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    Andrew Morrison - Cardinal Newman School, Columbia, SC in-state offers to Presbyterian College, Coker College, and Spartanburg Methodist College
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    Here is the info for the Soda City Wrestling Practices this spring at White Knoll High School. Soda City Wrestling Club Focus: Freestyle/Greco/Folkstyle Purpose: To allow for the committed wrestlers from all over the city of Columbia to come together and train. Dates: March 11th through May 31st. (3 months) When: Monday and Wednesday (nothing during lex 1 school holidays or breaks) Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm Where: White Knoll High School Wrestling Room AGES: 6U and Older Cost: $50 one time non refundable initiation fee which will go to the host site. Then $40/month which includes practice fees, and coach's fees. (March is prorated at $30/month). Please pay cash or check to Soda City Wrestling Club. Monthly dues are due at the beginning of each month. Total Cost for the 3 months of practices and nonrefundable facility fee is $160 if you want to pay in full. Requirement: Must have Wrestling USA Card or will not be allowed to practice. You will be turned away from practice without card. Head Coach: Deral Brown Deral is currently the Assistant Wrestling coach at Newberry College. Brown was a former wrestler at Newberry and joined the staff in August of 2018 from State University of New York College at Cortland where he was an assistant coach for the past two seasons (2016-2018). In two seasons at SUNY Cortland, he coached nine NCAA qualifiers, three NCAA All-Americans, and one NCAA National Champion. He also assisted in leading the Dragons to a seventh-place finish at the NCAA Division III Championships in 2017. Prior to SUNY Cortland, Brown was the head wrestling coach at Fort Dorchester High School during the 2014-15 season. At Fort Dorchester, he was named South Carolina's 4A Wrestling Coach of the Year after leading the team to a second-place finish in the Dual State Championships and a first-place finish at the traditional state championships. Brown was a four-year starter during his career at Newberry. He was a two-time NCAA qualifier and NCAA All-American after a fourth-place finish in the 149-pound bracket at the NCAA Division II Championships in 2013. Brown holds the school record for major decisions and is currently tied with Bryant Blanton for the most wins in program history with 143 overall. Brown, a native from Elgin, S.C., wrestled for Lugoff-Elgin High School in South Carolina where he was a three-time state champion.
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    Dougie Metts -- Limestone
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    Byrnes won the first annual SButler 5A championship trophy. Kidding SButler haha
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    I enjoy reading insults about Moxie.... and Maholtz for that matter. Doesn't matter to me if he responds or not; although, a rebuttal might prove amusing.
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    I know the format is only Seniors, I was just trying to project, even if we sent our best kids regardless of grades etc, whether that would have changed much, since I’ve seen some talk on us not bringing our best kids for that match. I think there are factors and some matches that could be closer then the results, but I think overall it is what it is right now. I don’t think we are as close to our neighbors as we could be.
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    SC & NC can have a Who’s #1 Type Dual. As others have said, best kids at each weight regardless of grade. Our best kids at each weight and that match is closer. Problem is though, I still think NC wins that Dual with a comfortable margin. We got a Pin at 170, so Stephenson wouldn’t improve upon team points there. While Jurey wasn’t the State Champion at 126, he wrestled a 1 pt match with Soriano. I think possibly we could have picked up points at 106, 138, and a few more spots, but again even with our best kids, I don’t think it is a close Dual right now, maybe, realistically a 41-24 type match. And if we lined up with FL or GA those results would be even worse. I don’t think it’s a reach to say the gap is still wide between us and our neighboring states. I think with GA & FL it has been that way for a while, but it seems like NC has really progressed over the last 3-4 years to create that type of separation with us. Just shows there is work to be done on multiple levels to create an environment/culture that helps SC become more relevant/competitive. We need to take a long, hard look at what these states are doing/have done to elevate their quality of wrestling and learn from it.
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    Good luck to former Rock Hill Bearcat Noah Reynolds as he competes in the NAIA National Tournament for Bluefield College. Noah qualified at 165 as a true freshman for the first year program with a record of 30-9. And also good luck to another former RH stud Marvin Galette (South Pointe HS) as he competes at 133 for Campbellsville.
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    Dyllan Gorrin - Cardinal Newman School offer from Presbyterian College
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    I’ve always thought the 2020 class would be good. I don’t know what it takes to be D1 but I believe the names below will wrestle in college too, if they pursue it. Adonis Lawson Ben Maholtz Asa Addison Fleming from Ninety Six Michael Ramirez Sure I left a few names off.
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    Owen Trephan - NC State
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    and a dark gym is slimming! Personally, I love absolutely handsome when I'm in a really dark room. I bet Moxie would look classier in a dark room! and Slaughter sounds tall! We need to make it happen!
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    If they separate the classifications how will you split up the coaching staff to go find/recruit other wrestlers from other schools? - Is that the type of stuff that you're buckling up for?
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    I am sure that a record was set for the most coach’s unsportsmanlike.
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    If you are training for Va Beach nationals or just looking for offseason training, hit up the Darkhorse website. Located in Charlotte, NC right off I-85. They offer monthly or daily payment plans. 16 state champions trained at Darkhorse this past year. 11 from N.C. and 5 from S.C. Great coaching! Great practice partners!
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    Cardinal Newman is a SCISA school they made Evan Moxie into a decent coach (he eventually had to relocate to River Bluff about two seconds before he was going to be let go for his attire) before he was ready to transition to 5A SCHSL level wrestling.
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    Weight class +7 is my understanding.
