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    Byrnes won the first annual SButler 5A championship trophy. Kidding SButler haha
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    I felt Ward was an under the radar guy at 113. He was a tough out at 113 last year .
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    During the ""glory years" of Chesterfield wrestling, their kids were routinely getting more matches than most kids from other teams simply by wrestling a schedule much like JTW posted. They loaded up on quad matches. Been going on for some time. The bigger question is not HOW they get that many matches, but if it is healthy to wrestle/weigh-in that many matches.
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    I thought that there was a chilli cook-off at Eastside and that was the cause of the gas leak?! Maybe a scheduling conflict with a recruiting visit? Do they use gas appliances in their concession stand? You know that those coaches at Eastside have a saying, "If you don't cook, I won't play."
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    If they separate the classifications how will you split up the coaching staff to go find/recruit other wrestlers from other schools? - Is that the type of stuff that you're buckling up for?
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    I am sure that a record was set for the most coach’s unsportsmanlike.
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    Dual playoffs are extremely exciting and provide a format most people understand. Example: If we win on Saturday we are in the quarter finals, then semis, then finals. It's awesome because students who have no clue about wrestling can still congratulate your team on advancing to the next round. Even if it's not the same build up other sports get, it still has a build up. Individuals are great for true wrestling fans. I can't wait to watch some of the match ups at state. It doesn't matter which school is represented, I'm looking forward to some quality wrestling. I think individuals does represent an entire team even if only a few qualify. You are only as good as your drill partner, and our best kids are pushed and encouraged daily by the other 50-60 kids in the room. As for which one crowns the real state champions.......I would agree with the people saying both. Obviously I hope we win this weekend. If we don't, I would hope whatever team does celebrates as much as we did. It's not an easy thing to accomplish and it deserves to be celebrated. Winning a state individual tournament is hard. At the end of the day, it's just another opportunity for high school students to show their skills at a culminating event. I would hate to see someone try and cheapen that.
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    I deleted my initial comment, Jason. Call me out but not my son..... whatever. I own it to full capacity.... Unfinished business is about to be taken care of.
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    Gosh this stuff is so funny!!! Any of you all watch the TV show the Office?? “THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” Funny the first 8 times you all did it but it’s to the point no one is laughing. Except you guys. Supposed to be a wrestling page and every comment and thread reverts back to hotdogs and Maholtz and Koz. Give it a rest already. 🙄🙄🙄 Freedom of speech and all that. Allows me to post here. Got it. You certainly can and inevitably will keep them coming. So I guess the rest of us will wade and sift thru to see if anything meaning full gets posted.
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    well as a former heavyweight I never saw a double OT match.... but those 12 minutes were brutal!!!!
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    The debate between match count is an interesting one that has valid points all over the place on the issue. There absolutely isn't a one-size-fits-all answer and I think a lot of it comes down to where HS coaches see their projected team that particular year. I think of it as a sliding scale line graph, where the higher the level of inexperience for the roster the more in-season matches you want to have. As the experience level for the entire roster increases the next year or the following, and you can rely on legitimate competition in the practice room, the number of matches tends to scale back but with an uptick in the level of competition on the actual schedule. There are million ways to skin a cat but that seems to be the general trend I see with a lot of coaches out there. I think it's also important to recognize that for the better individuals in SC you want a bit higher match count, simply for competition sake. 30 or 35 matches in PA, NJ, or OH can get an individual battle tested for a postseason run because 60% of those will go a full 6 minutes with a bunch going into OT; while in SC a top kid who has that amount may only have 8-10 matches the entire year even go the distance. Funding, or lack thereof, also play a pretty important role in this as well. P.S. Totally agree with WildcatMom that the technique-focused and drilling heavy camps in summer (Jordan, Purler, etc.) yield the greatest results but are probably a tough sell for many on a HS roster.
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    lol --- shocking that Im not a big donut guy.... I may look like a donut, but back to..... oh hell whoever started this posts point........why does everyone hate Koz???!!!!
