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  1. tony_forte

    Nation Ford 20/21 Openings

    We have Westwood coming to us on January 5 and Buford coming to us on January 19. We are looking for teams to make those dates tri's or quad's. Also, we have a hole in our schedule the second week of December. We can host during that week on 12/9, and will travel if we have to. Contact Tony Forte at fortea@fortmillschools.org if interested.
  2. Nation Ford HS is looking to host a tri or quad- as of now we have openings on December 1 and December 8. Contact Tony Forte at fortea@fortmillschools.org if interested.
  3. I would love to have coaches be required to report match results on trackwrestling and am not sure why the SCHSL doesn't require it. With Upper and Lower State seeding depending on records, it would be nice to have some transparency. I liked that when coaching in NC, and when I was in NJ over a decade ago there was a formal system of reporting matches. Besides the transparency/fairness aspect, it also creates fan engagement and excitement when you can see how well certain teams and individuals are doing, and also look forward to potential matchups during upcoming dual meets and tournaments.
  4. tony_forte

    No Ind. Ranking on SCmat?

    I believe in an email that coaches received it said that scgrappler is going to do the individual rankings this year.
  5. Nation Ford is looking for a match on Dec 11. Will travel if needed. Contact fortea@fortmillschools.org if you have any openings.
  6. We had one team drop out and one not confirming for a December 11th quad at Nation Ford HS. Right now it is us and Dutch Fork. Email me at fortea@fortmillschools.org if interested.
  7. I'm selling a blue three section Resilite mat for $1,500. Each section has three practice circles on it- no competition circle on the other side. Mat is located in Fort Mill at Nation Ford High School. Email me at fortea@fortmillschools.org if interested.
  8. I am the new Head Coach at Nation Ford High School. I'm in the process of confirming the dates that are on the schedule I was given. If you are on our HS or MS schedule, you can email me at fortea@fortmillschools.org to confirm. I did send out emails, but I am not sure if all of those contatcts on the directory I have are up to date.
  9. Myers Park High School in Charlotte is looking for one or two teams to join us and Kings Mountain for a tri or quad at Myers Park on January 29th. Please email Head Coach Tony Forte at anthony1.forte@cms.k12.nc.us if interested.
  10. I received this form a friend: The Appalachian State Summer Wrestling Camps will host its first ever Girls Wrestling Camp this summer from June 27th-30th. USA standout wrestlers Becka Leathers and Haley Augello will be the head clinicians. Registration will open later this week at: conferences-camps.appstate.edu/youth-camps
  11. tony_forte

    5A State Qualifiers

    NC recognizes both. We have our dual payoffs first, and then our region tournament the next week, followed by our state tournament the following one.