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    I felt Ward was an under the radar guy at 113. He was a tough out at 113 last year .
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    Dual playoffs are extremely exciting and provide a format most people understand. Example: If we win on Saturday we are in the quarter finals, then semis, then finals. It's awesome because students who have no clue about wrestling can still congratulate your team on advancing to the next round. Even if it's not the same build up other sports get, it still has a build up. Individuals are great for true wrestling fans. I can't wait to watch some of the match ups at state. It doesn't matter which school is represented, I'm looking forward to some quality wrestling. I think individuals does represent an entire team even if only a few qualify. You are only as good as your drill partner, and our best kids are pushed and encouraged daily by the other 50-60 kids in the room. As for which one crowns the real state champions.......I would agree with the people saying both. Obviously I hope we win this weekend. If we don't, I would hope whatever team does celebrates as much as we did. It's not an easy thing to accomplish and it deserves to be celebrated. Winning a state individual tournament is hard. At the end of the day, it's just another opportunity for high school students to show their skills at a culminating event. I would hate to see someone try and cheapen that.
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    I deleted my initial comment, Jason. Call me out but not my son..... whatever. I own it to full capacity.... Unfinished business is about to be taken care of.
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    Gosh this stuff is so funny!!! Any of you all watch the TV show the Office?? “THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” Funny the first 8 times you all did it but it’s to the point no one is laughing. Except you guys. Supposed to be a wrestling page and every comment and thread reverts back to hotdogs and Maholtz and Koz. Give it a rest already. 🙄🙄🙄 Freedom of speech and all that. Allows me to post here. Got it. You certainly can and inevitably will keep them coming. So I guess the rest of us will wade and sift thru to see if anything meaning full gets posted.
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    well as a former heavyweight I never saw a double OT match.... but those 12 minutes were brutal!!!!
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    126 is loaded. There are 4 Good kids from Lower State, and haven’t really seen much of Wiliiams this year, so don’t know if he can beat any of the 4 from Lower State. 160- The winner of the Semi Final between Butler & Wall will be the winner. I’m expecting Wall to take it up a notch this weekend. I think Metts is a bad match up for Compton. So if Metts gets by Westfield, I like his chances to get too finals. The Freshman Vargo is going to be tough to beat.
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    Once an eagle, always an eagle. Some things can't be undone. She would have found a way to hate you at Dutch Fork, but she probably could have stomached (see what I did there?) you just fine if you had stayed at Dorman. Once you went to Eastside there was no chance. For the record, it probably isn't personal towards Koz either. I like both of yall just fine as long as I remember that you both aren't really "from Eastside" and you guys just happen to work there.
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    If I work on a committee with Koz and Maholtz my wife will demand a divorce. She's more anti-Eastside than Eaglehater 001 - 198. That's why I love her so!
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    I truly agree with the fact that our state is not big enough to support 5 classifications of champions. I would still like to see them keep duals format for team, and then a consolidated event for individuals ---- that way the people who argue class size hurts smaller schools for team can keep their classification champ, and the individual crowned is then truly the best kid at that weight class in the state -- place top 6.
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    Ginn winning at LS 126 by pin was a big surprise.
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    because I know everyone wants my opinion, just so they can make a fat joke!!!! I like the team duals because it does show the most complete team. Even if a kid is playing the don't get pinned game - he or she has to be good enough not to get pinned. 14 young people working together shows a better team concept then 4 or 5 studs would. Now I love the fact that the coaches association recognizes a traditional tourney champ, but a team can win a traditional this year, especially in 5A with 4 finalists --- but does that make them the best complete team?? Id argue not. PSU has made bonus points at the NCAA a premium but they also show great pride in their undefeated streak of duals matches. And to only_avg point - yes the team that qualifies 14 is in my opinion better then any team that only produces a single qualifier even if that kid wins the title.
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    Keep going back as Duals have been around since the 1990's. I can say DF won individuals by wide margin in 1999 but lost in the Dual finals. That DF team has NEVER celebrated over winning individuals. I have to disagree with SButler. The Duals are the best indicator of a TEAM champion. Every member of the 14 person team is wrestling, unlike individuals. Coaches use strategy and "bump" kids for the best match-ups, like Rock Thrill last year. Coaches are more apt to ask kids to risk it all by working for bonus points and/or pin in duals rather than individuals when the kids personal goals are on the line. Case-in-point 2007. While Hillcrest was widely celebrating an unofficial "team" championship and talking about buying rings (they probably never imagined they'd have success a few years later) the FD coach was heard to say, "If I had known we were wrestling for a team title I would have told my kids to bonus instead of just going out there to win." In duals the TEAM works together for a common goal. In individuals it is about the kids obtaining their goal. Factor in the unfair advantage of some teams having an easier road to individual qualification and having numbers at state and it is a no-brainer.
