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  1. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    5A State Qualifiers

    There are several states that crown a champ for both, and you often see a different team winning each. It has been suggested in the past that this should be done here, but the SCHSL does not want to. Maybe it is the same reason we cannot rent out the Carolina Coliseum - money. An extra two trophies and medals might break their bank. SButler, get off the NCAA kick. When comparing NCAA DI to SC high school wrestling it is apples to bananas.The NCAA is steeped in their tradition as are it's coaches and fans. They do not want to change with the times. There has been a push in recent years for a National Dual format, but they hold it towards the middle of their season and some coaches (cough cough Penn State cough cough) do not want to risk it while the NCAA still gives out trophies at individuals in March. The athletes in those programs are all high-level, accomplished wrestlers. You do not find that often in the high school ranks of SC. Most teams have to field one if not more "green" wrestlers. Duals gives these kids a chance to participate and impact their teams success in important matches with championship implications. They don't get to be a part of that when they do not qualify for individual state. Take River Bluff for example: this year they made it to the finals. While they did not win, their kids were bonded together for a common goal and got to experience a final and a successful playoff run. How many did they qualify for Anderson, 4? That means 10 starters from that team are sitting at home this weekend. How is that a team event?
  2. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    5A State Qualifiers

    Keep going back as Duals have been around since the 1990's. I can say DF won individuals by wide margin in 1999 but lost in the Dual finals. That DF team has NEVER celebrated over winning individuals. I have to disagree with SButler. The Duals are the best indicator of a TEAM champion. Every member of the 14 person team is wrestling, unlike individuals. Coaches use strategy and "bump" kids for the best match-ups, like Rock Thrill last year. Coaches are more apt to ask kids to risk it all by working for bonus points and/or pin in duals rather than individuals when the kids personal goals are on the line. Case-in-point 2007. While Hillcrest was widely celebrating an unofficial "team" championship and talking about buying rings (they probably never imagined they'd have success a few years later) the FD coach was heard to say, "If I had known we were wrestling for a team title I would have told my kids to bonus instead of just going out there to win." In duals the TEAM works together for a common goal. In individuals it is about the kids obtaining their goal. Factor in the unfair advantage of some teams having an easier road to individual qualification and having numbers at state and it is a no-brainer.
  3. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    AAAA Upper State

    Wow, Killjoy Wizzer obviously woke up on the wrong side of the mat. The reasons this site always reverts back to Maholtz and Koz gags is: 1) they are deserving of ridicule. One always attacks those at the top of the heap. If others won as much as them, we would be ridiculing someone else... besides, have you seen those two guys??? 2) because there is very little discussion on this board. It is practically dead, and often the discussions items are shallow and played-out after a few posts. The only way to keep a thread alive is to discuss the Eastside coaches proclivity to eat large quantities of food - mainly hotdogs. 3) because it is entertaining (see point 1). My suggestion is for you, Wizzer, to come up with a discussion topic worthy of a back-n-forth rather than posts about how other teams behave badly.
  4. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Just a thought about 1A/2A and SCISA

    Because SCISA is its own league and not affiliated with the SCHSL. Think of it like the NFL and this new professional throwball league that is debuting. It would be better for 1A-2A and SCISA wrestling if the two were combined, but it will never happen. Not-to-mention the SCISA ranks would thin out even more since middle-schoolers would not be allowed to wrestle varsity.
  5. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    State Finals!

    Well suntzu189, nothing better about wrestling them earlier. Both teams were about evenly matched. DF had big point-getters at 4 weights, and so did the Ville. Both had holes in the line-up, but it was the first year in awhile that da ville had so many glaring holes. With two (?) matches left the 'ville was looking to come from behind with the #1 ranked kid in the state. IMO he wasn't thank great, just long, athletic, and spastic. He would come out so hard and fast that he would either get a pin or a big enough lead he could hold onto. DF had a senior who had been sitting behind Careefer Madness Robinson for two years and had missed most of the season from a throwball injury, but he was pretty darn good, and I felt that if he could manage the first period he would win. The match starts and the DF kid hits a beautiful drive double. As Summerville is in the air going to his butt, he stuck a long arm out to catch himself. His elbow dislocated, and Summerville was forced to injury default. That put them too far behind to mathematically win, and the last weight was forfeited.
  6. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    State Finals!

    Hate that I missed these matches. I did not follow SC wrestling closely this season, but from what I have been told and the results I have seen it looks like several state finals happened Wednesday night. Cross-bracketing would be great for our sport, just like if the SCHSL would have not added 5A to wrestling or would allow for one individual state tournament, but it won't happen. Cross-bracketing would eliminate Upper and Lower state champions, and we know that the SCHSL like to buy trophies. Suntzu189, in 2003 DF met and defeated 3x defending state champions Summerville in the Lower State finals then went on to beat Spring Valley in the finals. No cross-bracketing, and like this year the closer, more compelling match-up happened before the finals. The only difference was that Upper and Lower state finals immediately preceded the state finals by about 45 minutes. That was a lot better than in 1999 when the state final began 10 minutes after the conclusion of the 2nd semifinal.
  7. CarolinaHawkeyeFan


    During the ""glory years" of Chesterfield wrestling, their kids were routinely getting more matches than most kids from other teams simply by wrestling a schedule much like JTW posted. They loaded up on quad matches. Been going on for some time. The bigger question is not HOW they get that many matches, but if it is healthy to wrestle/weigh-in that many matches.
  8. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    5A Upperstate Brackets

    River Bluff beat Lexington in a close match last night. Not sure which region that is or if it is Upper or Lower, but the region should finish River Bluff, Chapin, Lexington.