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    Does anyone know if there are any teams in Canada looking to host the 3x AAAA state champion Eagles? Specifically, 1/29/20, 2/5/20, 2/21-22/20?


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    • This to me would make the most sense out of any idea anyone would ever come up with.    On another note, still not sure why they don't do realignment by sport. This would eliminate byes come playoff time and would also make each class more equitable in terms of playoff participants.   Another indicator of the HSL's apathy is the whole move charter and private schools up a class issue. Roughly a half dozen states already do this and while there is certainly blow back from private schools in these states somehow it gets done.
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      The most equitable and best thing that the SCHSL could do to make realignment better is this: 1. Take all non football playing schools out of the initial realignment breakdown....there are quite a few by the way.. 2. Divide 1-A thru 5-A using whatever percentages the decide on. Whether it is 20% per class or 1A and 5A 12.5% each and 2A thru 4-A 25%.......or any other formula they choose.  3. Plug the teams into Regions by classification. Depending on location there could possibly be some regions that were all non-football but not likely. 4. After Regions are set up by classification, then add back in the non-football schools which would be Region members in the sports that they do participate in. 5. This wild definitely make some 2A schools 1A, some 3A schools 2A, etc. but not many. You wouldn’t have all the byes in 1A and competition would be better in all classifications.
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      Garcia at Carolina Forest is one of the Best QB you will see in HSFB    Doty and MB's game raised by Super Wide Outs  Darius Hough   6'3" 205lbs    J.J. Jones   6'4" 190lbs       Adam Randall   6'3" 198lbs  
    • Does anyone know if there are any teams in Canada looking to host the 3x AAAA state champion Eagles?  Specifically,  1/29/20, 2/5/20, 2/21-22/20?
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