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  1. Sorry it had to end. But the trail of cream puffs had to end sometime.
  2. Well, we are well into the middle of the playoffs. Wanted to post. First to see if there is anybody out there to see it. Second, to get some opinions on playoffs if anyone cares to post.
  3. He ain't the only one. This can be a lonely place. Sometimes goes days without a post. Wish it would become the lively place like message boards were in days gone by.
  4. Reality

    Hurricane Postponements

    That is a tough call all around. Some of the bigger regions are going into conference play. And even with non-region games, many schools are operating on budgets that are razor thin anyway. Tough to just throw away a gate. Tough problem. But the powers that be should have learned from whatever mistakes that they wish they could have done different a couple of years ago. But maybe I give the powers that be too much credit and it will be a cluster like many other things.
  5. Well into football season, and was hoping this would evolve into a vibrant board with traction like we all used to enjoy. But seems the last post before this one was over a week ago. Has everybody just given up on the message boards?
  6. Reality


    You are absolutely correct. Lots of different things contribute. Off field issues could be a part. Maybe administrative support isn't what it once was at Greenwood. And maybe the talent isn't what it has been in Greenwood. That happens from time to time. Best coached team I saw last year won like three games. No talent. Lucky to win three. But everything has to come together for a program to mesh.
  7. Reality


    I fully expect the coach at Greenwood to resign in the near future, if not immediately. Not matter how accomplished he is, it is very clear that others around the program are far superior play callers, motivators, and judges of the issues, or whatever ills, may be trouble this years team. Got to love this time of year.
  8. Reality

    Update on lawsuit

    Figure there are very few "findings" at this point, with the exception of the case of the schools that pushed the lawsuit. And those facts we all know. And when this suit was started one just has to feel pretty sure that the SCHSL knew the chaos that would follow if they suddenly decided to realign, or even go back to last year's regions setup. Got to figure they slow played their end of things and let this school year proceed as planned. Then that gives them a year to clear things up in whatever manner seems workable.
  9. Reality

    Greer at Byrnes

    You may have a point. They easily have the talent Greer does, and probably deeper. But do know that Shaw didn't exactly take over the same Byrnes program that became the norm. If that is still an issue it could pull them down. We will see. That is the beautiful thing. We tee it up and see what happens.
  10. Reality

    Greer at Byrnes

    Greer may have their best team in a while this year. But they are always pretty good. Have had those years before where Greer thought this was their year to get Byrnes. Never seems to happen. Figure that will be the story again this year.
  11. Figured this would start a fight. It usually does.
  12. Reality

    Update on lawsuit

    I'd be shocked if there were any changes at this point. Rightly, or wrongly, I think that was the plan all along. Drag this thing out as far as possible during the summer. Then let things stand as they are for this school year, and review for the '19-'20 school year. Maybe they throw it all out at the last minute and simply go back to last year's regions schedules, but just don't see it at this point.
  13. With the often slow pace of the legal system, could option B even be considered in regards to the '18 football season?
  14. Well, I struggled through much of the lawyer talk. Does it answer the basic question of whether they revert to last year's regions, or if it stays the same as planned? Seems to be a lot of mumbo jumbo about the rights of SCHSL, versus the rights of member schools.
  15. Not unexpected. Most figured a lawsuit would come at some point. Now, think the lawyer is stretching the temps a bit on that particular day. Looks like from the tone that lawyer may be trying to set it up to where he can go after coaches personally if they don't get what they want out of Lexington One. And there was the pre-existing heart issue that nobody knew about. Which apparently was the underlying issue. Sad situation. Figure the lawyers will go back and forth and the matter will be settled before it goes to trial.