 100 Garrett Williams SC Chesnee Middle School 8th 112 Preston Rhodes SC Marrington Middle 7th 120 Girls Isabella Hoffman 108 Fort Mill High School 9th Tomia Acoya pate 123 North Augusta high school 12th Jaleena Graham 148 Dutch Fork 9th Kyleigh Dean 160 Aynor High 9th Dasia Yearby 160 Christ Church Episcopal School 9th Really solid number of entries for SC. I have always thought of Fargo being the toughest tournament, no questions asked, but I'm not sure that's still the case given how deep this tournament has become. So great it's so close.
  5. ParTerre57

    SC Alum in College

    Yeah Oliver is for sure the guy at 49 for the Pack this year. Any chance AJ is down at 41? I think one of the Morris brothers is slated to start there per Flo. Regardless, his time is coming for sure. I've said it before on here but Pop might be the best developer of talent in the country. What he's done with that program is really incredible. Would be a nice little win for SC if Leitten and Trephan are in the lineup together for a few years.
  6. ParTerre57

    SC Alum in College

    Yes yes, totally forgot when they weren't listed on the Flo recaps. Assuming it's all open tournaments this year for PC guys already on campus.
  7. Flo rolled out their individual college conference rankings earlier this month it was good to see a few SC alums in the projected lineups. Gardner Webb- Artur Hofer (125) Citadel- Rian Burris (157), Dazjon Casto (165) Martin Duane (184) Leitten at NC State, Hart at VT, and Alford at Navy not in the projected lineups from Flo, but have to think Leitten and Alford are pushing hard for starting spots. I think Hart likely takes a redshirt but if he's progressing during first semester I could see him being the guy, since the current listed started isn't super entrenched in the weight. Interested to see if Porter can break into the Citadel lineup early at 141. Obviously, the Limestone Newberry Coker and SMC rosters are chock full of SC kids looking to make an impact. I'll try to keep updates on results throughout the season via this thread, so loop me in on kids who are out of state no matter the division.
  8. Good weekend clinic to kickoff the pre-season. All ages and skill levels welcome. Kindig and Ward are two of the best young coaches on the scene and truly excel at breaking down high level technique in incredibly simple ways. Come on out and learn a thing or two.
  9. If you haven't run across it yet, take the time to pop over to SCMAT and check out the archived information that Mark Buford has uploaded over the course of the summer to celebrate the 50th year of SC High School wrestling. It's really incredible work as usual from Mr. Buford.
  10. A matter of when, not if, that Girls wrestling is a sanctioned sport across the board. Really like the idea of the truncated season to ramp up. Also, let's not forget that SC now has two Women's programs with PC and Limestone getting off the ground this year.
  11. ParTerre57

    Junior Nationals

    Tough go of it Free for most guys. Mickle looked really good in his first two and was in the match in the consolations losing 9-7. Wilkins had a tough draw on the back side running into Florida stud Malyke Hines who was upset in the first round but wrestled back, winning like 8 in a row to All-American. He was absolutely in the match, up 11-8 with like a minute left and gave up a takedown and two exposures to eventually lose 14-11. Rumfelt and Holcombe both 1-2 in Cadet Greco yesterday. Junior Greco getting fired up today, hoping a few guys can make a run. And yes, you do remember correctly. I drew Sponsellor 3rd match and Morningstar 4th when it was the pool format. Morningstar beat my head in.
  12. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20189 This runs the total to 4 programs since September added in SC.
  13. Due to an injury, 843 Elite WC is looking to fill the 160 (163) slot for the upcoming Flight Time Duals this Saturday at UNC-Pembroke. Food and lodging will be covered, as well as transportation if leaving from the Charleston area. Weigh-ins are Friday evening (5/11) from 6pm-8pm. USA card mandatory but the club will cover the cost if need be. Please contact me at 843elitewc@gmail.com if interested. Thank you in advance -Brantley Hooks
  14. Add Murphy to that Citadel list as well.
  15. Porter to The Citadel