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  1. I'm putting together the digital publications; Football in the Midlands and the South Carolina HS Football weekly. It has taken a lot of work to get those out and they are now coming every week. I will begin back putting the content on here but the truth is, the people come but they aren't posting. It baffles me that we can have 500 people on here just "ghosting" and not posting. The digital pubs are averaging 17,000 + downloads a week. So I KNOW people are reading those.
  2. I wonder who is NOT playing again this week. It looks like some areas of the Pee Dee are still flooded.
  3. Jim Baxter

    Hurricane Postponements

    If it is non-region it is an option but the gate is the key; some of these programs rely on that gate money, even if it is a small gate. I would think they would allow postponement but you know the dang Shrine Bowl people aren't going to move their date.
  4. So with all the county's shut down and games already postponed, who is actually playing this week? Upstate? Are you guys playing? This is going to be another year of extended season; I can see it coming. No one is going to want to play on a Monday and I don't blame them.
  5. I believe the peeps are not wanting to "sign in" to post. Seems to be a problem. The eyeballs are here because we can see the traffic on the board in admin but they just aren't posting. Not to mention, a lot of the guys who USED to post a lot are twitter guys now.
  6. Jim Baxter


    I need glasses? You're the one who couldn't see it old man.
  7. Jim Baxter


    Berkeley s IN the poll already; No. 7
  8. http://scvarsity.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/GAMEDAY-BREAKDOWN-WEEK-3.pdf
  9. Jim Baxter


    I've heard the concerns; but I can't say that it is from the coaching nor can I confirm that there are far superior play callers around the program. I know what he's done in his body of work at South Aiken, which was a task, and then North Augusta. Greenwood was in pretty bad shape when he got there. But what we see as fans or analysts is simply the product on the field/film. We don't see what is going on every day with each of the kids in the program; we don't see what is going on in a relational standpoint of administration; we don't see what off-field issues that the staff has to deal with related to the players. There is a lot more that goes into turning a program back around than just X's and O's. It has to do with things related to the culture of the program.
  10. Jim Baxter


    That is a very good defense and LIttlejohn is the best over there in my opinion. He's ne of the top two or three LBs in the state
  11. Jim Baxter


    Your entire reply is what I meant "this is not your father's Greenwood team." Hopefully you'll get it back by the time region play starts.
  12. Jim Baxter


    That statement is not meant to offend but lets face it, it is an accurate statement. This is NOT the Greenwood team of the past that people feared putting on their schedules. Attrition? Moving up to 5A? You don't have a monopoly of the problems those things cause but they do exist. Trust me, I gave Greenwood probably more credit than they deserved in preseason and you know that. As for Gaffney, your kids may have played good defense but if you don't think that Gaffney O-line needs development and work then you're not watching the film I'm watching. Remember, that team was a TD away from playing for State last season. Both teams will get better as the season goes on. But right now, each team looked equally bad in early season.
  13. The Class 3A upstate has a completely different look this year, with the exception that Chapman appears to be the dominating force again coming out of the gates. Solid at skills positions, as usual, this team is explosive on offense scoring 111 points in two outings. They will be challenged big time this week against a good 5A Boiling Springs team. The surprising falls have been Newberry and Fairfield Central. Neither team has put together a win yet and neither looks like themselves. This opens the door in their respective regions for teams like Woodruff, Camden and Chester to take control. Dillon is the strength and I don't see them losing in lower state. Gilbert and Strom Thurmond in Region 5 will be contenders in the lower state, along with Cheraw and Wade Hampton. A sleeper to be a spoiler could be May River. Let's just say it; Chapman and Dillon are the two favorites and everyone else is playing for a participation trophy.
  14. In Class 4A, there is a bit more parity. Obviously the big story was South Pointe losing to Rock Hill. Understand this; South Pointe is still a good football team and a contender. But they are not dominating and their vulnerabilities have been exposed, leveling the playing field. Belton Honea Path is going to be a contender. They can actually throw the ball very well so the addition of a passing threat to an already aggressive run offense, this team could be one of the last standing in the upstate. Greer is exactly who I said they would be in the preseason - a major contender in the upstate 4A. The duo of quarterback Tre Houston and RB Dre Williams is a lot for any defense to contend with, as proven with the domination of a good 5A Spartanburg team this past week. I like Westwood as a team who could be a spoiler for a lot of people. With South Pointe exposed, the Red Hawks could actually be considered a team to watch as a region contender in that tough upstate region. North Augusta and Brookland-Cayce are intriguing teams. Both have to be considered contenders in the lower state and neither is a team that anyone will want to play. Both have big play capabilities and a lot of team speed. Region 6 is loaded. There are five teams in that region that is capable of winning the region crown. North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach continue to get better and have to be considered favorites. Hartsville is a constant in the lower state and has been a nemesis for all others. Jeff Calabrese' team is not as strong as some of his teams in the past few years but they do have the athletes to win it. Marlboro County is improved and has weapons but we will get a better barometer reading with their match up this week with Scottland County. Wilson is dangerous and could be a spoiler for anyone in the region. There are four teams in the upstate that are realistic contenders to get to the title game: BHP, Greer, South Pointe and Westwood. In the lower state, it is much more jumbled but I say that North Myrtle Beach is the favorite, followed by Hartsville and Myrtle Beach. The sleeper here, however, will be Brookland-Cayce. The Bearcats have played in the last two lower state title games in 3A, playing Dillon very tight.