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    I'll bite.... Southern Slam Individual and Duals - (8 Matches) Home Quad - (3 matches) Cane Bay Duals - (5 matches) Away Quad - (3 matches) Newton Conover Duals - two day - (9 MATCHES) Home Quad - (3 matches) Mallard Creek Ind - (4 matches) Holy Angels Ind - (5 matches) Bearcat Duals and Ind - (6 matches) Away match - (1 match) Piedmont Duals (5 matches) Away Tri (2 Matches) JL Mann duals (7 matches) Home Quad (3 matches) Region - (2 matches) That is 66 matches and we were snowed out one event. High school play-offs - we lost in 3rd round (3 matches) Upper State - (4 matches) if you make finals State - ( 3 matches if you make the finals) That is 77 matches with one event snowed out. Take into account some weight classes are deeper and our coach gets multiple kids matches at certain weights. We've had kid miss for sicknesses, injuries or other events. Some don't miss any matches and have been healthy. I believe that answers all your questions.
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    An unidentified undercover reporter has gained access to the new suit that Moxie has bought to unveil at the individual state championships this year!!! Our unnamed source has photos of a Much Much Better looking guy sporting these special threads that Moxie is going to unveil at the state finals:
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    Eastside had a match against Greenville tonight but it has been moved to tomorrow because of a "gas leak"...seems pretty shifty. Sounds like we need known Hillcrest fan sportsfanatic to get to the bottom of this trickeration. (Please refrain from all jokes at the expense of Maholtz and Koz related to any biological gas leaks. This is a sensitive time and it is just rude to pick on them)
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    Which explains the gas leak!
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    No I got the gist... just that usually sparks the anti Eastside hate rants..... buckling up for the ride
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    A - I really like the idea of naming the snakes in the yard. I plan on using that in the future, thank you! B- If I start the rumor that the SCHSL is going to start using an old cow barn in Walhalla would that make this new possible venue seem better?
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    I was trying to be devil's advocate. Please don't throw me out and pretend like I was never there.
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    Once an eagle, always an eagle. Some things can't be undone. She would have found a way to hate you at Dutch Fork, but she probably could have stomached (see what I did there?) you just fine if you had stayed at Dorman. Once you went to Eastside there was no chance. For the record, it probably isn't personal towards Koz either. I like both of yall just fine as long as I remember that you both aren't really "from Eastside" and you guys just happen to work there.
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    I tried having an in-depth discussion with you about something serious, you basically deleted your posts and ran away. Now all that we have left are fat jokes. In fact, now the fat jokes are the only things that you're actually commenting on. If you wanted more serious discussion, then why don't you try to make some comments on the serious discussions on this board?
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    I don't like Koz because his hospitality room ran out of hot dogs in 2013.
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    I've often wondered if Maholtz likes to plug the hole in his donuts with breakfast sausages. You know, to kinda get that whole sweet and savory thing going on? I bet he could eat of couple of dozen donuts like that.
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    Until I can convince others to either make fun of the way Moxie dresses, or to decide that you're ready to just take it on the chin, Maholtz is the only one big enough to handle all of these jokes. Maholtz: the younger years ...
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    That point has passed. If consolidation doesn’t happen over the next year or two, it most likely will never happen. At the very least, combine 4A/3A so they have full brackets.


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    • Guest Wrestling Fan
      At Military Duals -  Dylan Layton - he wrestled 120 and 126 this weekend.  Was hoping to see him and the Fort D 126 but it didn’t happen.  The kid will walk through 3A to the state title. 
        Bailey Wilkins - he went 4-0 but dug a little deeper into the scoring on FloArena.  Gave up 0 points all weekend but most impressive win was 15-0 win over the #2 ranked Indian Land kid.  Not ready to give him the title because 5A 132 is arguably the best weight class in 5A but he is rounding into form.  Josh Green-  wrestled and dominated at 160 and 170.  He was impressive against good Lugoff and South Pointe kids.  Should be a contender in either weight class.  Preston Soriano -  had a great match against Rhue,  4-3 final. Looked really good all weekend.  Had another good win versus the White Knoll 138. If he stays at 138,  believe he will make the championship match.   Indian Land beat everybody that finished  in the top 5  at the Military Duals. They are probably top 5 in the state,  regardless of classification, 
    • Guest local wrestling fan
      Yes, they do. watch out for Foster, Holmes, and Riley. They all can bring home State titles.
    • Guest Greenville
      Travelers Rest has some studs 
    • Some of the top 5A and 4A programs at the Military Duals were beaten by a 3A team.
    • Guest Parent
      Any surprises or stories from this weekend?  Greenville County tournament or Military Duals?