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    What? I only help coach ice cream, donut and chicken and waffles contestants!!! Otherwise, I’m just here for wrestling! The Woodmont kids did wrestle well this past weekend. Congrats to those qualifiers.
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    ... Not. Worth. My. Time.
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    I guess the fact that most people didn't want to keep talking about a Woodmont wrestler missing weight last season is the real issue. The most confusing part about all of this is that the Woodmont wrestler in question "lost a state title" because of JL Mann's scales, but no one would have ever known if the Woodmont parent had not gotten on the message board and alerted EVERYONE to the fact that the kid missed weight. Now it is everyone else's fault that all we like to do is joke with each other and have fun. I just want Tbell to bring back the SCVarsity Survivor posts. Those things got me through some long nights when I was in the Navy. Congratulations, you played yourself when you came on here to complain last year.
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    SCISA and 1A-2A combining is maybe one of the best ideas I have seen pop up on this website ever. 1A-2A almost didn't have a dual playoffs because there was almost not enough interest by the coaches in the classification to fill a bracket out this year. I would be interested to see how this would play out if we could merge the 2 divisions. SCISA wrestling has certainly gotten much better over the past 3-5 years. It would at least be worth it to try and populate a tournament for the sake of the kids involved.
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    Looked at the lower state 1A/2A brackets last night. It was very thin in numbers at several weight classes. Last weekend was the SCISA tournament and there were several weight classes with low numbers as well. In several states private schools participate in the public school state tournaments. Why can’t SCISA teams join the 1A/2A division? Maybe not a deep talent poll, but at least there would be more numbers. SCICA wrestlers have been looked at like a joke on multiple occasions. I know because I coach in SCISA and tend to agree sometimes. I have seen an a big improvement in my 5 years coaching in South Carolina in the SCISA league, but it’s still very weak. I feel adding just SCISA wrestling to 1A//2A would benefit teams far more then hurt them. Just curious as to why this has not or cannot happened.
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    I tried having an in-depth discussion with you about something serious, you basically deleted your posts and ran away. Now all that we have left are fat jokes. In fact, now the fat jokes are the only things that you're actually commenting on. If you wanted more serious discussion, then why don't you try to make some comments on the serious discussions on this board?
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    Wow, Killjoy Wizzer obviously woke up on the wrong side of the mat. The reasons this site always reverts back to Maholtz and Koz gags is: 1) they are deserving of ridicule. One always attacks those at the top of the heap. If others won as much as them, we would be ridiculing someone else... besides, have you seen those two guys??? 2) because there is very little discussion on this board. It is practically dead, and often the discussions items are shallow and played-out after a few posts. The only way to keep a thread alive is to discuss the Eastside coaches proclivity to eat large quantities of food - mainly hotdogs. 3) because it is entertaining (see point 1). My suggestion is for you, Wizzer, to come up with a discussion topic worthy of a back-n-forth rather than posts about how other teams behave badly.


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    • I know Addison is good along with several IL and West Oak kids.  The Spires kid in the upper weights is a good wrestler.  Chester has the Mills kids that are good. I just don’t know many of the other teams in 3A 
    • 3A has West Oak and Indian Land and they are both consistently good programs regardless of classification.  Just on the wrestling front, realignment really took a toll on 4A this year when Cane Bay, Chapin,  and those guys moved up to 5A. We aren’t the only state with too many classes, as GA has really killed their State Tournament having 7 Classifications.  There are some coaches who would love to see at least 3, 4, and 5A combined for individuals, maybe we will see that one day. 
    • @sbutler...yes I know you were just joking around as I was also about 3a kids beating 5a kids (but I'm sure a few have) I have 2 that wrestle in 3a and was just wanting to see everyone else opinion as mine is probably basis ...lol 
    • My comment was just a lighthearted jab at the over classification we have, I thought that was obvious . I was being very honest though that I haven’t seen much of the 3A kids, so I couldn’t offer much there. I do know Asa Addison and Tyler Byars  and they are both very good. I know 3A has some very good kids and programs, but as I said, I’m just not educated enough to make a prediction.    Plenty of talented kids in SC. If we were ever blessed enough to see a single Individual State Tournament like California has, it would be can’t miss stuff with deep brackets and exciting matches up and down every bracket. One day maybe
    • Other than Williams at 145,  what 3A kids have beat the better 5A kids?