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    Let us know when yall play someone.
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    I think in the end, Greenwood will be in the Top Ten. I believe they are better than some people (even Greenwood folks) think they are. And Pippen will coach them up.
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    I think people get the motive for these moves confused. I don’t think it has much to do at all about chasing a Ring/State Team Title. I believe in most cases it is the schedule opportunities ( Big events, more regional/national travel,l etc), the practice room ( more elite partners to train with), and coaching that motivates any kid in wrestling to transfer to a program in the majority of cases. And my personal feelings on the subject are I’m 100% OK with that under those circumstances. It is very tough for wrestlers to improve without solid coaching and solid partners in the practice room. If your the Very Big fish in a small pond in your practice room....going to be tough to get better. I don’t know the kid or anything about the move, but I have to believe if true, he is seeking to better himself by being in a good practice room, with no shortage of partners, and being able to attend events like Beast of East etc.