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  1. Sbutler


    Stephenson looked good all tournament and had a good showing in the Finals. I think he is SC’s P4P Best Wrestler right now and look forward to seeing where he winds up at in college.
  2. Sbutler

    Team SC VS Team NC

    I don’t see population as playing a significant factor. I think the population thing gets used S crutch too often. The Biggest/ #1 reason GA & FL are so far ahead is Arturo Holmes/TWC , Fretwell, Roper Yates/Compound , Dustin Kawa/TWA , Gerald Carr/Storm etc. The amount of independent, dedicated training facilities, with high quality coaches whose systems are proven to develop wrestlers at a high level in states like GA, FL, and recently NC are the difference. Kids who want to get better and compete at a high level have opportunities to get that regardless of what HS program they are affiliated with and where they live. Yes there are other contributing factors and they shouldn’t be diminished, but access to high level training opportunities, is the most important piece.
  3. 1st-3rd Each Weight 125- Rivera, Picc, Lee 133- Micic, Fix, Suriano ( If Micic Wrestles) 141- Yianni, Lee, McKenna 149- Jordan, Ashnault, Kolodzick 157- Nolf, Berger, Pantaleo 165- Joseph, Wick, Lewis 174- Hall, Lewis, Valencia 184-Martin, Ness, Parker 197- Nickal, Weigel, Moore HW- Cassar , White, Stevenson
  4. NCAA Wrestling qualifiers by state ***************** Pennsylvania (53) - Ohio (24) - New Jersey (23) - Illinois (22) - Michigan (19) - California (18) - New York (18) - Missouri (14) - Colorado (12) - Georgia (12) - Iowa (12) - Minnesota (11) - Oklahoma (11) - Indiana (10) - Florida (8) - Oregon (6) - Texas (5) - Maryland (4) - Massachusetts (4) - Utah (4) - Virginia (4) - Washington (4) - Wisconsin (4) - North Carolina (3) - Arizona (2) - Delaware (2) - Kentucky (2) - Nebraska (2) - Rhode Island (2) - West Virginia (2) Wyoming (2) - Alabama (1) - Alaska (1) - Hawaii (1) - Idaho (1) - Kansas (1) - Montana (1) - New Mexico (1) - North Dakota (1) - South Dakota (1) - Tennessee (1) - Canada (1) -
  5. Sbutler

    Team SC VS Team NC

    I know the format is only Seniors, I was just trying to project, even if we sent our best kids regardless of grades etc, whether that would have changed much, since I’ve seen some talk on us not bringing our best kids for that match. I think there are factors and some matches that could be closer then the results, but I think overall it is what it is right now. I don’t think we are as close to our neighbors as we could be.
  6. Sbutler

    Team SC VS Team NC

    SC & NC can have a Who’s #1 Type Dual. As others have said, best kids at each weight regardless of grade. Our best kids at each weight and that match is closer. Problem is though, I still think NC wins that Dual with a comfortable margin. We got a Pin at 170, so Stephenson wouldn’t improve upon team points there. While Jurey wasn’t the State Champion at 126, he wrestled a 1 pt match with Soriano. I think possibly we could have picked up points at 106, 138, and a few more spots, but again even with our best kids, I don’t think it is a close Dual right now, maybe, realistically a 41-24 type match. And if we lined up with FL or GA those results would be even worse. I don’t think it’s a reach to say the gap is still wide between us and our neighboring states. I think with GA & FL it has been that way for a while, but it seems like NC has really progressed over the last 3-4 years to create that type of separation with us. Just shows there is work to be done on multiple levels to create an environment/culture that helps SC become more relevant/competitive. We need to take a long, hard look at what these states are doing/have done to elevate their quality of wrestling and learn from it.
  7. Ha. I’m not taking the Bait! Allot of good, exciting matches, some upsets, near upsets, and unfortunately some matches that could have been better had the officiating not try to take center stage.
  8. Sbutler

