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  1. Coach - have you been getting high school kids in the 145-155 lb range?
  2. Not considered a TF until the points are actually scored. At that point he still had him in a pinning position, but he was also pinning himself. The fall was called prior to the 3 pt. NF being given. As long as the positions don't change it's the right call, if he would have twisted around for a reversal and had Starks on his back, then they would have stopped the match because the 3 NF gets recorded first before the reversal.
  3. Agree, he should of had a 2nd stall called regardless, but about 20-30 seconds earlier when Kilcrease was on his feet for about 10 seconds before going out of bounds. It was more about when the ref called it, but either way he deserved a 2nd stall for a penalty point.
  4. Agree, a few dodge the 1 super stud, but now have 3 other studs to contend with. Sometimes it's better to have that 1 match of a lifetime, then have to wrestle at a super high level over and over.