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    During the ""glory years" of Chesterfield wrestling, their kids were routinely getting more matches than most kids from other teams simply by wrestling a schedule much like JTW posted. They loaded up on quad matches. Been going on for some time. The bigger question is not HOW they get that many matches, but if it is healthy to wrestle/weigh-in that many matches.
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    I thought that there was a chilli cook-off at Eastside and that was the cause of the gas leak?! Maybe a scheduling conflict with a recruiting visit? Do they use gas appliances in their concession stand? You know that those coaches at Eastside have a saying, "If you don't cook, I won't play."
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    The debate between match count is an interesting one that has valid points all over the place on the issue. There absolutely isn't a one-size-fits-all answer and I think a lot of it comes down to where HS coaches see their projected team that particular year. I think of it as a sliding scale line graph, where the higher the level of inexperience for the roster the more in-season matches you want to have. As the experience level for the entire roster increases the next year or the following, and you can rely on legitimate competition in the practice room, the number of matches tends to scale back but with an uptick in the level of competition on the actual schedule. There are million ways to skin a cat but that seems to be the general trend I see with a lot of coaches out there. I think it's also important to recognize that for the better individuals in SC you want a bit higher match count, simply for competition sake. 30 or 35 matches in PA, NJ, or OH can get an individual battle tested for a postseason run because 60% of those will go a full 6 minutes with a bunch going into OT; while in SC a top kid who has that amount may only have 8-10 matches the entire year even go the distance. Funding, or lack thereof, also play a pretty important role in this as well. P.S. Totally agree with WildcatMom that the technique-focused and drilling heavy camps in summer (Jordan, Purler, etc.) yield the greatest results but are probably a tough sell for many on a HS roster.
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    lol --- shocking that Im not a big donut guy.... I may look like a donut, but back to..... oh hell whoever started this posts point........why does everyone hate Koz???!!!!
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    I'll bite.... Southern Slam Individual and Duals - (8 Matches) Home Quad - (3 matches) Cane Bay Duals - (5 matches) Away Quad - (3 matches) Newton Conover Duals - two day - (9 MATCHES) Home Quad - (3 matches) Mallard Creek Ind - (4 matches) Holy Angels Ind - (5 matches) Bearcat Duals and Ind - (6 matches) Away match - (1 match) Piedmont Duals (5 matches) Away Tri (2 Matches) JL Mann duals (7 matches) Home Quad (3 matches) Region - (2 matches) That is 66 matches and we were snowed out one event. High school play-offs - we lost in 3rd round (3 matches) Upper State - (4 matches) if you make finals State - ( 3 matches if you make the finals) That is 77 matches with one event snowed out. Take into account some weight classes are deeper and our coach gets multiple kids matches at certain weights. We've had kid miss for sicknesses, injuries or other events. Some don't miss any matches and have been healthy. I believe that answers all your questions.
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    An unidentified undercover reporter has gained access to the new suit that Moxie has bought to unveil at the individual state championships this year!!! Our unnamed source has photos of a Much Much Better looking guy sporting these special threads that Moxie is going to unveil at the state finals:
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    Eastside had a match against Greenville tonight but it has been moved to tomorrow because of a "gas leak"...seems pretty shifty. Sounds like we need known Hillcrest fan sportsfanatic to get to the bottom of this trickeration. (Please refrain from all jokes at the expense of Maholtz and Koz related to any biological gas leaks. This is a sensitive time and it is just rude to pick on them)
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    Which explains the gas leak!
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    I don't like Koz because his hospitality room ran out of hot dogs in 2013.
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    In Lower State, Ortega vs. Haile at 182 and Jones vs. Dixon at 195 should be excellent matches.
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    I don’t like Koz cause he never recruited my kid 😂😂
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    I've often wondered if Maholtz likes to plug the hole in his donuts with breakfast sausages. You know, to kinda get that whole sweet and savory thing going on? I bet he could eat of couple of dozen donuts like that.
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    Until I can convince others to either make fun of the way Moxie dresses, or to decide that you're ready to just take it on the chin, Maholtz is the only one big enough to handle all of these jokes. Maholtz: the younger years ...
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    I think the younger the team, the more matches they should get. Biggest learning experience comes from experience itself. A lot of things cannot be replicated in the practice room with a young or inexperienced team. I think the better the team you have, the more you can dial it back and make sure your team is ready to peak physically and mentality for big matches through more practice time. But again, it can work either way. Some kids just want to wrestle vs practice. We have seen Rock Hill win it while wrestling 70 matches, and we have seen Fort D win it while wrestling 40 matches. But anywho, Maholtz is still the laughing stock of this message board?
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    I agree, and if you have an experience team the first option is better. However, you also have to consider the recuperation time needed for more inexperienced bodies. It really depends on what your guys can handle, and how they are going to get pushed. For ex: in your scenario: A first year wrestler may get all that he can handle in the 16 man bracket and be fully ready to go again on Monday. Or, get really beat up in the Red Devil Duals, and still be lagging and sore on Monday's practice. Some of these issues are also different in December as opposed to Jan. & Feb. Again, I think that it really depends on your team and knowing what your guys need, and what they can handle. I think that too many coaches see things as always better, or always worse, and don't think about WHO they have wrestling for them.
