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  2. If any high school teams are looking for an out of state tournament, we host North Carolina's best 1 day tournament, Foard TigerLand will be Dec 19 in 2020. 4 state championship teams, 12 state champs, 45 state placers. We also have a jv tournament at the same time. We have several out of state teams that attend. If you are interested, shoot me an email at: mike_carey@catawbaschools.net
  3. Agreed. The lower state will be from what I can see pretty much the same. Upstate 2A-1A with the addition of those programs will become really fun to watch.
  4. I understand that nobody cares about 1A/2A haha, but realignment seems to make it more interesting this year. Crescent, Chesnee, and Liberty moving down makes things a bit more competitive. Lots of rising programs in 2a too. Idk, could be fun
  5. Chapin is near Columbia and Lake Murray, beautiful area with great tradition.
  6. You can check SCMAT.com for openings. I know Chapin and Andrew Jackson are also open.
  7. Summer Wrestling Camps in July are still on! Because our camps are later in the summer , we still plan to run our wresting camps this July. The health and safety of campers is our primary focus. Our summer 2020 camps are currently scheduled to proceed as planned. Like you, we are continually monitoring COVID-19 developments. If it is determined that our camps should be canceled, we will issue campers a full refund or future camp credit within 48 hours of cancelation . Camps will sell out. Register online www.landerwrestlingcamps.com
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  9. HWC openings that I'm aware of Blue Ridge HS - Greenville County Wren HS - Anderson County Whitmire HS - Newberry County JL Mann HS - Greenville County
  10. What area are you moving to? Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, etc.
  11. I think you could argue coaching changes. For Irmo Coach Maas left around 2002. Coach LaPrad left DF after the 2003 season. And Coach Wi;son left Spring Valley after 2003.
  12. My name is Neal Nutter. My wife and I, along with our 2 children, are moving to South Carolina area this summer (June 2020) and I am looking for a HS Wrestling coaching position. I am a former Division I College Wrestler, a Greco-Roman National Champ, and a University and Senior All-American with 15 years of coaching experience. I am certified to teach Physical Education and Special Education and have 17 years of teaching experience. If you know of any openings for the 2020-2021 school year, please let me know. Email: coachnutter@yahoo.com
  13. The COVID has put me into research mode for sure and in organizing some of the data on scmat regarding duals playoffs I noticed some schools that once upon a time were state contenders annually or semi-annually who we really haven't heard from in a while and I wanted to get anyone's thoughts on why they have dropped off comparatively. Irmo - Between 1996 and 2002 they made the 4A final four 5 times out of 6 seasons and since 2002 have never been back. They've produced certainly some good individuals but maybe not the team necessary to compete at a state level. Dutch Fork - again between 1996 and 2003 the silver foxes made the final four 7 out of 8 seasons, they last made the final four in 2006 but since then have fallen off in comparison to their history. Seneca - between 1994 and 2001 Seneca was a powerhouse making the final four 8 straight years. Since 2001 they've been VERY quiet. Spring Valley - Between 1993 and 2003 the Vikings went to the 4A final four 5 times. So basically every other year they were competing for a trip to state. Since 2003? silence. Loris - this one is more recent as they made the final four once in this decade but they were on a roll between 2006 - 2011 but haven't done much since. Lake City - Between 1999 and 2004 they had a pretty solid run in 3A but since then have not produced a final four or state team There are some others that are more recent such as Hilton Head, North Myrtle and Hanahan who had some really good runs but with the exception of North Myrtle these last two seasons have kind of dropped off.
  14. Did some research on schools within the last 20 seasons with the most final four appearances. Documented all those who made the final four but will share the top 10. Worth noting that only 70 different schools in the last 20 years have made their respective classification's final four. 1 Eastside - 17 2 Summerville - 13 3 Lugoff - Elgin - 12 4 Bamberg - Ehrhardt - 12 5 Crescent - 11 6 Rock Hill 11 7 Hillcrest 10 8 Chesterfield 10 (had they not ditched their program for a minute who knows, maybe they'd have 20?) 9 Chapin 9 10 West Oak 8 10 Fort Dorchester 8
  15. Please join us at King University for our 2020 Summer Wrestling Camps! King Style Technique Camp July 6th-July 9th: Chance Marsteller (2X NCAA DI All-American) as featured clinician k-12th grade Registration fee ($371) includes all meals and lodging Register and pay at your own pace Tornado Summer Duals July 9th- July 11th Chance Marsteller (2X NCAA DI All-American) as featured clinician 8th-12th Grade Registration fee ($159) includes all meals and lodging 16 Team Round Robin Duals Tournament Register and pay at your own pace For more information visit www.tornadotoughwrestling.com where you can also register to reserve your spot! Follow Tornado Tough Wrestling Camps on Facebook and give us a like! Contact King University Head Men's Wrestling Coach, Deral Brown at (803)-318-0357 or via email at dlbrown2@king. with any questions!
