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  1. New SC Guy


    You don’t know me. I was just asking why and even stated I don’t know the history.
  2. New SC Guy


    I didn't mean to hack on him, but then I'm right it's just a hobby.
  3. First off the SCMAT website is obviously not a focus point of the people running it, more of a hobby than a business I'm guessing. Why is every teams schedule not posted with details on the tournaments about who going, times, etc.? On the results page, why are the scores not posted with match details within 48 hours? People talk about SC not being a wrestling state, but parents, relatives and wrestling fans in general have no access to what happening around the state. Then you have this site, which is not a wrestling site, why does SCMAT not have a forum dedicated to wrestling only? Go to https://theguillotine.com/ this is Minnesota's main site for everything wrestling. It has everything wrestling fans would want to know, Event calendars (youth, HS and state colleges), records, results, forum, etc., all being updated daily/weekly. They even had a guy who created a site called www.tstuff.com, which has all the individual and team information, some of it dating back to the 70's. I'm somewhat new, so I don't understand the background over the years in SC. Why can't SCMAT be this informative though?
  4. New SC Guy

    Pre season rankings

    Agree, they are all in the top 10 in 5A and would have probably all been in the top 6 in 4A. It makes for an interesting year in 5A.
  5. So Rick Hill a shoe in for 5A? Eastside for 4A? Anyone going to challenge them?
  6. What are the Freestyle/Greco programs in the state and locations? We are near Columbia.
  7. New SC Guy


    Agree, I love how aggressive they are, solid team. Except, I can't believe how the kids and coaches act on the bench and mat. I grew up on teams that would blank them in a dual and our coaches would not act like them and god forbid if the wrestlers were out of line, ever. It's all on the Head Coach, I didn't see him say or do a thing.
  8. New SC Guy

    weight certification

    So let me get this straight. Bear with me, every state probably handles this differently. If a wrestler was certified at 126 lbs., he can weigh in at 126 or 132 all year? He can weigh in at 132 and bump up to 138, but can't weigh in over 132. If he weighs in over 132 for a specific meet/tournament, which would make him a 138 lber for that event with the potential of wrestling 145, then his new certified weight becomes 132? Is this correct?
  9. Chapin had a nice team balance today. A few surprises, but that sometimes is good and bad. It will be interesting seeing what weights everyone settles into at the end of the year.
  10. What are the teams to beat after 3 weeks into the season?
  11. New SC Guy

    Official Improvements

    Devils advocate.....when you have wealthier schools always willing to pay the most they will always get the better referees. It's nice in theory, but I think you open up a can of worms.
  12. New SC Guy

    Official Improvements

    Coaches have to be fair and honest with their reviews. Every dual meet will have some good and bad calls, so judging is on the entire meet, not one match. Then have a comments section, so the head officials can understand what may have gone wrong or where the official needs clarification. I think the referees should also critic their own performance, so they can review both coaches and referee and get a true feel on how a dual went. The idea though is this is done every time, so a referee has an average score. We all know one dual is not a fair assessment of an individuals ability, everyone has a bad day.
  13. New SC Guy

    Official Improvements

    We moved from Minnesota and they have coaches do official ratings of the referee(s) after dual meets and tournaments. These ratings are what earn the referees the honor of being at the state tournament. Basically you end up with the referees that are considered on average the best by the coaches. Of course MN State is at the Xcel Arena (where the Wild play), not in a small venue where it looks more like the state youth tournament. This is my first year, so I'm going to have a open mind.