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  1. what are the most anticipated matchups this weekend?
  2. dark gym with spotlight is an awesome environment to wrestle under
  3. plus we do have a killer hospitality room
  4. No I got the gist... just that usually sparks the anti Eastside hate rants..... buckling up for the ride
  5. LOL Only_Avg..... I am short coffee this morning - rough one so far
  6. Dmaholtz

    5A State Qualifiers

    they recognize both traditional and dual champs in Ohio and PA for sure. I understand the point your making but I think the point people are saying is 14 solid wrestlers working together shows more of a complete program then a team with 4 studs that win their weight classes and 10 who couldn't defend themselves. People are entitled to feel both ways, I think its safe to say the SCHSL will only ever recognize one champ, and for now thats thru the duals format.
  7. Dmaholtz

    5A State Qualifiers

    for the record - its Koz she hates right - Im simply guilty by association????
  8. Dmaholtz

    5A State Qualifiers

    I truly agree with the fact that our state is not big enough to support 5 classifications of champions. I would still like to see them keep duals format for team, and then a consolidated event for individuals ---- that way the people who argue class size hurts smaller schools for team can keep their classification champ, and the individual crowned is then truly the best kid at that weight class in the state -- place top 6.
  9. Dmaholtz

    5A State Qualifiers

    because I know everyone wants my opinion, just so they can make a fat joke!!!! I like the team duals because it does show the most complete team. Even if a kid is playing the don't get pinned game - he or she has to be good enough not to get pinned. 14 young people working together shows a better team concept then 4 or 5 studs would. Now I love the fact that the coaches association recognizes a traditional tourney champ, but a team can win a traditional this year, especially in 5A with 4 finalists --- but does that make them the best complete team?? Id argue not. PSU has made bonus points at the NCAA a premium but they also show great pride in their undefeated streak of duals matches. And to only_avg point - yes the team that qualifies 14 is in my opinion better then any team that only produces a single qualifier even if that kid wins the title.
  10. Dmaholtz


    well as a former heavyweight I never saw a double OT match.... but those 12 minutes were brutal!!!!
  11. Dmaholtz


    I tried a diet once - worst 12 minutes of my life!!!
  12. Dmaholtz


    Dont blame the moms --- there is no way to know Koz would beat his personal record of 82 hot dogs before the semis.......the carnage was awful
  13. Dmaholtz


    lol --- shocking that Im not a big donut guy.... I may look like a donut, but back to..... oh hell whoever started this posts point........why does everyone hate Koz???!!!!