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  1. Favorite thread of the year. I'd like you to add "No Accessible Showers for Athletes" as a topic of discussion as well. All joking aside, last years tournament was a marked improvement and well run. Hopefully the brain trust running this bad boy has continued to develop new ideas to improve.
  2. ParTerre57

    5A State Qualifiers

    Maybe I'm interpreting this poorly but this paints the picture that the individual portion of the postseason is, for lack of a better term, the "add-on" and that is for sure not something I'd want to impress upon my kids.
  3. ParTerre57

    5A State Qualifiers

    This could actually be a pretty fun game but I think is too extreme of an example. Anyone with a functioning human brain would choose Team A. Here's one that should generate some clicks and replies. HSL rules totally out of the equation and given the option/choice, to what program do you send your imaginary, stud 7th grader? One perennially in the dual semis or finals, but doesn't seem to have quite the showing at individuals; or do you send to a place that hasn't made it to a semi or final in the duals but produces 2-3 state champs/finalists a year? **Insert grinning devil emoji** Also, I don't have any SC programs in mind, I just recently had this conversation with a friend who coaches youth in PA, and feel like it would generate some interesting discussion.
  4. ParTerre57

    5A State Qualifiers

    Broken down by teams. Cool to see Woodmont up at the top. I know it's not the official way to determine the champ but the team scoring should be pretty interesting this weekend. Byrnes 7 Woodmont 7 Lexington 6 Cane Bay 6 Hillcrest 6 Rock Hill 6 River Bluff 5 Chapin 5 Summerville 5 Carolina Forest 4 Stratford 4 Fort Dorchester 4 Ashley Ridge 4 Lugoff-Elgin 4 Easley 4 Socastee 3 Mauldin 3 Dutch Fork 2 Goose Creek 2 Berkeley 2 Wando 2 Fort Mill 2 Boiling Springs 2 Dorman 2 Clover 2 JL Mann 2 Greenwood 2 Conway 1 West Ashley 1 Laurens 1 Irmo 1 Northwestern 1 Gaffney 1 Spartanburg 1 Sumter 1 Westside 1
  5. ParTerre57


    The debate between match count is an interesting one that has valid points all over the place on the issue. There absolutely isn't a one-size-fits-all answer and I think a lot of it comes down to where HS coaches see their projected team that particular year. I think of it as a sliding scale line graph, where the higher the level of inexperience for the roster the more in-season matches you want to have. As the experience level for the entire roster increases the next year or the following, and you can rely on legitimate competition in the practice room, the number of matches tends to scale back but with an uptick in the level of competition on the actual schedule. There are million ways to skin a cat but that seems to be the general trend I see with a lot of coaches out there. I think it's also important to recognize that for the better individuals in SC you want a bit higher match count, simply for competition sake. 30 or 35 matches in PA, NJ, or OH can get an individual battle tested for a postseason run because 60% of those will go a full 6 minutes with a bunch going into OT; while in SC a top kid who has that amount may only have 8-10 matches the entire year even go the distance. Funding, or lack thereof, also play a pretty important role in this as well. P.S. Totally agree with WildcatMom that the technique-focused and drilling heavy camps in summer (Jordan, Purler, etc.) yield the greatest results but are probably a tough sell for many on a HS roster.
  6. Good option for sure. I like the idea of rolling 4A in with 5A and grouping 3A down. Give schools a really easy option to "compete up" if they want. Extend it to individuals as well, make the state bracket 16 or 20 man brackets (In a 20, the finalists in Lower and Upper State are put on the bye line the following weekend) Basically keeps the same number of individual qualifiers. Obviously, this seems to be all a pipe dream but would be good to see.
  7. Broader thought here, but when is the inflection point to kickstart talks of consolidation? Some of these brackets are, well, thin.