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  1. cant be a lady - Koz said he is loved by all women and children!!!
  2. Hell im just happy eagle hater took a vacation....and go
  3. Ive noticed a disturbing pattern of anti-Maholtz propaganda lately....cant we all just get along???
  4. I know eastside and west oak are both wrestling crescent at crescent on the same night this year - would be great if they could make that a tri match
  5. thats a competitive eating team - and our hospitality ladies have been warned!!!!
  6. Dmaholtz

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    these fat jokes are going to give me a disorder ---- nah...I like food too much....someone grab me a chili dog!!!
  7. Dmaholtz

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    always a step ahead of you bill
  8. ok - wont lie --- thats funny
  9. There will be no poking of said belly!!!!
  10. I do love me some burritos
  11. whatever they decide needs to be swift --- making the entire state and all the programs hanging with schedules is crazy.
  12. you trick fat guys with food they get mean...... thats how we get Koz to summer camp --- throw a 6 pack of tacos on bus and when he chases them --- we take off