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  1. I know Addison is good along with several IL and West Oak kids. The Spires kid in the upper weights is a good wrestler. Chester has the Mills kids that are good. I just don’t know many of the other teams in 3A
  2. Other than Williams at 145, what 3A kids have beat the better 5A kids?
  3. I wish they would go back to announcing all names prior to the finals starting, with the handshake between competitors.
  4. Michael Ramirez at 152 could be a surprise to some. I think he comes out of the bottom side to face Starks. I’ll take Rice at HWT against Shuler. Compton from Byrnes is my choice at 113. I’ll take Love at 120. I’ll take Butler at 160. The 126 weight class is solid from 1-8. I wouldn’t be surprised at any winner in this weight.
  5. My 4A picks.... 106 - Cox (SP) 113 - Heard (York) 120 - Rumfelt (York) 126 - White (Eastside) 132 - Allen (Eastside) 138 - Augustine (Eastside) 145 - Maholtz (Eastside) 152 - Ethington (Eastside) 160 - Augustine (Eastside) 170 - Riley (Travelers Rest) 182 - Ekanem (South Pointe) 195 - Barnes (Eastside) 220 - Wolfe (NMB) HWT - Reece (BHP)
  6. I think Region 2 has 22 qualifiers: Byrnes 7; Hillcrest 6; Mauldin 3; Dorman and Boiling Springs 2 each; Gaffney and Spartanburg 1 each
  7. The Byrnes kid losing at 113. I haven’t seen him have a close SC match this year. I was surprised that Métts lost at 113 in the lower state too
  8. What? I only help coach ice cream, donut and chicken and waffles contestants!!! Otherwise, I’m just here for wrestling! The Woodmont kids did wrestle well this past weekend. Congrats to those qualifiers.
  9. https://www.onlinechester.com/content/big-changes-could-be-coming-schsl-realignment
  10. JTW


    What’s tougher??? The 12 minute diet or a double OT match??
  11. JTW


    I don’t like Koz cause he never recruited my kid 😂😂
  12. What weight classes in 5A have the potential to produce the most exciting matches? First glance, 126 in the lowerstate has some studs.
  13. JTW


    I’m more of a donut guy! When Maholtz starts putting away a couple dozen at a time, I’ll take credit for that.
  14. JTW


    Easiest way to decide, let’s ask Maholtz! Coach - did you get your hot dog eating skills from practicing at home or competition eating, in the hospitality room??
  15. JTW


    I love watching good, hard practices. However, most teams are wrestling one night a week and Friday/Saturday. Teams like RH chose to get as many matches as possible for their weigh-ins/dates. Not saying it’s right to wrestle 80 matches because I don’t know the right answer. Just don’t want to hear a team that’s getting 40 matches but weighing in the same number of times as a team getting 80 argue that making weight for all those matches is the issue. I’d like to see how many weigh-ins kids that are wrestling 50 matches have compared to teams wrestling 80. Example - we wrestle Red Devil Duals. Nine matches over two weigh-ins. Loses Friday practice. Kid wrestling a 16 man individual bracket that starts on Friday night, gets 4 matches (if he wins)over two weigh-ins. Loses Friday practice time. Which is making the kid better?