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    I didn't see any of the matches, so take what I say with that grain of salt. However, if the 152 was up with a score of 13-1, and had earned three more back points (theoretical tech fall) and was "just going for the pin," then unless the rules have been changed, he shouldn't have been able to lose the match except by flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct. If I'm up by 15 points and then pin myself, then I still win. It's actually pretty straightforward in the rule book, and that's something that shouldn't get messed up with so many other educated officials standing by. Personally, I'm a lot more forgiving of mistakes where there's at least some level of judgement concerned, but officials shouldn't be messing up straight rule applications when judgement isn't an issue. Someone should have stepped in and fixed it. *All of this is a moot point if the 5-second count hadn't been reached before the pin, or if the score didn't create a tech fall.
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    Ha. I’m not taking the Bait! Allot of good, exciting matches, some upsets, near upsets, and unfortunately some matches that could have been better had the officiating not try to take center stage.
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    I was trying to be devil's advocate. Please don't throw me out and pretend like I was never there.
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    Probably so Jason but in case it wasn't.. David was definitely the most deserving of MOW ...in 5a and probably all classifications for that matter ...he's a stud...and my kids don't even wrestle 5a ...lol
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    Scroll down to page 3 or so. It is listed as team SC


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    • North Central High was destroyed by a tornado. The whole district is helping them out whenever they can.
    • 5A predictions: finals preview. I tried to give some reasoning on these. Just my opinion folks don't get all butt hurt over it 106: Anderson is the clear favorite here but Baily only has one lost at 106 this year to the #2 ranked 4a NC 106, I hear upset bells a ringing) 1st Braedon Baily over 2nd Carter Anderson (upset alert!) 3rd Raleigh D’Antico over 4th Benjamin Guilman 113: Compton will walk to a state title  1st - Chris Compton over 2nd -  Jacob Simmons 3rd – Eric Lopez over 4th Rico Robinson 120: 1st - Thomas Snipes (Think he’ll beat anyone by at least 4), over 2nd Jacob Vincent 3rd – Nolan Shannon over 4th Nick Ward (Nolan wins a tough decision over ward earlier this year) 126: 1st- Sturgeon, 2nd Isiah Poppe (upsets in semi)  3rd Mateo Vargo, over 4th Darren O’Keefe 132:  1st – Wilkins, over 2nd Jaqion Williams (Williams upsets Huns, too much “man” for Huns)  3rd – Hunsburger over, 4th Dylan O’Keefe 138: 1st – Adonis over 2nd - Preston (like last year Preston will be in maybe the best match of the tournament but doesn’t go his way this time) This one is going to be interesting, there is about 5 guys who all could take 3rd. Austin Collins only 2 loses with one to Preston, Zach Preciado only has 3 losses with one being a 1 point match to Preston, Rhue is going to compete, Garay & Murray both have looked solid and have something to prove. 3rd – Rhue over 4th Preciado 145: 1st- Sam Emery over 2nd Chandler Amaker (Probably going to be one of the best matchups, and guess what?!?! We get to see it twice with lower states) 3rd Johnny Gaurdian (can you say dark horse? Not ranked but beat O’connor is summer play) over Martinez-Sal     152: Another interesting weight, no offense to the defending champ Ramirez, but can you say the luckiest guy ever from last year’s finals, there isn’t a clear favorite here in my opinion. Ramirez could definitely win upright this year though. 1st – Rodgers over 2nd Ramirez (this will be a very close match) 3rd –Daniel Kitts over 4th Jayson Jacoby (you could swap both out for others, this is a very competitive con bracket all the way through) 160: Top two should secure first final appearances for both. 1st – Josh Cizamadia over 2nd – Josh Green (Should be a good one, they have similar wrestling styles) 3rd – Sam Rundell over Crossway 170: Clear top two here, after that it’s a free for all folks. 1st – Chris Handle over Eyan McKnight (expect fireworks) 3rd – Nick Fazzone over 4th Wil Fazier 180: This weigh class has cleared out with some top dogs dropping or bumping up 1st- Walker Stephenson over 2nd – Shawn Hail (some think this will be close I honestly don’t. Stephenson will beat Hail by at least 6, Hail lost to Chris Handle in summer, and Stephenson majored Handle in the state final last year) 3rd – Marlon Morales over 4th Moore 195: Hill wins this one with relative ease 1st – Josh Hill over 2nd Bret Carder 3rd – Kilgore over 4th Payton Fisher 220: This one is a no brainer also like 113 Fernicola walks to another title.  the top 3 I have separation from others. 1st Jake Fernicola over 2nd – Scotty Dean 3rd – Dixon over 4th – Jackson 285: Pretty loaded up, should be a great bracket all the way through! 1st – Wander over 2nd Anderson 3rd – Obeso over 4th Petrick
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      In 16-man brackets, the 5 match rule will only come into affect in the consolation finals.  The case manual addresses 5 match rule, if one wrestler has hit 5 matches and cannot compete, and the opponent has not hit 5 matches and can compete, the wrestler who can not compete forfeits.  If both wrestlers have hit 5 matches, then a coin flip will decide 3rd and 4th.   
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      What's up everyone?  I'm out of North Carolina and I'm in the process of starting a much needed youth wrestling program in my area.  I'm working on the space and I'm fairly confident that aspect is going to come through.  So I'm looking to see if there is anybody out there with any old mats and/or mats not being used who would like them taken off of your hands.  Maybe a school that permanently closed or a school/county/club that unfortunately cut a program.  Just out here fishing.  If anyone can help or knows anyone who can help, we would greatly appreciate it!  Feel free to email me at jaredlw1982@gmail.com
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      Being held at LE- hosted by North Central