    5A State Qualifiers

    GA recognizes both. If I had to speculate, I’d gather that more states either recognize both or only individuals vs states that only recognize duals. And im fully aware of the team point penalty with a stalling DQ, but I witnessed it multiple times in the playoff, along with a significant amount of penalty points. And that was just in a couple of the matches. The 5A finals would be a good example. At any length, I think I’ve said about all I can on the subject. For the sake of not perpetuating endless debate , I will move on from the subject.
  9. Sbutler

    5A State Qualifiers

    Die hard or Casual fans like exciting, quality wrestling at any level. The Dual format rarely provides that consistently on multiple levels. #1 Again, there are more slow , painful to watch matches then there are quality intense matches. There is a significant amount of stall calls and multiple stall DQ’s . #2 Go check and tell me how many Duals were close that didn’t involve the winning team forfeiting the last 2-3 matches. I’m sure the data is there, how many Stall DQ’s does the State Tournament have vs Duals. How many stall penalty points awarded at the State Tournament vs the Duals. I’m pretty positive I know that the results will be pretty one sided, but would have no problem acknowledging if the data proved me wrong. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and if you prefer dusls that’s great, but just continuing to say 14 kids wrestling is a better indicator of a team in wrestling , without providing anything substantial other then your opinion to validate it , makes it a mute point. Id say, let’s look at Ohio, PA, New York, NJ high schools. Do they recognize the traditional team champion? If they do, then they have it all wrong?
  10. 3A has West Oak and Indian Land and they are both consistently good programs regardless of classification. Just on the wrestling front, realignment really took a toll on 4A this year when Cane Bay, Chapin, and those guys moved up to 5A. We aren’t the only state with too many classes, as GA has really killed their State Tournament having 7 Classifications. There are some coaches who would love to see at least 3, 4, and 5A combined for individuals, maybe we will see that one day.
  11. My comment was just a lighthearted jab at the over classification we have, I thought that was obvious . I was being very honest though that I haven’t seen much of the 3A kids, so I couldn’t offer much there. I do know Asa Addison and Tyler Byars and they are both very good. I know 3A has some very good kids and programs, but as I said, I’m just not educated enough to make a prediction. Plenty of talented kids in SC. If we were ever blessed enough to see a single Individual State Tournament like California has, it would be can’t miss stuff with deep brackets and exciting matches up and down every bracket. One day maybe
  12. 126 is loaded. There are 4 Good kids from Lower State, and haven’t really seen much of Wiliiams this year, so don’t know if he can beat any of the 4 from Lower State. 160- The winner of the Semi Final between Butler & Wall will be the winner. I’m expecting Wall to take it up a notch this weekend. I think Metts is a bad match up for Compton. So if Metts gets by Westfield, I like his chances to get too finals. The Freshman Vargo is going to be tough to beat.
  13. Does 3A have a State Tournament?? Just kidding. I can give my 4A Predictions, but honestly I haven’t seen, educated enough on 3A to weigh in on that. 4A 106- Cox vs Levy 113- Heard FD Leonard 120- Rumfelt vs Pearce 126- White vs Oquinn 132- Allen vs Durrance 138- Augustine vs Belk 145- Maholtz vs Gore 152- Ethington vs Dagin 160- Augustine vs Ryans 170- Riley vs Flores 182- Ekanem vs Matthews 195- Barnes vs Pressey 220- Holmes vs Wolf HW- Reese vs James
  14. Sbutler

    5A State Qualifiers

    Wrestling simply is an Individual Sport First, with a team element Second. To try and diminish in any form, strip away the importance of individual success in this sport is a problem. It all starts there and everything in the sport builds off that. Again, pretty easy and don't see any downside to officially recognizing both.
  15. 106- Hunsberger vs Poppe 113- Ward vs Westfield/Metts 120- Vargo vs Schultz 126- Brown vs Suriano/Jurey 132- Aluyan vs Simpson 138- Wilkins vs Amaker 145- Schock vs Kilcrease 152- Starks vs Sritan 160- Wall vs Fisher 170- Stephenson vs Connelly 182- McKinight vs Haile 195- Jones vs James 220- Smith vs Fernicola HW- Anderson vs Shuler