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    No, I was just bringing up the number of matches that can happen when wrestling 32-man tournaments in response to your hyperbolic 128-man bracket comments. I was saying theoretically, a kid could lose a match in the first round in a 32-man bracket, and end up going 7 and 1 for the weekend. If you're less than perfect, but pretty battle hardened, you can pretty easily pick up a lot of matches. I thought that JTW showed how you could also get there without having a lot of losses. I'm 100% in favor of following all the rules, all the time. Regardless of how easy it could be to get around them. My focus was on you questioning HOW coaches are getting it done. My practice is to try to give people the benefit of the doubt when reasonable, and I hate whining. My mission is just to explain how it could be done. I don't really care what you do, and I don't coach or referee anymore, so I really really don't care what anyone does when it comes down to it. See my comment above about nefarious forces, I think it still applies here. I'm sure that there's a coach somewhere that goes to more than 16 events. I'm sure that there are some that do it accidentally, and some that do it "accidentally." I also believe that those coaches aren't as successful as those that are getting those number of matches within the rules. Write this down: If someone is constantly beating you no matter what you're doing, there's a pretty good chance that you don't really understand why they're beating you. Also, I can't convince you that exchanging weigh-in sheets is happening all the time. I'm saying that when I coached, I didn't wrestle teams that didn't exchange weigh-in sheets. Because if they weren't going to go out of their way to be on the up and up, and can't follow simple rules like that, then I didn't want anything to do with them. As a referee, it's pretty easy to make sure that the rules are followed. Big secret 2: The really good teams tend to go out of their way to follow ALL of the stupid little paperwork rules all the time. A: They are the ones that everybody wants to catch cheating (because that gives them a reason for losing), and B: You don't stay on top of the mountain for very long if you're always looking for shortcuts to avoid hard work. That is always a challenge in coaching/scheduling. Do what you think is best. The other coaches are doing the same thing. What they think is best for them isn't going to be what you think is best for you. I just get aggravated when I think that people are complaining because other people didn't schedule their season the way that they did. Know your team, and do what's right for them. Every match you schedule is a day that you missed practice. A quad match against weak opponents is a day that older weight cutters have to focus and make weight for a wasted day and young inexperienced wrestlers get a chance to battle, shine, and improve. Do what you want. Be better. I just wish you'd do it without trying to tear other people down.
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    White Knoll @ River Bluff
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    It would be really cool if we could get what Graham High School did last year in the Ohio dual playoffs. They had won something like 16 straight D2 state titles, so they bumped up to the larger D1 pool. They beat St. Ed's in the finals to win their 17th title under Jeff Jordan and then he retired from being the head wrestling coach. As a fan, it would be amazing to see the better teams (West Oak, Eastside, etc) move up to challenge for the 5A title. I don't know what that process would be like as far as a petition or what with the SCHSL, but I am sure that the teams in 3A and 4A would gladly sign it haha. It certainly comes at the risk of sacrificing what may be a guaranteed championship in their actual classification, but selfishly it would make for some amazing matches all the way through the bracket. I don't think it is fair to put that at the expense of those kids losing out on a state championship though. That would have to be a team decision well in advance of the playoffs.
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    That point has passed. If consolidation doesn’t happen over the next year or two, it most likely will never happen. At the very least, combine 4A/3A so they have full brackets.
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    My apologies, that post was last year. Oh well, at least now we can all reminisce the good times together.
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    I agree, great post. However, Post of the year? The board gets erased one time, and how quickly we forget:
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    Go to the Dollar Tree. Buy 3 large wooden spoons. Go to Walmart. Buy 3 cans of spray paint (gold, silver, and a bronze or brown). Paint one spoon gold, one silver, and once "bronze." Save remaining paint for next year. Charge people x dollars to enter the contest, bring their pots. Sell tasting bowls for $5 (or however much you want to charge). Publicize the heck out of it, and hold it either inside your cafeteria or outside with tables set up. Whoever brings in their chilli has to serve their chilli (one scoop per customer) to whomever has a tasting bowl. Have the judging at the end of the day. You'd be amazed at how proud the winners/placers in the contest will be, and your costs are almost negligible. *Make sure that you set aside a tasting bowl for yourself, and that you have time to make the rounds. Your Welcome!
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    won't lie - a chilli cook off fundraiser intrigues me..............
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    I begged Koz not to plan it that way - he was crazy....some say he was on a hot dog high!!!!
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    I was hoping our diabolical plan would go unnoticed - well played suntzu - well played


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    • I know Addison is good along with several IL and West Oak kids.  The Spires kid in the upper weights is a good wrestler.  Chester has the Mills kids that are good. I just don’t know many of the other teams in 3A 
    • 3A has West Oak and Indian Land and they are both consistently good programs regardless of classification.  Just on the wrestling front, realignment really took a toll on 4A this year when Cane Bay, Chapin,  and those guys moved up to 5A. We aren’t the only state with too many classes, as GA has really killed their State Tournament having 7 Classifications.  There are some coaches who would love to see at least 3, 4, and 5A combined for individuals, maybe we will see that one day. 
    • @sbutler...yes I know you were just joking around as I was also about 3a kids beating 5a kids (but I'm sure a few have) I have 2 that wrestle in 3a and was just wanting to see everyone else opinion as mine is probably basis ...lol 
    • My comment was just a lighthearted jab at the over classification we have, I thought that was obvious . I was being very honest though that I haven’t seen much of the 3A kids, so I couldn’t offer much there. I do know Asa Addison and Tyler Byars  and they are both very good. I know 3A has some very good kids and programs, but as I said, I’m just not educated enough to make a prediction.    Plenty of talented kids in SC. If we were ever blessed enough to see a single Individual State Tournament like California has, it would be can’t miss stuff with deep brackets and exciting matches up and down every bracket. One day maybe
    • Other than Williams at 145,  what 3A kids have beat the better 5A kids?