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    Admin support is definitely crucial. Ideally a school can have a dedicated space for wrestling, preferably where they can leave their mats down and not have to worry about moving them or having practice relocated at the whim of a faculty meeting or something like that. The best examples of this that I have seen are definitely Lexington, White Knoll, River Bluff (shoutout Lexington 1), and Ft. Mill. If admin cannot find a way to support that, then something as simple as moving mats on a daily basis and knowing you can get pushed out of your room regularly can really wear a staff/team down. A solid head coach is important, but how much of that do you think should emphasize ability to recruit the student body in relation to technique/strategy? How practices are run is ultimately the deciding factor in how most matches end I think. Good parental involvement can certainly help with accountability of the kids, as well as have a positive impact on the finances of the team.
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    First crop of recruits signed ... we are excited to keep this thing rolling. Any interested recruits feel free to reach out by email or fill out a recruiting questionnaire online. rlahaye@lander.edu Lander unveils first wrestling signing class, featuring 10 signees GREENWOOD – The Lander wrestling program celebrated its first National Signing Day with 10 student-athletes in its first recruiting class that will begin competing in the 2019-20 school year. "I am very excited for the first crop of recruits in Lander wrestling history," said head coach RC LaHaye. "We have searched nationwide to find the best student-athletes possible to lay the foundation for the Bearcat wrestling program and I believe we have found them. The future for Lander wrestling looks very bright. As excited as we are about this first group, we are still recruiting hard all the way through the spring of 2019 and are still looking for student-athletes who want to be a part of something special as we build the Lander wrestling program." Signed Recruits: (sorted by projected weight class ) Juan "Manny" Garcia – Tucson, Ariz. / Sunnyside High School – 2X High School State Champion Ezekial Marquez – Silver City, N.M. / Silver High School – 3X High School State Champion Projected Weight Class 133 William Olivas – Tucson, Ariz. / Sunnyside High School / Grand Canyon University – 2X High School State Champion / Arizona Wrester of the Year 2014 Projected Weight Class 133 Joshua Maningding – Goose Creek, S.C. / Stratford High School – South Carolina State Runner Up Projected Weight Class 133/141 Chandler Smalley – Donalds, S.C. / Abbeville High School – 3X High School State Champion Projected Weight Class 141/149 Jordan Whelan – Madison, Ala. / Bob Jones High School – 7A State Placer Projected Weight Class 141/149 Marco Regalbuto – Broadview Heights, Ohio / Brecksville High School – 2x OH Div. 1 Placer 3rd, 5th / UWW All American Freestyle Projected Weight Class: 149 Myles Starke – Kingsland, Ga. / Camden County High School – Georgia State Champion Projected Weight Class 184 Noah Swift – Johns Creek, Ga. / Mt. Pisgah High School – Georgia State Placer Projected Weight Class 174 Darius Parker – Fort Myers, Fla. / Riverdale High School – FL State Runner Up, Super 32 All American Projected Weight Class 197 Recruiting Class by the Numbers: # Of Incoming Freshman: 9 # Of Incoming Transfers: 1 Combined High School State Titles Won: 11 Combined High School State Placings: 28 Number of States Represented: 7
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    Few more local guys added to the class... Wrestling adds six more to inaugural recruiting class Nov 29, 2018 GREENWOOD – The Lander wrestling program will add six more freshmen to its first incoming recruiting class, head coach R.C. LaHaye has announced. "This group of student-athletes represents some of the best wrestlers not only locally, but nationally," said LaHaye. "I am extremely excited to add this group of future Bearcats to our program. This group represents not just great wrestlers, but great student-athletes who want to join the culture that we are building here at Lander. I am also excited to welcome three student-athletes from our home state of South Carolina to the Bearcat family. The past few years, some of the best local athletes have been headed out of state to compete. We want to be a home for the best kids in South Carolina." Signed Recruits: (sorted by projected weight class) Austin Ross – Indian Land, S.C. / Indian Land High School – 2X High School State Champion – Projected Weight Class 125 Bryson Ethington – Taylors, S.C. / Eastside High School – 3rd Place SC State Championships – Projected Weight Class 157 Mitchell Thompson – Social Circle, Ga./ Social Circle High School – Georgia State Champion – Projected Weight Class 157 Angel Hernandez – Lakeland, Fla. / Lake Gibson High School – HS State Runner Up, NHSCA All American – Projected Weight Class 165 Zane Lanham – Hurricane, W.V. / Huntington High School – 2x WV State Champion, 2x NHSCA All American – Projected Weight Class 174/184 Ryan Humel – Blufton, S.C. / May River High School – South Carolina State Runner Up – Projected Weight Class 184/197 Total Signed Recruiting Class by the Numbers: # Of Incoming Freshman: 15 # Of Incoming Transfers: 1 Combined High School State Titles Won: 16 Combined High School State Placings: 41 HS All American Honors: 7 Number of States Represented: 8
