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  1. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    SC Super 32 Entry List

    This is possibly the most important folkstyle tournament, along with Iron Man. Winning this tournament got Tim Dudley from Irmo a great deal of national attention. Good luck to the SC entrants.
  2. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    ACC Getting Television Channel

    I'm not holding my breath. A club team is not going to drive the decision to re-instate wrestling. It will take a lot of money - pay coaches and budget for travel not to mention needing a facility. Will take a large endowment from a well-healed donor. The only other way I see it happening is if the ACC gets behind women's wrestling and Clemson wants to jump on the bandwagon.
  3. During the Clemson game yesterday the ESPN announcers stated that starting next August ESPN will partner with the ACC to give the conference it's own TV channel. If done like BTN and PAC-12 it should showcase the smaller sports. Can't wait to see some ACC wrestling matches next winter and watch my Clemson Tigers on the mat.... oh, wait.
  4. What is this Core Member Rank stuff? I am apparently ranked 14 while Maholtz is ranked 13. In no CREDIBLE universe would I ever be ranked below Maholtz! Someone please explain this to me... and why you are at it, please explain why this message board keeps changing addresses.
  5. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Southern Slam teams set

    Sign my team up! Going to the fast food resturants, bowling alley, and arcade in my area to cobble together a team - never been more excited!
  6. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Southern Slam teams set

    Please allow coaches to poke Maholtz - the giggle would be priceless.
  7. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Southern Slam teams set

    Any intel on some of the out of state teams? I know Collins Hill and Archer are usually tough, same this year?
  8. Very good points. I still prefer fall as I think there will be more girls available than in spring. Yes, there are some volleyball players who may want to wrestle, but in spring people want to be outside in the sun and softball and soccer have big squads. Also, you may lose out on cross country runners in fall but there are plenty of track athletes that don't run CC - especially the shot putters you need to fill out upper weights. It also will depend on the style wrestled by girls. I am adamantly opposed to the suggestion that the US align HS and college wrestling with freestyle rules rather than folkstyle, but I do not feel that way about the girls. I am not certain of this, but I believe many of the college programs that are adding women's wrestling are doing so with freestyle rules, If that is the case, then I believe girls HS wrestling should also adopt freestyle rules. And if that happens, I think the fall would be a better season. They are coming of the competitive freestyle season with a month's break after Fargo. If they were to wrestle in the spring their schedule may conflict with the Saturday USA Wrestling tournaments. This may also affect boys going to Saturday tournaments as well. In addition to all the other reasons I believe the girls should have a separate season from the boys, Suntzu195 brings up a very good point: supplements. If the girls and guys wrestle in the same season with the same coach, some schools may use this as an excuse to not increase the coaching supplement. Can't do that in a separate season. By having the girls wrestle in the fall, all those wrestling coaches who feel that they have to sell their soul and muddy their integrity by coaching football for financial reasons would now have an incentive to just stick to what they love doing.
  9. I think it would be better to have a girl's season happen in the fall. The boys coach, if he does not waste time with football, could coach the girls. The girls could train primarily with other girls and this would also free up space in wrestling rooms or areas as we know that most schools struggle to find adequate facilities for wrestling practices. That said, initially starting up this may not be possible if the numbers aren't there.
  10. Total prize money is $100,00... could keep Dave Maholtz in burritos for years. http://www.kcrg.com/content/news/American-Wrestling-League-coming-to-Cedar-Rapids-488511301.html
  11. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Junior Nationals

    MasonWay, please post results if you would.
  12. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Junior Nationals

  13. Do we have any SC kids making the trip to Fargo?
  14. States are adding stand-alone girls teams. There has been an uptick in girls participation - White Knoll is listed as a "co-ed wrestling team" and even Lexington had a girl in the starting line-up. In my opinion it is not fair to have the sexes compete against each other due to physiological reasons, but I am all for the girls having their own season - maybe in the fall. Anyone? https://www.hawkcentral.com/story/sports/college/iowa/wrestling/2018/07/09/iowa-wrestling-program-hosts-first-ever-all-girls-camp-hopes-furthering-girls-wrestling-conversation/768929002/
  15. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Battles in the Burg

    Saw Coach Nelson show some great half and overtie stuff last month. Great clinician.