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    I was shocked that Eastside actually showed at Dreher to wrestle in the finals, but later learned that the coaching staff was not aware beforehand that a hospitality room would not be provided.
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    Fair enough: I am obviously getting much older than I used to be. I was thinking that we had Parker and Jacob switched for that match. My bad. I do remember clearly Parker winning (and Tommy Bell's awesome quote about his match), and Jacob getting Ellison either on his back or close to it numerous times (which now with my reliability factor may have only been once), then finding a way to almost getting pinned himself before he was just done. I also didn't remember Will Connell getting the major that he obviously did. I do remember being very upset about the referee mishap in his match though (not that I'm bitter). Either way, thanks for digging up the past, I see a lot of names that I haven't thought about in some time. *Note, I'm not saying that the match was close, other than an occasional big move from Jacob, Ellison had the match well in hand. Alas, I'm now longing for the good old days before everything was on the internet, and we could just remember things the way our brain wished to remember them.
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    Actually, I expected this: Crane needed to extract coaching staff stuck in doorway in apparent race to tournament hospitality room. *On a serious note, congrats and good luck. Hope your guys are able to finish strong.
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    BREAKING: GOLDEN CORRAL SHUT DOWN, OUT OF FOOD FOR FORESEEABLE FUTURE (this is the headline everyone thought they were going to see)


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    • Guest Curious
      Who is on the NC team?
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      106 - R D'Antico - Cane Bay 113 - Reco Robinson - Summerville / Kemoni Reeves - South Point 120 - Jacob Vincent - Lugoff Elgin 126 - Brennen Crout - Gilbert 138 - Preston Soriano - Stratford / Adonis Lawson - Dorman 160 - Markeith Drakeford - Indian Land 170 - Christopher Handl - Conway / Nick Fazzone - Byrnes 220 - Cody Fleming - Ninety Six 285 - Chase Barnes - Eastside    
    • Guest YCH
      NC team will be stacked.  Out of the guys above,  SC could win at 152, 182 and 220. 
    • Guest Dubs
      I would think this year would be a little more competitive... Feel free to add where I've left off but SC could look like this   106- 113- 120- A.Addison 126- 132- B.Wilkins 138- M.Williams 145- B.Maholtz 152 -R.Augustine 160- R. Augustine 170-  182- W.Stephenson 195- I.Ekanem 220- J.Fernacola 285- G.Holmes
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      I’m sure that will mostly depend on who they choose to fill the spots.