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    Mark is a former wrestler and long-time wrestling fan who has done a lot for the sport in this state with the creation of SCMAT.com, his documentation of SC wrestling stats in book form and articles (I often reference his tome "The History of the South Carolina Individual State Wrestling Tournament: The First Forty Years 1969-2008"), and his outstanding wrestling photographs that are hung in several Midlands wrestling rooms and at one time appeared in a national wrestling publication. Because SCMAT.com is a free site without advertisement dollars funding it, he of course has to run it as a hobby. He is extremely busy in a demanding career and has two wonderful daughters who were involved in athletics causing him to reduce his focus on wrestling as I think any devoted parent would understand. That he continues the site and adds content every year is tremendous for such a busy person. If coaches and schools would actively send schedules, results, etc. he would gladly ad the information. He also only does rankings a couple times a season as he does not get a lot of result information sent and would not have the time to slog through all of it every week. That we have the site in it's current form should be regarded as a blessing. I'm sure that if there were someone out there who would like to assist him, for free, with expanding the coverage of the website he would be open to the help. Mark only wants what is best for SC wrestling without a personal agenda.
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    Everything you see on scmat was created by one guy. I think that's amazing. He also gets a salary of zero dollars.
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    because coaches/schools don't send the information out. What you send to Mr. Buford gets put on scmat.com ... with him, each school pretty much gets the coverage that they ask for/want.
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    Oh, and I forgot to mention .... Moxie has almost no hair left, dresses like a slob, and is almost as fat as Maholtz. *it's not as fun to pick on Moxie because he doesn't fight back as much, but I still gotta try.
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    ok - now I officially miss eagle hater 1-3333!!!! they were mean to eastside but left me alone.....why cant we all just get along?
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    That should be "yall aint gunna body SLAM me!!!" - cause while Hulk Hogan may have been able to body slam Andre the Giant, ain't nobody getting you up off the mat!
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    my mom says Im a handsome little soldier and yall aint gunna body shame me!!!!
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    Haha! Scales were a little on the lite side. Maybe Koz and Maholtz have screwed up the calibration from their nightly weigh-offs?
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    So, on a more important note for those that were at the slam this weekend: Do Koz and Maholtz still appear to be in the same weight class, or has Koz finally slimmed down? I know there's no hope for Maholtz, he's a big boy through and through, but Koz was once respectably thin.
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    As the Founder, President, and Chief Operating Office of the "Mark Buford for SC Wrestling Hall of Fame" social movement, I totally understand the questioning. No harm, no foul. Play on. SCMAT is really an incredible historical resource for all things South Carolina Wrestling, and Mark Buford does an incredible job at keeping present-day updates coming at a reasonable rate (I've noticed that some teams are updated really quickly and I'm assuming that is because certain coaches are diligent about sending results) For a one man show, the tournament updating is reasonable. The rankings are, and always have been, an exciting feature for coaches, kids, and sports reporters statewide who reference SCMAT frequently. What's most impressive for me is the longevity of the site. It has been around as long as I can remember; always consistently updated, always there with no outages. Obviously, the state specific websites like Guillotine and PA Power are in states where wrestling related traffic is high enough that banner ads make running those sites a legitimate business opportunity. That said, there are several traditional wrestling states that I always am surprised don't have dedicated sites, or at least ones on the first page of Google search (NJ being one. Finding state tournament brackets are pretty brutal though they get a ton of wrestling coverage at NJ.com) To my knowledge, there are few southern states that have a centralized website similar to SCMAT. NCMAT was very similar but I think it may be defunct, or only recently reinvigorated. All in all, I think most are happy with the service the website provides and a more robust platform would be icing on the cake.
