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    I'm not planning on showing up for practice on Mondays and Fridays either. How can I hold the kids to a higher standard?


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      It was a great tournament with some very deep weight classes. Good early test for the wrestlers. I thought it was well officiated also. Saw very few coaches at the tables.
    • Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend but going thru the brackets there looks to have been some really good match-ups. Desilva-Singleton is a top 25 match-up nationally and I'm sure was very fun to watch. 152 and 132 were absolute minefields. 3 D1 commits at 152 and none of them won. Augustine and Stonecheck was a war by all accounts. Augustine has a win over Weston at Super 32. He's right there with the best guys in the Southeast. 132 a grinder as well. Master is really really tough and going to be very solid for Princeton one day. Wilkins is so gritty, he wins the close ones. Rumfelt not placing is proof how deep this weight was.  Really great day by a few SC Juniors. Green pinning a U Penn recruit, Malachi Wiley, is probably the most impressive win of the day for an SC kid. Heard didn't seem to have much trouble other than his semi's with Layton from Indian Land. Compton steady as always and Amaker wrestling back for 3rd after an upset loss round out really good days for Class of 2021 SC kids.  It's impressive what Koz and Co. have built this tournament into. It's a great kickoff to the start of the season. 
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      Got to watch the whole tournament, these are my take aways. 106 - Winner Ty Tice is a stud I think he is Eastside next 4 timer 113 - Runner up Chris Compton should get another state championship ring this year. 120 - Heard from York also should get a state championship this year kid is solid top to bottom 126 - Vargo should win it unless Huntsburger drops in then I go 50/50 on that match 132- Wilkins as always is a solid wrestler, in the finals against Masters and only losing by 1 was impressive I think he wins his 4th at 132 -145 Soriano, Amaker, Huntsberger, fighting for the weight Wilkins vacates. 138 - again Bailey wins this weight if that’s where he ends up 145 - for 5A it gets interesting seeing an Emory vs Wilkins rematch would be fun but if I had to guess I would put Emory winning this.  152 - Got to watch the best match between Augustine and Stonecheck from GA. Augustine wins this weight in SC and would win 145-170, if he chooses in my opinion he is the best p4p wrestler in the state across all divisions 160 - didn’t see much at the slam here for SC but I heard lots of kids are injured but returning (Ryan Augustine, Ben Maholtz) 170 - Green in the finals looked great, he jumped a few weight classes  182- Haile made an impressive appearance here but I don’t think he beats Stephenson from Hillcrest 195 - Ekanem from Southpoint looked good - would like to see him vs Riley from TR wrestle.  220- Dean vs Dixon was a match that could go either way. If those are our state finalists it should be fun to see who is on top HWT - I’m usually not a HWT guy but McRea from Byrnes is going to be hard to beat. As always The Southern Slam didn’t Disappoint, this tournament is ran so smoothly and is the best in SC every year.   
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      Any early season thoughts on the results from the Slam? 
    • Nation Ford is looking for a match on Dec 11.  Will travel if needed.  Contact fortea@fortmillschools.org if you have any openings.