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  1. dacoach

    Tough Days

    God bless. Keep up the great work.
  2. I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers on the loss of your father. Based on the things you have said and written over the years, he was a fine man and I am sure his passing is hard. In the end, all most of us want for our parents is peace and comfort. Please rest easy knowing that your Dad is - indeed - resting easy, now. No more pain, no more struggles.... May God grant you peace, wisdom and joy. Prayers for you and your family.
  3. The SCHSL has always and should always be run by the Athletic Departments of all its member schools. It is sorta a union for Athletics here in our state. Different people do a lot of "networking" and politic'in to be chosen to serve on various Boards, Regional Directors, whatever. These folks then "guide" what the body does. Its not run by outsiders, in the sense that Jerome is not above being removed from the body and he does not control the body like a dictator (like many accuse him of doing). What has been the main problem, and will ALWAYS be the problem in my humble opinion, is that those of us who are not directly affected by decisions and choices, don't seem to care about the other schools who are. If I'm happy with my travel, my region, my schedule, then why should I care if someone is pissed off 150 miles away from me - I have too much to worry about and too much going on to give a rat's behind. Only when it hits their school, their region is it suddenly very important and needs to be addressed. We function in a world of isolationalism. Case in point, the Region that Union was removed from doesn't give a crap that they were removed. But if the injunction puts them back in there, they will raise a stink because they already had schedules and travel all worked out, now they will have to re-do everything. When I go to High School League meetings, I hear a few vocal folks running the show - speaking, serving on boards, etc. Most of the people in the room just stare at the wall or play on their phones. Heck, I would bet 80% of the SCHSL coaches (all sports/all coaches) don't even ATTEND the meetings! I find it laughable to be complaining about something that you don't even actively participate in! Kinda like whining about the President when you didn't even bother to vote. Yeah.... your opinion shouldn't really matter. My prediction is that the judge will say the SCHSL didn't follow protocol and the League will put Union back in AAAAA. Those two regions will re-scramble their 2018-2019 schedules, a few schools will complain, but by Aug, the whistle blows and football starts and that will be the end of it. So such a long post..... I'll step out the pulpit now.
  4. False alarm. It was just a regular Conference Call about budgets, the clinic, etc. My understanding was there was no discussions of the injunction or any scenarios. All that excitement for nothing....
  5. Still no word on what the Executive Board Conference Call was about. JB?
  6. OK.. realistically this Conference Call could have nothing whatsoever to do with the lawsuit. I have a feeling it does, but there's a chance it won't. That being said, there's a lot of ways this thing could go. The League could say, "Screw this, we aren't fighting this" and make an announcement that Union is going back to AAAA. Then Union may sue saying "The Appellate Panel put us in AAA, so you can't over ride your own system." The League could say that they will have 2 plans in place for whichever way the judge goes, which would show some forethought by a group that seems reactionary instead of proactive. Then, again, if it goes against Union, see Union's reaction for one of those scenarios above. The League could..... well, you get it. Let's see what they say and what the plan is. I am still skeptical they will revert the WHOLE state back to the 2016-2018 alignment over this.
  7. dacoach

    Tradition vs Modern Era

    Racincowboy02 For me personally, doesn't sound you are bashing anyone. Everything you said is INDEED how you whip a school and community into shape and start developing a winner. If it's not being done, then its time for new coaches - no need to bash, just fire. The only - obvious - problem I DO have... is exactly how can they go about doing this concept of "getting kids to buy in". Laziness, entitlement and self-fulfilling mentality has consumed our youth as a whole across our nation. Most kids don't work near as hard as they used to. These last two generations of students coming through public school in South Carolina over the last decade or so, has been unlike anything I have EVER witnessed. Give them all a trophy and a certificate, get them all Honors/AP credits, and find them a scholly at the D-I of their choice. Forget the extra reps in the weight room, the criss-crossing of multiple states attending camps, and the 100% balls to the wall effort on the practice field. Just give them what they rightfully deserve.... Or my parents will trash you in the community and on social media......
  8. Lou Bezjak at The State Newspaper thinks this will not have far-reaching effects. According to his article, it would only effect the regions that Union is leaving and the one they have been put into. http://www.thestate.com/sports/high-school/article211787399.html Interesting.... not the opinion I have been hearing all across the state from coaches, but an interesting opinion, none the less.
  9. That would explain it. I would go and watch this thing "back in the day" and there would be titanic match-ups from the Lowcountry. That's what made it one of the best in the entire state. I guess diffusion has hurt them all nowadays.,,,
  10. Ohhh...... wow..... So, um, where's the "key" match-up in this thing. I'm not seeing one here, honestly.
  11. *THUD* That's the sound of the first shoe dropping.... http://www.goupstate.com/news/20180523/school-districts-file-suit-over-union-countys-reclassification
  12. dacoach

    Tradition vs Modern Era

    What - exactly - does size have to do with football dynasties? Yep, Summerville was the biggest school in the land "back in the day", but Lake View beat the holy hell out of a bunch of people for a very long time, and they were one of the smallest schools in the state. I think y all need to move away from the idea of how many students a school has and focus more on the coaches, the community and the involvement of the student-athletes. Wando is the biggest school in the State and scares NO ONE in football... time to look at some other causes and effects.
  13. Ok... Here goes: some very "big named" football coaches have been letting people know that this injection is coming and it seems to be something they are very confident about. If the injunction is upheld by a judge, the HSL is set to release Region schedules for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, then step back and watch the chaos that will erupt. Most coaches (at least the one's worth a crap) have been working on alternate schedules for the past month, for this very reason. We have a couple new schools rolling out in 2018, with no region home from last year's schedule. They will have to be worked in. We have state-line schools signing with schools in other states to play games that will have to pay to break the signed contracts. This type of madness and chaos will only attract the Legistature even more. If the coaches can't handle this through their OWN organization, the State Department will demand that they could do it better, and will move it to take control. I'm pretty sure that no one in the coaching profession really wants that. Strap in, grab your popcorn, the ride is about to start.
  14. dacoach

    Athletics question...

    You say your area is small, so this might not be a solution, but our BC raises a good bit of money by offering the cards that cost $20 that are loaded with discounts to local chain restaurants, stores, movie theaters, etc. Just about everyone I know buys these cards to use when they eat out or shop. Its a one month sale with discounts usually lasting 1 year. Each company that does these kinds of things have different "deals" about splitting the revenue that it generates, but its always a nice check in the end. Also, signage is a good one, but only if you can maximize the use and production of the signs. If $250 gets you a 4'x6' sign, but it costs $75-$100 to make the sign, you are losing out. Back in the day (when I was in high school) the art teacher and some talented students volunteered to paint the signs on sheets of wood or plastic. This was very profitable. Ads in programs, Walk-A-Thons, Lift-A-Thons, spaghetti dinner, etc are all things that I have seen used to generate some funds. The problem today is that everything seems to cost so darned much. In football, helmets are $300, shoes are $125, jerseys are just ridiculous. Not to even mention travel or trying to offer meals to student-athletes. The MOST important thing is to not give up! These kids need you and your community. Keep plugging, and keep looking for other people who will grab an oar and row WITH you! Good luck.