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  1. Anyone have a tri or quad scheduled that Rock Hill could jump in during the month of January? Or even a dual that you would be willing to make into a tri. We have an extra date and I'd like to fill it if at all possible. The only dates we wouldn't be available are Jan 10-11, 14, 16, 17-18, 24-25, and 28. Please email Cain Beard at tbeard@rhmail.org if you can help us out. I would like to stay within about an hour's driving distance from Rock Hill.
  2. Rock Hill needs one more JV team for the Davis Brawl in the Hall Duals on December 7th. Contact Cain Beard at tbeard@rhmail.org if interested.
  3. Rock Hill is looking for one team to join us for a quad meet with Rock Hill, Nation Ford, and Eau Claire on January 14th. Contact Cain Beard at tbeard@rhmail.org
  4. Rock Hill is looking to host a tri or quad meet on either the week of January 6th or January 20th (preferably a tuesday or wednesday would be ideal). If interested please contact Cain Beard at tbeard@rhmail.org We are also looking for two jv events during the week. If anyone is hosting any jv tris or quads at any point in the season we would be willing to travel to you.
  5. Does anyone know of any two day dual tournaments on January 10th and 11th?
  6. Bearcat2007

    Team SC VS Team NC

    Lol, we didn’t lose that night JTW!
  7. Parkwood (NC) has been added to the quad so we are in need of one more team.