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  1. Hillcrest doesn't even do that cross wrist tilt anymore... I think they realized it's a gimmick move that can't be used to beat tough opponents. Gotta be careful about getting the first takedown tho, they have a nasty switch.
  2. Why are we limiting this to staying in the same weight class? We could be unifying weight classes. 145/152 Maholtz and Augustine. I am sure they have had some amazing scraps in practice, but only the team has gotten to see that. 220/285 Fernicola and Bush would be a fun match-up to watch, as well as 195/220 Hill v Fernicola
  3. They used to cross-bracket back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Spring Valley/Irmo also hosted Quarters, Semis, and Finals in those years.
  4. As of this morning the NC coaches haven't picked their team. I guess they will take care of it this week?
  5. Shout out to the Eagles for hosting Upper State all in one day and feeding the coaches 3 meals the whole way through. Probably blew their hospitality budget wide open, but Maholtz was busy keeping the tournament running so he didn't get in there to do nearly as much damage as he would have hoped.
  6. Should be able to get them in on Saturday. Depending on the classification, they may have to go single elimination until the quarters to make sure the 5 match rule doesn't interfere
  7. 106 Scott Lang 113 Natasha Romanoff 120 Scarlet Witch 126 Carol Danvers 132 Peter Parker 138 Sam Wilson 145 Steven Strange 152 Bucky Barnes 160 T'Challa 170 Clint Barton (great low single, very precise) 182 Tony Stark, (no armor, still great technician) 195 Steve Rogers 220 Thor Odin-son 285 Bruce Banner (scouting report says to not get him angry) Coached by Nick Fury. SC doesn't stand a chance. Also, props to NC for having 3 women on the team. Very progressive.
  8. suntzu189


    The GOAT, Mark Buford and his opus, scmat.com
  9. suntzu189


    Hillcrest 30, Lugoff-Elgin 22 160: Landon Sayegh (H) dec. Cory Edenfield (LE), 6-1 171: Will Connell (LE) maj.dec. Matt Erington (H), 16-6 189: Zac Connell (LE) pin Justin Boozer (H) 215: Theo Shepherd (LE) dec. Preston Pickens (H), 11-6 285: Allen Jenerette (LE) dec. CJ Barksdale (H), 4-3 103: Alex Roberts (H) pin Lake Stephens (LE) 112: Brandon Johnson (H) dc. Chris Jackson (LE), 2-1 119: Dominique Thompson (H) dec. Chris Renfroe (LE), 7-4 125: Tony Murphy (LE) dec. Devin Horgan (H), 4-3 130: Nate Coy (H) dec. Dreshawn Wood (LE), 4-2 135: Johnny Sanchez (H) dec. Alonzo Grant (LE), 7-3 140: Chris Higgins (H) dec. David Osteen (LE), 7-4 145: Parker Singleton (LE) dec. Nick Devita (H), 6-3 152: Ellison Sanders (H) pin Jacob Burr (LE) Like I said.
  10. suntzu189


    I don't know if many expected Hillcrest to get 6 at 113. Hillcrest/Lugoff for an Upper State title has turned into 2 amazing matches. I think the 2011 match was a little more exciting, but only a little. That one came down to the final match where Hillcrest was winning 24-22, ended up getting the tech/pin for a 30-22 victory. Last night the Rams were down 21-9 after 106 and ran the table to win the last 6 weights with 23 points. I am sure there will be some rematches at Upper State that can definitely go the other way for the Demons. They wrestled really well last night. If Hillcrest wrestled more in-state teams instead of ducking quality competition, some of those match-ups probably go the other way.
  11. suntzu189


    Hillcrest grinded out a 32-21 win. Great effort tonight by both teams. Saw that White Knoll beat Summerville 28-27.
  12. suntzu189


    Lot of Demon haters here. What happened to Eastside being everyone's team to pick on?
  13. suntzu189


    Have you seen those LE kids? Ted has them on some kind of Olympic lifting program. When wrestling season ends, they look like they are going to join the Avengers. Hillcrest has some good kids, but LE wins the eye test for sure. It will definitely be worth the price of admission.
  14. suntzu189


    5A upper is going to be a great match-up tonight. Lugoff has 9 guys ranked in the throwback SCmat rankings, Hillcrest has 7. Provided there is no shifting of lineups and both teams wrestle straight up, 120, 126, 132, 170, and 195 will have 2 kids ranked in the Top 5 matching up tonight.
  15. suntzu189

    Eastside in the News

    BREAKING: GOLDEN CORRAL SHUT DOWN, OUT OF FOOD FOR FORESEEABLE FUTURE (this is the headline everyone thought they were going to see)