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    Let us know when yall play someone.
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    I think in the end, Greenwood will be in the Top Ten. I believe they are better than some people (even Greenwood folks) think they are. And Pippen will coach them up.
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    As we look to enter a new season, I thought I would throw my list out there to recognize some of SC’s top kids entering the season. Allot of talent graduated last year shaking some things up a bit.... as always just one mans opinion! 1) Jordan Aluyan- Will be looking to capture his 3rd State Title and I believe he does it without being really pushed. 2) Bailey Wilkins- Looking to capture his 3rd State Title.... Got to admire his training and commitment in off season. Could we see Wilkins vs Aluyan or J Brown this year?? 3) Walker Stephenson- I think he is poised to dominate at his weight the next two years. After battling some pretty tough Upper classman in the big boy weights the last few years, things have cleared out for the rising Junior and I see him as the top wrestler above 140lbs in the state. 4) Joseph Brown- Best is yet to come. Quietly won a State Title last year pretty convincingly and has all the tools to wrestle at next level.. 5) Jordie White- Will look to add his name to a pretty prestigious list this year as a 4X State Champion. I hope he accomplishes it. 6) Kaleem Heard- Was a very impressive freshman. Don’t think he was ever really tested in State. With all small guys love to watch how they develop as they grow. 7) Chase Barnes- Won a State Title at 182 as a sophomore. I see him with W Stephenson as the states top upper weight talent. 😎 R Augustine- Captured State Title as a Sophomore and I believe he collects 2 more on his way out. One of a couple young Eastide studs. 9) Austin Ross- Would love to see Indian Land wrestle at one of the big in state tournaments like Slam or Clash, see how their top guys match up with 4A,5A Schools. 10) J Fernicola/C Fleming- Talented young big guys!
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    I think people get the motive for these moves confused. I don’t think it has much to do at all about chasing a Ring/State Team Title. I believe in most cases it is the schedule opportunities ( Big events, more regional/national travel,l etc), the practice room ( more elite partners to train with), and coaching that motivates any kid in wrestling to transfer to a program in the majority of cases. And my personal feelings on the subject are I’m 100% OK with that under those circumstances. It is very tough for wrestlers to improve without solid coaching and solid partners in the practice room. If your the Very Big fish in a small pond in your practice room....going to be tough to get better. I don’t know the kid or anything about the move, but I have to believe if true, he is seeking to better himself by being in a good practice room, with no shortage of partners, and being able to attend events like Beast of East etc.
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    Jeremy Fisher from Mauldin should be in the mix as well
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    I can tell you right now there are wrestling programs in general that "battle" with comp cheer for space in November to practice. Doing girls wrestling in the fall would be virtually impossible UNLESS you decide to run 8 pm to 10 pm practices. Which you would need a very dedicated coach in that regard. Can't speak for all districts but I know many schools only receive 2 paid coaches. As cheap as districts are even with girls wrestling being state sanctioned would find a way to not pay the wrestling coaches additional money coaching from September through February. In theory you'd be coaching the girls team for free in the fall. Another solution to when to schedule these girls only tournaments would be to run them adjacent to the JV/MS stuff early on. In fact why we don't do that already I'm not sure. Have a girls only tournament at the Area qualifier in December, then have one at the Sectional qualifier in January culminating at the Carolina Invitational. Rather than have ONE tournament for them in late January. That would be a short term solution that could progress over time. And an easy solution at that. With the addition of girls collegiate programs in state MY HOPE is we begin to get female college wrestlers who decide to major in education and become teachers / coaches in state. Then you'd see it really take flight. It's one thing for a male to try and sell girls on the concept even if they're a very solid coach. It's another for a young female out of college who just did four years of college wrestling and is now a teacher in the building or district to sell girls on the concept.
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    If you haven't run across it yet, take the time to pop over to SCMAT and check out the archived information that Mark Buford has uploaded over the course of the summer to celebrate the 50th year of SC High School wrestling. It's really incredible work as usual from Mr. Buford.
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    Gaffney biggest problem imo is the lack of cohesive offense line play the last few years....yet the OC was a offensive lineman at Furman and a good one...I still believe the loss of a offensive lineman, due to arrest the week of the state title tilt with Byrnes in 2011, hurt us more than anything that day...u can have all the talented skill players but the games are won in the trenches...