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  1. I think you could argue coaching changes. For Irmo Coach Maas left around 2002. Coach LaPrad left DF after the 2003 season. And Coach Wi;son left Spring Valley after 2003.
  2. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    NCAA Tournament

    Another year of eligibility will still screw it up for a number of kids and teams. Should have given the competitors the option of wrestling behind closed doors in a smaller venue.
  3. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Eastside in the News

    I was shocked that Eastside actually showed at Dreher to wrestle in the finals, but later learned that the coaching staff was not aware beforehand that a hospitality room would not be provided.
  4. Don't know how this comment ended here - redacted. In addition to O'Burg Prep, Silver Bluff High is also looking for a head coach. Would have to build from the ground up, possibly foregoing varsity for a few years to build up from the middle schools. Program has two new mats, singlets, and head gear. A number of athletes in this area.
  5. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Weekly Update

    Some of the top 5A and 4A programs at the Military Duals were beaten by a 3A team.
  6. Senator Palpatine-Bell strikes again....
  7. Ummmmmm, did you all clear this with SCGrapple?
  8. I'm not so sure that Tommy Bell isn't Senator Palpatine. He has made a career of doing what is best for Hillcrest as opposed to what is best for the South Carolina wrestling community. I have long suspected he has wielded behind-the-scenes control of the SCHSL. This SCGrapple thing might just be another of his sick, twisted plots...
  9. The president or some other insidious force bent on the destruction of wrestling as a force for good instead wanting to twist the sport to serve their own self-centered reasons. If not the president, then I suspect another force of pure evil... like Tommy Bell or the SCHSL.
  10. I demand an official inquiry into this. SC high school wrestling rankings are too important; nay, they are the end-all-be-all of the high school season. Who appointed novices without a state-wide network to fulfill such an important post? Was it that lunatic tweet-troller-in-chief, or another insidious plan by the SCHSL to again chip-away at our sport in favor of it's demise so that South Carolina can become a football-only state? The good wrestling people of South Carolina deserve and demand answers!!!!
  11. Who are these gentlemen, and more importantly what type of wrestling credentials do they possess putting them into a position of astounding power and influence like compiling individual South Carolina high school wrestling rankings? What method(s) are they employing to gain the significant and relative data required?
  12. Who is the SCGrappler? It isn't that Darth Vomitus clown is it?
  13. I'm not planning on showing up for practice on Mondays and Fridays either. How can I hold the kids to a higher standard?
  14. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    South Carolina Wrestling Mt. Rushmore

    Good ones. Burns was unbelievable back in the late 80's. Wish he had been eligible in '88 to match up with Stuckey. Selke should have been a 4xer and was just a natural talent. Very free spirit who always reminded me of the great 1970's wrestler Rick Sanders. The rest on this list were all incredibly fun to watch - especially Borja who was so slick. The one exception, for me, would be Brindel. He was very dominant at a time where the 215 weight class was new, but he never really opened up. Wrestling was his third sport and at times you could tell. Currently serving our country proudly in the Marines.
  15. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    South Carolina Wrestling Mt. Rushmore

    Not throwing shade at R. Bell at all as his accomplishment being a 4x largest classification champion is impressive, but in 1995, 96, and 97 I thought the 3A champs at his weight were better wrestlers. That was Jacob Reynolds of LE and Anderson of Battery Crick. Not sure if he wrestled either of them. I will say this about Bell, his comeback in the finals his senior season against Hankins of Irmo is one of the most impressive things I have seen. I think he may also have had the flu during that tournament. Clay Walker could easily be in the discussion if we are only talking high school accomplishments as could be Jordan Wigger. As for Jackson, amazing what he did in college, but Robertson of Df was a 2x champ and the state's first NCAA champ.