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  1. Id destroy the Corral!!!!
  2. only average ---- my vote for post of the year so far!!!
  3. Dmaholtz

    Slam Weekend

    ok - now I officially miss eagle hater 1-3333!!!! they were mean to eastside but left me alone.....why cant we all just get along?
  4. Dmaholtz

    Slam Weekend

    my mom says Im a handsome little soldier and yall aint gunna body shame me!!!!
  5. cant be a lady - Koz said he is loved by all women and children!!!
  6. Hell im just happy eagle hater took a vacation....and go
  7. Ive noticed a disturbing pattern of anti-Maholtz propaganda lately....cant we all just get along???
  8. I know eastside and west oak are both wrestling crescent at crescent on the same night this year - would be great if they could make that a tri match
  9. thats a competitive eating team - and our hospitality ladies have been warned!!!!
  10. Dmaholtz

    Core Member Rank

    these fat jokes are going to give me a disorder ---- nah...I like food too much....someone grab me a chili dog!!!
  11. Dmaholtz

    Core Member Rank

    always a step ahead of you bill
  12. ok - wont lie --- thats funny