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  1. I don't think many people at the SCHSL are concerned about our keyboard party. The interesting part here is where you say their heads are located.
  2. We are really ahead of schedule on the state tournament debate. That means we will have started this up at least three times this calendar year (before 2018 state, after 2018 state, and now). Way to go guys!
  3. If people are missing from the rankings, that is certainly not Mark's fault. He sends out 3 drafts of what they look like asking all coaches that he has contacts for to give feedback. I am guessing most of the coaches that respond are just giving feedback on where their guy is, what weight, and their record. If I have seen other guys, then I try to give my input on if wrestler A should be higher than wrestler B, but at this point in the season the rankings are still filling out. The next set, as guys have wrestled 10-20 more matches and are closer to their real weight after the allowance will carry a lot more... weight.
  4. Admin support is definitely crucial. Ideally a school can have a dedicated space for wrestling, preferably where they can leave their mats down and not have to worry about moving them or having practice relocated at the whim of a faculty meeting or something like that. The best examples of this that I have seen are definitely Lexington, White Knoll, River Bluff (shoutout Lexington 1), and Ft. Mill. If admin cannot find a way to support that, then something as simple as moving mats on a daily basis and knowing you can get pushed out of your room regularly can really wear a staff/team down. A solid head coach is important, but how much of that do you think should emphasize ability to recruit the student body in relation to technique/strategy? How practices are run is ultimately the deciding factor in how most matches end I think. Good parental involvement can certainly help with accountability of the kids, as well as have a positive impact on the finances of the team.
  5. 4A as a whole has been very weak ever since they watered it down by creating 5A. The best teams (Eastside especially) are still good enough to compete with 5A programs. I can't really complain because it has allowed me to push kids through to the state tournament that likely wouldn't have had a chance at that experience if 5A didn't exist.
  6. They are pretty much based on finish at the individual state tournament as far as I am concerned, especially with AAAA. We are lucky enough to have a returning qualifier, so we got ranked. Arguments can be made to move a few teams up/down, but I felt like everything was pretty fair. With football season being extended at least a week for most teams, I am hoping that there are a lot of teams having a somewhat low turnout right now, because we are overrated at 18 if I had to wrestle a match right now haha.
  7. I think with the plethora of matches that so many kids get to wrestle, the luster may have worn off slightly, but it is still a huge accomplishment. Just thinking about how hard it is to get kids out for the sport, the fact that the ones that do are able to stick it out to wrestle enough matches to get to 100 wins is special. Some kids are rare talents that get win 100 matches and only wrestle 110-120 matches, but most kids have to wrestle at least 150 to have a chance to do that, which means they are starting for at least 2 full years and likely a third year. There aren't many sports where you have as many opportunities to compete against an individual from another sport, so having the commitment/courage to get out there makes it mean something. As we all know, you are one bad move away from 100 losses in those 100 wins.
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  9. I would expect the boys' coach to likely also be the girls' coach. I think it would be preferable to have the season no be during traditional wrestling season as well, but if so I would prefer the spring season. With the fall, you are taking away the option of recruiting volleyball and cross country girls, as well as battling gym space with volleyball matches and cheerleading competitions. In the spring, we would possibly be losing soccer/softball athletes, as well as track and field. There really is no perfect time, but the biggest problem with adding another level of wrestling to the traditional wrestling season is that there will be more responsibility and not an increase in the stipend for coaches. It is hard enough for many coaches being responsible for middle school/jv/varsity with maybe 2 stipends. If we add another level on top of that at the same time of the season, one of the four groups will get left behind.
  10. It definitely seems like at some point in the near future we will have standalone girls wrestling teams. I think a good way to start would be to do a modified season. There are a lot of logistical things to consider, and I doubt anyone has all of the answers, especially right now. I think a modified season, 1 month of preseason, 6 week competition season culminating in the girls state tournament held at the Carolina Invitational as it currently runs right now. I think this is necessary because the numbers will not be there to support coinciding with the boys competition season, as well as to support their own tournaments. After the first 1-2 years, hopefully the numbers will have grown and a longer season could be supported, as well as expanded tournament brackets. When this launch happens, there will likely have to be pooling of weights to guarantee as many as matches as possible. It could put a handful of girls at a disadvantage having to wrestle up a weight or two, but physiologically that is likely still more fair than competing against higher level guys in their true weight class. Tournaments will likely have to be one day events on Saturdays, likely in a centrally located area. I do not know the numbers on participation, but I believe we traditionally have about 80 girls competing in their tournament at the Carolina Invitational. If there are more girls competing in the Upstate or the Low Country, then I would think it would be most fair to have them host more of the opportunities just to guarantee the most participation on each weekend. Another idea that was floated at the SCACA Clinic was having some of the bigger/more established tournaments (Southern Slam, Coastal Clash) that draw multiple teams from outside of the state that may be further ahead than us also start the hosting duties so that we can have more numbers drawn in to provide actual matches. There were a good number of these conversations happening yesterday and today, and I feel pretty comfortable saying that a lot of people are looking to get ahead of this and have ideas on how to proceed when the SCHSL is ready to have that conversation.
  11. If Chapin were staying AAAA then it would probably be the more attractive spot on paper. Being able to inherit a 2x state finalist team would be a great position to start from. Chapin was essentially region champion in the last few realignment's in AAA/AAAA just by showing up. Now with them moving up to AAAAA, they will have to battle it out with Lexington, River Bluff, White Knoll, and Dutch Fork to see who qualifies for the playoffs and which one is left waiting on the Lower State Individual Tournament. Ashley Ridge's path to the dual title is only slightly better on paper (Summerville and Fort D being the perennial threats, West Ashley and Stall making up the rest of the region). That Lower State bracket will be very interesting to look at when playoff seeding is determined because the 2 or the 3 seed from Region 5/8 could possibly end up being the Lower State champion after it is all said and done.
  12. I was half right...Gavin James is going to PC but for football.
  13. I could have sworn I saw that Gavin James was going to PC but now I can't find any evidence of that.
  14. Anyone heard of any vacancies that have come open or been filled yet? Looking at SCmat and the SCHSL Bulletin Board, the following are listed as open: Chapin Palmetto Sumter Ashley Ridge St. Joseph's Lakewood Just curious if anyone has heard anything about those, but the Chapin and Ashley Ridge jobs are definitely good positions that can make some noise in the postseason. Are there any others out there that are missing from the list?
  15. If they show up, they can stand to the side of the podium. No one discourages that from happening, I just think many are not interested.