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    Your post-script just ruined any chance you had of inheriting the mantle of Darth Vomitus...
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    You don’t know me. I was just asking why and even stated I don’t know the history.
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    It's all on trackwrestling.com I just search events, and type in southern slam, it's all there.
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    We have TV's playing the football games in the commons area all day. Just an FYI for all the college football fans out there at The Slam.
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    This topic showed up on another forum website and in the football section of that website. The discussion was on what factor is most important when building a football program. So I ask you wrestling forum, what are your thoughts on the matter as it applies to wrestling? (in no particular order) a. head coach b. parents c. administration d. finances e. facilities / resources On a side note I've seen some once proud wrestling programs become shells of their former selves these last 5-10 years and wonder what caused this to happen.
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    Do they have to "be" a girl, or can they just identify as one on that day? 😉
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    I left feeder program off because you can't do a feeder program without the rest of the above 5 factors AND some schools / school districts are better situated with their feeder programs. i.e. Rock Hill District 3 (Rock Hill, NW and SP) pays it's middle school wrestling coaches and they have separate middle school teams. Aiken county for example only pays for ONE coach per high school. Which means your head varsity coach is the only one getting paid. Greenville county, each high school gets 2 supplements. This is all stems from having a district admin that is serious about athletics / wrestling.
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    Head Coach Admin Parents Finances Facilities/Resources I don't like putting facilities/resources last and think it is about even with finances. I put HC first because I have personally seen a coach do great things with very little. Having an administration supporting the program can lead to better finances and even facilities; that was the case at White Knoll when getting their wrestling room. And of course if you have parents on your side they can put pressure, albeit not a lot, on the administration and can assist with the raising of money. I think the one thing left off the discussion and possibly bigger than anything else is a feeder program. That kinda goes hand-in-hand with all the other topics, but it is very important in the process. I think we have seen in years past mediocre coaches winning a title or two then dropping back to the middle of the pack because of a great feeder system class that is not replaced by another class. I also think with more programs developing a feeder system, and the rise of stand-alone clubs in certain areas, you have seen more parity in competitiveness. And if a really good coach has a really good feeder system, that program can build a dynasty.
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    Leitten won the Wolfpack Open at 149#. He’s starting to make a little noise. On a aside, our 125# Sean Fausz finished 2nd in the U23 World Championships. Some good wrestling going on in Raliegh.
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    Didn't you used to help out with the Dutch Fork program back in the 90s? If not, then you really aren't who I thought you were, and this whole thing becomes even more fun for me.


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    • Yes sir, still coaching at OP. Next year will be my last year as the head coach though. I work in Charlotte now and the commute is too much to be at practice by 3:30 every day. We’re looking for an assistant head coach at the end of the season that can take over after next season. I’ll stay on as an assistant, but will have new coach run practices and manage team.
    • Oh, and I forgot to mention .... Moxie has almost no hair left, dresses like a slob, and is almost as fat as Maholtz.     *it's not as fun to pick on Moxie because he doesn't fight back as much, but I still gotta try.
    • Almost any ref you ask is going to say that they would have had to see it in action before giving you a good answer. On one hand, that's a handy cop-out, on the other hand it's true. Typically, anything that isn't illegal upon application depends on how it is being used, and that's almost always a "had to see how it happened" call. The whole releasing the leg would be a stalling call, so that implies that it's not illegal in and of itself. Also, if a wrestler is giving up back points, that's a good indication that he's not "broken down on the mat." There's lots of things that you can't do in a wrestling match that you can do when you have someone in nearfall criteria (locking hands around the body comes to mind). While I've "been out of the game" for some time now, it would strike me that the big question would be if the pressure from the knee trap was going against the normal motion of the joint. There's a lot of torque that is allowed at the college level that we just don't let go in high school, and in the future that would be my big arguing point, if I was going to make an argument.
    • Sorry, no answer here but good to see you here again. Are you still coaching OP?