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  1. Haha! Scales were a little on the lite side. Maybe Koz and Maholtz have screwed up the calibration from their nightly weigh-offs?
  2. I really don’t think Sam Emery winning a state championship in any weight class would upset the state tournament. I can think of a handful of kids from 126-145 that could win a state title and I wouldn’t consider it an upset. Schultz from Goose Creek, Aluyan and Brown from FD, Simpson, Ramirez and Wilkins from Rock Hill, Manningding and Soriano from Stratford, Palmer and Emery from River Bluff, Lawson from Dorman, Rhue from Wando, Jurey from Summerville, Shiffer from Hillcrest and Kilcrease at Lexington. Just a few names off the top of my head that wouldn’t surprise me if they won 126-145. Fort Mill, Woodmont, etc have kids around these weights that can do some damage too.
  3. 5A - Byrnes has everybody returning I believe. Hillcrest will be solid along with Rock Hill. Lowerstate - I believe River Bluff is the best but the lowerstate should be loaded with the additions of Lugoff, Chapin and Cane Bay. Fort D and Ashley Ridge will have their typical contending teams. Summerville has some good returning wrestlers. 4A - Eastside - Everybody else wrestling for 2nd best 3A - West Oak and Indian Land - those two teams shouldn’t have any trouble meeting deep in the playoffs with winner being state champ.
  4. Zain Retherford is coming to Darkhorse Join Darkhorse Wrestling on Saturday, October 13th from 9a – 4p as we welcome camp clinician Zain Retherford, one of the most dominant wrestlers in NCAA history! • 2x Hodge Trophy winner • 3x NCAA National Champion • 4x All-American • 3x Big10 Champion • World Team Member Limited space available! For more information, visit our website at https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdarkhorsewrestlingnc.com%2F&data=02|01||c7c4b06a700649c5e34e08d62e4941d2|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|636747289497528793&sdata=BIz6RggurpY5UZ05j6M1PwHrRDXW2CqscBMihXum1nQ%3D&reserved=0 Darkhorse practices every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. In addition, we also offer "beginner" classes on Wednesdays. We offer monthly and "drop-in" (one-time) pricing options with no contracts. We welcome wrestlers of all ages who want to prepare for the Super 32 and the upcoming season, drill with serious wrestlers, or improve their skills. Darkhorse Wrestling 2941 Interstate Street Charlotte, NC, 28208
  5. After the playoffs this year - Indian Land coach Boulware vs West Oak coach Brewer
  6. The SC sophomores finished 9th overall. Below are the ones I followed. The AA's are listed above so I didn't include them here. Adonis Lawson 5-2; Preston Soriano 4-2; Bailey Wilkins 4-2; Josh Cizmadia 2-2; Riley Augustine 3-2; Tucker Allen 2-2; Ben Maholtz 2-2; Ryan Augustine 2-2.
  7. Jakob Camacho is also signed for this year. Super 32 winner. He will probably be at 125 if he doesn't redshirt. Reenan will be back at 174 or 184 after a red shirt Year. Will be tough to replace Renda and Macchiavello. I do like Tyrie Houghton, incoming recruit at 197, to eventually do big things. I believe Trent Hidlay takes a redshirt year.
  8. Darkhorse has a training session this Saturday from 9-12. Lots of talented kids getting ready for Nationals! $15 for non members.
  9. 125- Tomasello 133- Gross 141- Yianni 149- Retherford 157- Nolf 165- IMAR 174 - Valencia 184 - Myles Martin 197 - Darmstardt HWT - Snyder
  10. http://scmat.com/allstarclassic2018.htm
  11. Only place I know is Darkhorse. Probably too far during the week but Sunday practices are intense with lots of talent. March 17th, Darkhorse is having a camp from 9-12 for kids going to Va Beach. Free for Darkhorse members, $15 for non members. Some Eastside, Hillcrest, etc kids have came up in the past. Right off 85 on the Billy Graham exit.
  12. I know a Wilkins that will be at Darkhorse today haha