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  1. My take is I think Mark only posts the rankings for informational purposes only. I think that part of his site is basically collecting data and posting it up on the site. I think he looks at returning State placers/qualifiers, checks their early season results and creates a general list. Since he hosts the site on his own dime and the love of the sport, I give him a pass on the individual ranking misses, understanding that he probably doesn’t have the time to do the research, evaluating needed to drill down on every weight with kids moving weights etc. I appreciate the historical data and the results that get posted. Perhaps a few individuals can volunteer to assist Mark with the Individual rankings...A guy for each class! That said , 132 is obviously the biggest oversight. In my opinion Jordan Aluyan is the best P4P wrestler in SC this year. He is good enough to win it from 132 to 145. No Emery from RB, who had a win over Wilkins at the Slam. Vargo from FD will be in the mix at 120, evident by his sound win over K. Heard at the Slam. Aiden Jurey from Sville will be ranked once he returns to competing. Those were the biggest misses at first glance, but for the most part I think he gets pretty close on most of getting the right guys in the grouping. And lastly with Lugoff, Chapin, and Cane Bay moving up to 5A this year, it certainly makes 5A a completely different animal and in my opinion raises the stakes significantly for the 5A Lower State tournament, which I think might have been a little deeper then 5A Upper State the past few years, but with those additions, it’s clearly the tougher path in 5A. In the process it has gutted 4A. That classification got considerably less competitive...they need to invite West Oak up! Teams like Eastside will continue to wrestle a tough schedule outside of their 4A state competition, and will probably increase that with the state of 4A now.
  2. Out of the GA teams Buford & Woodward will bring the most firepower. Social Circle is a very solid group. Collins Hill still solid, just not the juggernaut they were years ago. Buford: Still has there big 4 of L Ashton, N. Stonecheck, C Daracott, Blaine Bergey , with Cambria in the mix at 113. Woodward- Will have Manella and Masters back , but they will also bring 2 very accomplished Freshman on board in M Kiliic and M. Singleton. Those 4 will be spread out somewhere between 120-138. Collins Hill- DeSilva will be back and one of the funnest wrestlers to watch.They will bring a tough small guy in C Gilbert. Not real familiar with the team, but Science Hill TN usually has a very solid team. There should be some really deep weight classes, with some great early season match ups, tests. Would love to know more about the VA and DE teams.
  3. On paper looks to be the toughest field I’ve seen for this event. Going to test allot of kids early in the season. Look forward to watching it!
  4. I think people get the motive for these moves confused. I don’t think it has much to do at all about chasing a Ring/State Team Title. I believe in most cases it is the schedule opportunities ( Big events, more regional/national travel,l etc), the practice room ( more elite partners to train with), and coaching that motivates any kid in wrestling to transfer to a program in the majority of cases. And my personal feelings on the subject are I’m 100% OK with that under those circumstances. It is very tough for wrestlers to improve without solid coaching and solid partners in the practice room. If your the Very Big fish in a small pond in your practice room....going to be tough to get better. I don’t know the kid or anything about the move, but I have to believe if true, he is seeking to better himself by being in a good practice room, with no shortage of partners, and being able to attend events like Beast of East etc.
  5. For the record I am a fan /think Addison & Starks are both very good. I couldn’t argue with anyone putting Starks in their Top 10. Starks, Lawson, Etc are all kids I think you could make an argument for!
  6. 5A certainly adds a degree of difficulty adding Cane Bay, Chapin , and Lugoff! Im not sure how I feel about the new classifications though as 4A has really thinned out.
  7. Well clearly you are not a fan of my Top 10 Sportsfanatic!! First I was prepared to address your post in detail... Then I saw that you plugged/highlighted NUWAY Summer Nationals as a justification to consider a rising Freshman in my P4P ranking....and I realized anything further from me would probably be pointless. You had me...then you lost me The ever increasing multitude of NUWAY National events has certainly watered down the term “ National Tournament”. Super 32, NHSCA, Fargo, Flo, USA Nationals, probably only real National Events. For youth, Tulsa, Liberty. That said, Hunsberger is very good and if this were/If I were to create a list of Top Incoming Freshman, he along with Vargo would be at the top of my list.
  8. As we look to enter a new season, I thought I would throw my list out there to recognize some of SC’s top kids entering the season. Allot of talent graduated last year shaking some things up a bit.... as always just one mans opinion! 1) Jordan Aluyan- Will be looking to capture his 3rd State Title and I believe he does it without being really pushed. 2) Bailey Wilkins- Looking to capture his 3rd State Title.... Got to admire his training and commitment in off season. Could we see Wilkins vs Aluyan or J Brown this year?? 3) Walker Stephenson- I think he is poised to dominate at his weight the next two years. After battling some pretty tough Upper classman in the big boy weights the last few years, things have cleared out for the rising Junior and I see him as the top wrestler above 140lbs in the state. 4) Joseph Brown- Best is yet to come. Quietly won a State Title last year pretty convincingly and has all the tools to wrestle at next level.. 5) Jordie White- Will look to add his name to a pretty prestigious list this year as a 4X State Champion. I hope he accomplishes it. 6) Kaleem Heard- Was a very impressive freshman. Don’t think he was ever really tested in State. With all small guys love to watch how they develop as they grow. 7) Chase Barnes- Won a State Title at 182 as a sophomore. I see him with W Stephenson as the states top upper weight talent. 😎 R Augustine- Captured State Title as a Sophomore and I believe he collects 2 more on his way out. One of a couple young Eastide studs. 9) Austin Ross- Would love to see Indian Land wrestle at one of the big in state tournaments like Slam or Clash, see how their top guys match up with 4A,5A Schools. 10) J Fernicola/C Fleming- Talented young big guys!
  9. Has anyone seen how the Coastal Clash is shaping up this year. That and the Slam tend to be the 2 deepest events in SC, and we’ve seen the Slam team list, just interested in seeing how the Clash is shaping up.
  10. So is he the first in state Cody signing? Haven’t seen/heard much about their recruiting/team.
  11. How is the Coastal Clash shaping up this year?
  12. I’m going on the belief that we will see a re energized program and that LOPOUCHANSKI along with a new face might elevate the talent in the room.
  13. Castro to Citadel...... Citadel appears to be focusing on the instate talent this year! This is a great get for them. And if some of the other rumored in state guys fall to Citadel, would be a good way to start attracting fans/support to the program. I think Castro has a high ceiling and wouldn’t be surprside to see him AA at 165/174 before he wraps up his Citadel career.
  14. That is a strong list. Should be some great early season match ups!