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    Moxie is most likely to wear pants with holes in them in the finals. Ted Monroe is most likely to miss coaching one of his kids matches because he was in the middle of a story about something that happened at the state tournament in 1983. The Eastside coaching staff is predicted to break the state record for deepest imprint left in the corner of a wrestling mat. *Honestly, if that group ever wanted to walk on one of my wrestling mats, I'd demand that they put on some old school snowshoes first just to spread out that load.
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    I was shocked that Eastside actually showed at Dreher to wrestle in the finals, but later learned that the coaching staff was not aware beforehand that a hospitality room would not be provided.
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    Fair enough: I am obviously getting much older than I used to be. I was thinking that we had Parker and Jacob switched for that match. My bad. I do remember clearly Parker winning (and Tommy Bell's awesome quote about his match), and Jacob getting Ellison either on his back or close to it numerous times (which now with my reliability factor may have only been once), then finding a way to almost getting pinned himself before he was just done. I also didn't remember Will Connell getting the major that he obviously did. I do remember being very upset about the referee mishap in his match though (not that I'm bitter). Either way, thanks for digging up the past, I see a lot of names that I haven't thought about in some time. *Note, I'm not saying that the match was close, other than an occasional big move from Jacob, Ellison had the match well in hand. Alas, I'm now longing for the good old days before everything was on the internet, and we could just remember things the way our brain wished to remember them.
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    Actually, I expected this: Crane needed to extract coaching staff stuck in doorway in apparent race to tournament hospitality room. *On a serious note, congrats and good luck. Hope your guys are able to finish strong.
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    BREAKING: GOLDEN CORRAL SHUT DOWN, OUT OF FOOD FOR FORESEEABLE FUTURE (this is the headline everyone thought they were going to see)


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    • North Central High was destroyed by a tornado. The whole district is helping them out whenever they can.
    • 5A predictions: finals preview. I tried to give some reasoning on these. Just my opinion folks don't get all butt hurt over it 106: Anderson is the clear favorite here but Baily only has one lost at 106 this year to the #2 ranked 4a NC 106, I hear upset bells a ringing) 1st Braedon Baily over 2nd Carter Anderson (upset alert!) 3rd Raleigh D’Antico over 4th Benjamin Guilman 113: Compton will walk to a state title  1st - Chris Compton over 2nd -  Jacob Simmons 3rd – Eric Lopez over 4th Rico Robinson 120: 1st - Thomas Snipes (Think he’ll beat anyone by at least 4), over 2nd Jacob Vincent 3rd – Nolan Shannon over 4th Nick Ward (Nolan wins a tough decision over ward earlier this year) 126: 1st- Sturgeon, 2nd Isiah Poppe (upsets in semi)  3rd Mateo Vargo, over 4th Darren O’Keefe 132:  1st – Wilkins, over 2nd Jaqion Williams (Williams upsets Huns, too much “man” for Huns)  3rd – Hunsburger over, 4th Dylan O’Keefe 138: 1st – Adonis over 2nd - Preston (like last year Preston will be in maybe the best match of the tournament but doesn’t go his way this time) This one is going to be interesting, there is about 5 guys who all could take 3rd. Austin Collins only 2 loses with one to Preston, Zach Preciado only has 3 losses with one being a 1 point match to Preston, Rhue is going to compete, Garay & Murray both have looked solid and have something to prove. 3rd – Rhue over 4th Preciado 145: 1st- Sam Emery over 2nd Chandler Amaker (Probably going to be one of the best matchups, and guess what?!?! We get to see it twice with lower states) 3rd Johnny Gaurdian (can you say dark horse? Not ranked but beat O’connor is summer play) over Martinez-Sal     152: Another interesting weight, no offense to the defending champ Ramirez, but can you say the luckiest guy ever from last year’s finals, there isn’t a clear favorite here in my opinion. Ramirez could definitely win upright this year though. 1st – Rodgers over 2nd Ramirez (this will be a very close match) 3rd –Daniel Kitts over 4th Jayson Jacoby (you could swap both out for others, this is a very competitive con bracket all the way through) 160: Top two should secure first final appearances for both. 1st – Josh Cizamadia over 2nd – Josh Green (Should be a good one, they have similar wrestling styles) 3rd – Sam Rundell over Crossway 170: Clear top two here, after that it’s a free for all folks. 1st – Chris Handle over Eyan McKnight (expect fireworks) 3rd – Nick Fazzone over 4th Wil Fazier 180: This weigh class has cleared out with some top dogs dropping or bumping up 1st- Walker Stephenson over 2nd – Shawn Hail (some think this will be close I honestly don’t. Stephenson will beat Hail by at least 6, Hail lost to Chris Handle in summer, and Stephenson majored Handle in the state final last year) 3rd – Marlon Morales over 4th Moore 195: Hill wins this one with relative ease 1st – Josh Hill over 2nd Bret Carder 3rd – Kilgore over 4th Payton Fisher 220: This one is a no brainer also like 113 Fernicola walks to another title.  the top 3 I have separation from others. 1st Jake Fernicola over 2nd – Scotty Dean 3rd – Dixon over 4th – Jackson 285: Pretty loaded up, should be a great bracket all the way through! 1st – Wander over 2nd Anderson 3rd – Obeso over 4th Petrick
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      In 16-man brackets, the 5 match rule will only come into affect in the consolation finals.  The case manual addresses 5 match rule, if one wrestler has hit 5 matches and cannot compete, and the opponent has not hit 5 matches and can compete, the wrestler who can not compete forfeits.  If both wrestlers have hit 5 matches, then a coin flip will decide 3rd and 4th.   
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      What's up everyone?  I'm out of North Carolina and I'm in the process of starting a much needed youth wrestling program in my area.  I'm working on the space and I'm fairly confident that aspect is going to come through.  So I'm looking to see if there is anybody out there with any old mats and/or mats not being used who would like them taken off of your hands.  Maybe a school that permanently closed or a school/county/club that unfortunately cut a program.  Just out here fishing.  If anyone can help or knows anyone who can help, we would greatly appreciate it!  Feel free to email me at jaredlw1982@gmail.com
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      Being held at LE- hosted by North Central