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  1. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Slam Weekend

    I am more impressed with Ortega's result than Emery's. A little surprised that Emery won, but not really. Good wrestle that had to "grow" into his body. I don't think Ortega qualified for state last year, even though I thought he would, so winning the Slam is huge going into what I believe is his senior year.
  2. CarolinaHawkeyeFan


    DF? Is that because Maholtz started his Hall of Fame career at Dutch Fork?
  3. CarolinaHawkeyeFan


    Your post-script just ruined any chance you had of inheriting the mantle of Darth Vomitus...
  4. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Slam Weekend

  5. CarolinaHawkeyeFan


    Mark is a former wrestler and long-time wrestling fan who has done a lot for the sport in this state with the creation of SCMAT.com, his documentation of SC wrestling stats in book form and articles (I often reference his tome "The History of the South Carolina Individual State Wrestling Tournament: The First Forty Years 1969-2008"), and his outstanding wrestling photographs that are hung in several Midlands wrestling rooms and at one time appeared in a national wrestling publication. Because SCMAT.com is a free site without advertisement dollars funding it, he of course has to run it as a hobby. He is extremely busy in a demanding career and has two wonderful daughters who were involved in athletics causing him to reduce his focus on wrestling as I think any devoted parent would understand. That he continues the site and adds content every year is tremendous for such a busy person. If coaches and schools would actively send schedules, results, etc. he would gladly ad the information. He also only does rankings a couple times a season as he does not get a lot of result information sent and would not have the time to slog through all of it every week. That we have the site in it's current form should be regarded as a blessing. I'm sure that if there were someone out there who would like to assist him, for free, with expanding the coverage of the website he would be open to the help. Mark only wants what is best for SC wrestling without a personal agenda.
  6. Head Coach Admin Parents Finances Facilities/Resources I don't like putting facilities/resources last and think it is about even with finances. I put HC first because I have personally seen a coach do great things with very little. Having an administration supporting the program can lead to better finances and even facilities; that was the case at White Knoll when getting their wrestling room. And of course if you have parents on your side they can put pressure, albeit not a lot, on the administration and can assist with the raising of money. I think the one thing left off the discussion and possibly bigger than anything else is a feeder program. That kinda goes hand-in-hand with all the other topics, but it is very important in the process. I think we have seen in years past mediocre coaches winning a title or two then dropping back to the middle of the pack because of a great feeder system class that is not replaced by another class. I also think with more programs developing a feeder system, and the rise of stand-alone clubs in certain areas, you have seen more parity in competitiveness. And if a really good coach has a really good feeder system, that program can build a dynasty.
  7. Koz, can you please post the top ten. Could only make out a few...
  8. Someone from Greenville just posted a video on FB of that Maholtz fellow ordering breakfast.
  9. Manross and Tubbs - good pickups. I remember watching the upper state match that ended the season for him - pretty darn nasty. He was pretty darn technical for a bigger guy. And Manross - no shame in losing to FD's coach multiple times. He would have won one if he could have gone a weight class lower and probably one weight higher.
  10. Don't sell yourself short Only_Avg, Maholtz is a rare beast who few can compare to when it comes to hospitality room dominance.
  11. That Ferchette kid was tough, I remember him having some great matches with the DF kids (was it DiMarco he usually wrestled?) in some epic battles between LE and DF when DF first opened and was 3A. But Drake was a rare talent...
  12. Probably depends on the wrestler and the school. Some programs/kids gauge their success by state championships or medals more so than wins. Like you said, some kids are wrestling tons of matches now. I remember years ago when Chesterfield kids would have unbelievable records because every dual event on their schedule was a quad or tri against largely inferior competition. While having a 100 wins is great, it's not as great as a state title or 200 wins IMO; especially when you consider the competition level in SC.
  13. If you are talking about 152-160ish Sanders from Hillcrest that won 4A upperstate in 2011 then no. Don't remember that kid's first name, but if it is the guy I'm thinking about IMO he wasn't that good. He played the edge of the mat and didn't do much offensively. He did, however, have great hips and would throw a headlock hiptoss when he had a chance - that is how he won upperstate in 2011, but destined to win a state title I don't think so.
  14. Good choice. I believe Ben Askren popularized the term "The Assassin" for that particular move. Remember watching Jimmy Meetze use it on David Lassiter in an Orange & White Clemson wrestle-off. It was an extremely popular move, although not called "the Assassin," in the Irmo wrestling room throughout the 1980's when you could still get away with knocking a kid unconscious while going for the pin. I succumbed to it more than once...
  15. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    SC Super 32 Entry List

    Any update on how SC kids are fairing?