  16. Looking through the updated list of individual state champs got me thinking. Which schools who have been around for a while do not have a state champ. By that I mean schools that have had wrestling for at least the last 20 years. 1. Pickens - was VERY surprised that the Blue Flame has never had a state champ. They've had many qualifiers and placers but have yet to put someone on top the podium. This is a program that has been around for a good bit too. 2. Wren - not 100% sure when Wren started their wrestling program but they too have never had a state champ. 3. West Ashley - grant it WA only became a school as of the year 2000 BUT considering they are a combo of Middleton and Saint Andrews I am very surprised they have never had a state champ. Side note - saw some schools on scmat that have had a state champ or two but its been a while. Some were really surprising both because of the program and or the amount of time 1. MAULDIN - It was shocking to see that its been basically a generation since the Mavs last state champ in 2003. They are one of the largest schools in the state, have had success in the past, but the last decade and a half basically have not been good to Mauldin. 2. Laurens - for a school that has always been competitive maybe not at a state level but has always been a solid team in their region each year it was shocking to see that the Raiders' last state champ was 1977!!!!!! 3. Seneca - there was a time when the Bobcats were better than Eastside and BHP in the upstate. HOWEVER, Seneca hasn't had a state champ since 2001. 4. James Island - Kind of surprised that JI hasn't had a state champ since 2001. 5. TL Hanna - while not a wrestling school its still surprising that they have not had a state champ since 1984 6. DW Daniel - 1999 7. Lower Richland - 1990 8. Landrum - 1995 9. Conway - 1997 10. AC Flora - 1991 11. Airport - 1994
  17. Just like the title indicates who in your opinion is the best program to never win a state title in the last 20 years. I have two to offer after noticing the updated individual state champs page on scmat it got me thinking. 1. Fort Mill - 19 individual state champs in the last 20 seasons, 6 final four appearances, 8 elite 8 appearances, 6 sweet 16 appearances. ZERO state titles nor state runner up finishes. Still a resume many schools would love to enjoy but have yet to win the big one as a team. 2. Hilton Head - 14 individual state champs in the last 20 seasons, 4 state runner up finishes, 1 final four appearance, 4 elite 8 finishes, 4 sweet 16 appearances. Any others out there to offer up.
  18. Sounds like a date of I told you so!
  19. Lol. You couldn’t be any more wrong. If we are really going to keep it real, Summerville probably wins that match 8 out of 10. I was there, were you? We can go weight by weight if you want. None of the RB favorites lost in that match, SV had a match that we should have won. RB loses the best kids on their team. And Hillcrest loses All their top kids except 2. Neither beats Summerville. I’ll be glad to revisit in about 11 months
  20. Had River Bluff and Summerville wrestled 10x this year. River Bluff wins 9 of them. Summerville had their night when it counted. River Bluff wrestled poorly to say the least. Is what it is Summerville won’t beat RB next year nor Hillcrest, but neither will any other 5A team. So have fun talking about the hypothetical 3rd place on this board with all the other green wave fans for the next 10 months.
  21. Summerville best RB this year and RB loses more then SV, anything is possible, but I think that is being very optimistic! Next Year the Greenwave will return to the top where it used to live!
  22. Next year, its River Bluff and Hillcrest versus the rest of the 5A. Maybe another upstate team can go with River Bluff next year that isn't Hillcrest but Hillcrest will be the one they have to worry about for the GOLD. Yall wasting time talking about any other dual teams in 5A. Summerville, Lexington, and White Koll will be behind River Bluff in 5A Lower but name your order, does it matter (no i am wasting time)? Hillcrest will reload and be favorites for a 3peat.
  23. The Slam is a great event, obvious the deepest in SC. It’s early for all kids, and no one likes to lose, but it’s part of the sport. Im sure Gavin wants nothing more then to win it one time. I think all kids are at different stages at that point in the season. My sons experience at the slam was honestly in line with what I thought I would see from him early in the season. After having to sit out a year, not competing in multiple years, I knew he would need some time to get himself back in the groove. The Slam was certainly part of that growing process for him this year! Summerville fortunately keeps Ben, Gavin, and Brayton Killiri ( 120 4th ) together for the next couple of years. The Tice result surprised allot of folks, but it just goes to show you how you can’t doubt anyone. A month before State the 5A 4th Place finisher, Raleigh Dantico, Tech Falled Hendricks. Not many gave Hendricks much of a chance at beating Tice at state, but we all know the result.
  24. I'm sorry to hear that. I agree with your opinion of the Slam it is a great event but very early. The winner at 106 Ty Tice lost to Will Hendricks from BHP who did not place at the Slam and I believe one of his losses was to either Gavin or Ben.
  25. Ben broke his hand unfortunately in the playoffs. So 3 of our kids shifted down. Gavin could have gone 106 or 113, as he wasn’t a full 113 more a true 106, but had success wrestling duals at 113. . Had Ben not injured his hand I think Gavin would have stayed at 113 and had a great shot of being in the finals , competing for A State Title there. I think Ben would have been right there at 106 as well in that scenario. Anyway Ben was a great partner to have in the practice room for Gavin. The Slam is such a great event, but also a very early season one. Last year I remember Wilkins TF’d Amaker in that event and that match was obviously much closer in the State Finals. Just one of many examples like that you see. The Slam is done via track and results easily available, allot is based off its results it seems until we get to qualifiers and state to see how things shake out.
  26. Why did Gavin go out instead of Ben Guilliam? I saw they wrestled a close one at the slam but Ben came out on top. Don't get me wrong both had great wins over the season and it seems to be the right call however I was just curious.
  27. RH had 6 seniors this year wrestling. Had a young team and for various reasons, the seniors at 145, 170 and 182 didn’t wrestle in several tournaments or duals. I think you’ll be surprised at how good RH will be next year. 1 freshman and 7 sophomores and 2 juniors wrestled several matches this year.
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