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  1. 10000% agree. Lawson was defiantly dominated by Williams. Lawson better get back to work bc he will have Schock and Lippincott in 5A upperstate! Should be some good matches!!
  2. Speaking of head to heads.... I think Chase Snith Vs Fernicola would be fun to watch! My money is Chase hands down IF he has any gas tank. Fernicola is athletic but has ZERO stamina. His match’s recently were close bc he can’t go past one period!?? Called injury time THREE TIMES bc he was gased. Is that even legal!??? Anyways-plug for the Chase kid from Cane Bay.... no clue why you fell off the rankings totally but you are the #1 guy.
  3. 4A is so incredibly watered down they honestly should just combine it with 3A. West oak should have come up but not sure what happened there. 5A is MUCH more diverse. All the 4-3-2-1A kids being “four timers” won’t hold a candle to any of the state champs in 5A! Of course, everyone can debate that all day long but it is what it is. This years state brackets in 5A are going to be epic! I can’t hardly wait. I suspect not much attention aside from the mommy’s and daddy’s will be on other mats. On a side note, The man that takes care of SC Mat is pretty amazing. My initial post was not a dog at him. Just starting conversation. January 8 rankings will be much more interesting once the bigger tourneys shake out. I do hate he bases so much decision on the slam. ESP since it was the most “watered down” it’s ever been as far as talent goes.
  4. Rankings ARE OUT FOLKS! Was looking through some of the rankings (specifically 5A) and noted Aluyon was ranked 2nd!?? What in the absolute Nicki Minaj is up with THAT!!!??? Ha! Do they even know who he actually is!?? 2 X 5A state champ is ranked second behind a Rock Hill kid that's not done anything? Furthermore, just because a kid placed higher in 4A def doesn't constitute a higher ranking over a 5A wrestler. Wow. Thoughts!??
  5. Sportsfanatic

    Pre Season P4P

    Heard of him transferring to Eastside...not in district, of course. Not sure the risk is worth the benefit of an out of district senior esp w everything at FD. Hope they changed either mom or dad’s DL 😂😂. Ethington should add a slight degree of dynamic. But idk where he’s gonna fall in the line up with Maholtz and Augustine boys. Amazing what some will do to “chase a ring.” May be some interesting OPCs over w the Eagles. Ha! Gotta love to hate them!... Byars with WO. Heard both boys will be on the line up for them this year.
  6. Looks like 152 will be tough this year based off of who’s moving from 138/145. Wowza. 160 May be light. Can’t wait to see the cards align. 220 should be dynamic as well!!
  7. Sportsfanatic

    Pre Season P4P

    Doesn't seem like you've been watching too much pre season wrestling Butler......You've listed several that haven't done S*** all off season and several were left off the list that have absolutely worked their tails off. Just totally validated the fact your opinion isn't worth much. Clearly you aren't dialed in. Your list is "okay" but you left off Asa Addison from Pendleton who has done some out of state off season tourneys..... Garrett Starks who has literally competed with the best of the best al over the USA this summer. Don't forget to list incoming freshman Hunsburger who just captured the NUWAY summer national title. Just my thoughts. All great kids but hope no one hangs their hat on your opinions for P4P BC you are way off base buddy.
  8. Sportsfanatic

    Junior Nationals

    This list isn’t accurate? That, or I’m not seeing these guys in the brackets? Is this info from last year?
  9. Not gonna lie....I'd be happy to see him do well also.... hes a quiet force for sure! 138 class is honestly a toss up with the recent weight changes....
  10. I only did 5A Upper because that's all I know honestly..... Feel Free to Chime in. 106-Johnson and 113-Beck 120-Thomas 126-Williams 132-Wilkins 138-Ethington 145-Starks 152-Hart 160-Stephenson 170-Fisher 182-Johnson 195-Sayegh 220-Gagen HWT-Tate
  11. Got it. I assumed you were meaning any wrestlers waiting to hear from SCHSL yet this week. Any coach that KNOWINGLY enters any wrestler at the wrong weight class then I agree...its on them after today. This is a HUGE deal and everyone is aware. I'd like to think the ADs are all involved and checking up on the coaching staff and where the boys are entered. I know for a FACT there are still several incorrect weights that have been entered. But at this point what do we do? Maybe forward it to the IL coach.... we all know what he will do with it! haha
  12. Sportsfanatic

    Woodmont V JL Mann

    Shame on SCHSL Shame on JL Mann and SHAME ON your head coach.... All effecting the wrestler for this mess. There absolutely should have been an exception.
  13. Oh Holy $#!+,Jason....lets give it a rest!!??? Now you wanna DQ kids from STATE at all bc of no fault of theirs!!??? Get a grip man and let them wrestle! Jesus!
  14. Sportsfanatic

    weight certification

    Certified weight?? Or OPC minimum weight?? It’s all an interpretation issue in our state. At least that’s my opinion anyways.