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    We aren't lacking talent. Greenwood is filled with athletes. There are some of them at Emerald underachieving. Some of them are still at Greenwood high. Some of them have been taken by that Raptors team that was started. Some of them aren't playing period. We could have other problems, but that's not it. I believe it's other things. Could be lack of confidence for coaching in big games which effects play calling. You've got to be able to take what the defense gives you, not run into the strength of the defense. If a defense is blowing up your run option, doesn't it make sense to pass when there was clearly space and your line giving great pass protection? What the heck are 7 on 7s for? Whatever is going on, as long as he is there I'll support him and continue to try and build his confidence. I don't have any control over his contract or time there. Confidence can make you do things better. I simply just want to see my team reach the highest pinnacle again.
  2. eagle93


    And as I said. It's all on the coaches to fix it. I'm actually there and dealing with it. Our coach doesn't speak in confidence when talking about playing the traditional powerhouses. Hell, we are one! It starts with having the confidence that Greenwood from top to bottom has always had. It starts with the coach. In the past it didn't matter what outsiders said, we were going to prove you wrong. Need that back. I believe he'll get it eventually.
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    Greenwood coaches, alumni, and fans should be unhappy with this statement "not your father's Greenwood team". I know I am. Both defenses were actually pretty good. Our kids played their hearts out on defense and didn't give up much. Our offense wasn't ready, and that's on our coach. He has to start believing he can beat these teams and call plays that give them the best chances. Play calling was too conservative, especially in the second half. It was all stuffed run plays and bad snaps. The line was giving the QB all day to throw it, but run option was chosen. That was clearly the Gaffney defenses strength. Our line is having issues blocking on the run plays. He has to learn to take what the defense is giving him. The receivers were finding space and the line can pass block, but he just gave up on the pass. I believe he will get confident and they will get better on offense. I've spoken with him about it. Shoot for best. He can be a legendary coach. Just has to choose to do so.
  4. Have you forgotten that we are also a piece meal team that lost lots of talent? That's why I was asking you earlier about ranking us 7 for preseason. We've been proving ourselves for as far back as I can remember, so I'm used to that. Sure, we left a couple of tds on the field. It could've been 42-7 just as well as it was 28-14. They scored 7 from a muffed punt. That gave them momentum. They really had one true drive for a score. We blew it twice in the red zone. We may not have a bunch of individual superstars, but I like this team. The attitude is right. The SA qb Jesse Sanders is a baller. I'll be keeping my eyes on him.
  5. How did we go from 7 to not even considered? 🤔
  6. eagle93

    jb, this sucks again

    Lol. It definitely is not easy to find. I'm sure some are turning around thinking it's a NC website only. I had to find it, delete the previous bookmark, and bookmark to go straight to forums.
  7. Play calling can be questionable with any team. I've felt the same way in the recent past about our team(Greenwood) at times. We had a D1 receiver whom I felt didn't get the ball enough. We ran too much I felt. Do you agree that Westside is a 5 though? If anything Hanna should be there or better. They're loaded and have a coach known to win titles.
  8. They could be 4-0 unless Greenwood plays better than I think. We play them our second game at home. I remain cautious and hope we are better than I think. I honestly haven't had a chance to see my team since the spring game wasn't played.
  9. Neither does Westside. They're ranked top 5 yearly and then underperform. Who underperformed last season more based on your preseason last season, Westside or Gaffney? Wasn't Westside 6-5? It just a fun debate, but it's clear that you like those guys yearly brother.
  10. Seems like a fair poll to start the season with.
  11. This is debatable to me. I think Westside has underachieved the last couple of seasons based on your preseason rankings. Gaffney on the other hand played in the semis last year, and could've very well won it if it weren't for a questionable ref call that took away a TD at the end of the contest. I don't know.
  12. Okay. Should be an interesting season.
  13. 2 good games in Greenwood that night. Hanna goes to Emerald who should be pretty good this season in 3A.