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    Morris (RS Senior) is planned for 149. However, Morris is not nationally ranked and projected 3rd in the ACC. Obviously, that wt. is a weak point for us so if he can get down to it I would think he’d get a look. Good times ahead for Wolfpack wrestling. Pop is one of our ADs best hires. What he has in in his time in Raleigh is incredible.
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    Leitten’s time is coming in Raliegh. He’ll be battling a graduate transfer from Central Michigan (Justin Oliver) who came in over the summer. Oliver is a 3 time NCAA qualifier and I think an All-American one of those years. Battling this guy can only make Leitten better in the long run.
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    It is especially helpful in that it's early in the season and gives kids a chance to perform after the spotlight has shined on them. Also gives others a nice reality check just as the season starts.
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    I know eastside and west oak are both wrestling crescent at crescent on the same night this year - would be great if they could make that a tri match
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    I'm putting together the digital publications; Football in the Midlands and the South Carolina HS Football weekly. It has taken a lot of work to get those out and they are now coming every week. I will begin back putting the content on here but the truth is, the people come but they aren't posting. It baffles me that we can have 500 people on here just "ghosting" and not posting. The digital pubs are averaging 17,000 + downloads a week. So I KNOW people are reading those.
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    thats a competitive eating team - and our hospitality ladies have been warned!!!!
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    I heard that Bill Pierce was getting together a team of studs to make a big statement at the Southern slam this year.
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    How is he going to complete a 32 man bracket in one day? Praying for forfeits all over the place? Or did the 5 match rule disappear without me noticing?
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    That would be the title of my life's autobiography.....not just of my coaching career.
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    Koz, Do you still need one more team? I have some ideas that I think could get another team in in no time at all. We could gather a collection of everybody's most embarrassing Kosmicki stories, and sell them as a packet in the hospitality room. Next team to sign up gets one copy for free. I'd be willing to help out by writing up the time you introduced yourself to our bus driver. I'm sure that you could get Coles to write up about ten. And, as a bonus once Maholtz learns that we're making fun of you and not him, he might be able to get over his eating disorder thing he has going on.
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    • I have always thought that Goose Creek is a sleeping giant just waiting for the right coach. My understanding is that they have hired a young guy with Lehigh ties who can make that program into a powerhouse. I have also heard there is a wrestling club close by which can't hurt. Watch out 5A...
    • I believe Eastside has the most solid line up in the state in all classifications especially with the new wrestlers they have in the program now...I also think they are closely fallowed by WO which has a few new kids plus alot of returning SQ should be interesting this year 
    • Chapin and Cane Bay could add some noise to lower state 5A. 6 returning SQ's for Chapin, 5 for Cane Bay. 5A across the state should be pretty competitive when you take into account that no one team has a "dominant" amount of SQ's coming back. River Bluff has 4, Woodmont 4, Rock Hill 3, Hillcrest 3, Fort D, Fort Mill 3, Lugoff - Elgin 3, Byrnes 3, Greenwood 3, Goose Creek 3.
    • It is especially helpful in that it's early in the season and gives kids a chance to perform after the spotlight has shined on them. Also gives others a nice reality check just as the season starts.
    • This is possibly the most important folkstyle tournament, along with Iron Man. Winning this tournament got Tim Dudley from Irmo a great deal of national attention. Good luck to the SC entrants.