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    • He is going to USC-Sumter to play baseball. He had a preferred walk on at Clemson and SC but I think he wanted to play baseball so we will see what happens. You know, his dad played small school before transferring to Clemson too. 
    • A little surprised no one has mentioned any of the DII champions South Carolina has produced. Our state has had several win a DII championship starting with Careef Robertson I believe. Really wish the NCAA had not ended their policy of letting DII and DIII champs compete at the DI tournament. Would have liked to have seen how Robertson, Blanton, and the kid from Lake City - whose name escapes me at the moment - would have fared.
    • A good choice. As I originally stated, everyone will have personal preferences - mine being Keith Harris. I could definitely see Walker making it, but not over Dudley or Wirnsberger who accomplished things in college that Clay did not. Tell me Guest Rebel Murderer, who would be your other three picks along with Walker? What about coaches?
    • Yes, I thought about him too. Being an Olympian obviously puts you in contention. Who would you drop from the two Rushmore suggestions to make room for him and why?
    • Guest Rebel killer
      Clay Walker -  after Dudley,  the best SC wrestler at national events.