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      Junior college season time frame released today:  -fall practice through October -practice starting January 1 -competition starting January 20 -Championships end of April 
    • Guest Stephen Butler
      Another great option! 
    • Guest TYegge
      Dark horse is not open yet, but if kids in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster area are looking for a place to roll they can go to C2X.  It located on the border of Indian Land/Fort Mill and is run by Tom Tanis (EIWA Champion and All-American at Rutgers) and Tim Hennessy (Former Team Captain at Rutgers).  They also have quite a few recent graduates of Division 1 programs that roll with the kids.
    • Guest Stephen Butler
      No question we are at a disadvantage there compared to most states. In the big picture, the lack of quality club/training opportunities outside the HS room is the biggest factor in our top tier depth growing. 
        I think that upstate already has options in Darkhorse, The Upstate Mat Assassins, The SCSOW, etc all have facilities not affiliated with a school I believe. 
        It’s actually the Lowcountry ( Dorchester, Berkeley, Charleston) that is without that option right now. 
        That said, I think that will change. This CV19 is going to highlight the need for these facilities to exist. There are probably more wrestling rooms constructed/converted over the past 4 months then in 3 years in SC.   
    • The problem is facilities to train as there are few private clubs with mats away from the schools in SC.