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  1. A friend asked me today if I remembered a player from Albemarle or Asheboro by the surname of Liggett. Do you have any recollection, even though you are younger than myself, or do you know of a resource to find some information?

    1. Chris Hughes

      Chris Hughes

      Not off the top of my head, I would ask btango, he's much more versed with Albemarle football.  As for Asheboro, if it isn't the last 10-years or so, then I probably wouldn't know. 

  2. Another great day for HS Football in North Carolina.

  3. Hi Chris, I put a pic of Hibriten's new helments on the thread you started. Flat Black.

  4. They'll be back. About to unleash a new site and they'll be back. The current team page database couldn't handle the load of all that data.

  5. Chris what happened to the historical records? Murphy only has the last two years listed. In the past their records went back to the 1960's.

  6. IT has always been the front page and forums but I noticed this morning that both seemed much faster. Lag is down to about 5 seconds after page first appears. Not great but certainly much better and more tolerable.


    Thanks for all you do for HS football!

  7. Is it the team pages or the message boards or the front page? If it is the team page I am well aware of it and I'm working on it.

  8. Hi Chris. While I love your site it is excruciatingly slow change pages. I have found that (at least on my pc) that there are scripts running that take 8-12 seconds to finish running after changing to a new page. Is there something on my end that I can do to stop these scripts so that my time on your site is more pleasurable?

  9. We are working on a lot of things including a brand new website to debut very soon.

  10. I hope that you can do a few online shows that year during the summer. There quite a few people here in Johnston county already talking football in anticipation of what should be a GREAT season for our High Schools. Thanks for all you do Chris!

  11. Where is this year's NASCAR Contest? Are y'all not running one this year?

  12. Which state title game you going to? one in Raliegh or Chapel Hill? or you going to Winston-Salem? If you going to Raliegh saturday i hope to see you there!

  13. Also Chris... other people i know have been having the same issues (they use either a desktop or laptop like i do)

  14. Chris, I been having issues getting on scvarsity.com lately (it says the website is either unavaible,etc)... and only way the site comes up is if i go offline to connect get to the site (sometimes like once or twice a week it works fine but most of the time recently it does not work right) could you fix this? and if you need to get up with me about this issue then please let me know.... thanks...

  15. Hey Chris,


    Just wanted to let you know that I'm officially done posting on NCPreps - can't deal with the politics, and drama. You have my full support here. That's really all I have to say about that. Just wish there would be more conversation (other than the WHC) on the 2A board. Thanks for everything you do.